Ningle Nallah Gulmarg


Ningle Nallah Gulmarg

Ningle Nallah Gulmarg is a famous water stream with crystal clear water that forms its source from the melting of ice in the Apharwat mountain peak of Gulmarg. The beauty of the water stream is surrounded by snow-clad mountains and lush green pastures. After passing amid mountains and valleys, the water finally merged into the Jhelum River.

It is a sought-after tourist destination and is perfect for a picnic for families and children, book Gulmarg tour packages to visit Ningle Nallah. Moreover, there are many opportunities to do camping in the nearby meadows. If you want to do camping near the beautiful water stream which is surrounded by magical nature, this is the best place to be.

The landscape here increases the volume of the beauty of the water stream. The rocky terrains and slopes give the trekkers a challenging terrain to check their steel. You can also do trout fishing in the water stream.

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It is a nice place beyond Tangmarg. It is an alluring water stream full of enthusiasm for giggling water. It is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from the Gulmarg. you can take a short walk through the valley to reach Khilanmarg.

The area near Nallah is less spoiled and unexplored. A must-place for those who want to isolate themselves from the crowd and enjoy the natural beauty.

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How To Reach Ningle Nallah

Srinagar airport is the nearest airport, which is at a distance of 56 kilometers from the Srinagar book a taxi service in Srinagar to reach here.

For train passengers, Jammu Tawi railway station is the nearest railway station which is well connected to many parts of India. The distance from Delhi to Gulmarg is around 901 kilometers. From Jammu, one can hire a taxi or bus direct to Gulmarg.

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Best Time To Visit

You can visit Ningle Nallah throughout the year but the best time to visit this place is in summer, the stream is best enjoyed in summer. Tourists mostly visit the place in April and October.

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In Summer

Summer will be the most adorable water stream, you will have a lifetime experience here. During the summer season, the temperature remains pleasant one can enjoy a picnic, trekking, and fishing in the summer season. 

In Winter

Winter can also be good, the whole of Gulmarg valley is covered by snow in the winter. Serene and peaceful water stream. One can enjoy snowfall in the winter season. It offers you the best views of frozen water streams in the months of winter.

Why is it Famous? 

Ningle Nallah is famous for its white and crystal-clear water. The beauty of the gorgeous water stream is enhanced by the beautiful surroundings like snow mountains and lush pastures on all sides. The gorgeous water stream has become a popular tourist attraction in Gulmarg. Another side of the water stream is like a painted wall with wildflowers and meadows.

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Distance from Srinagar

The distance from Srinagar to Ningle Nallah is around 60 kilometers. You can book a cab/taxi from Srinagar direct to reach this place. On your drive to Gulmarg, you can also see Drung waterfall which is located only 3 kilometers away from Tangmarg. 


Serene and calm water stream full of life and zeal, this nallah is an attractive stream that flows through the valley and snow mountains. This beautiful mountain stream gives another level of happiness to the visitors. The place is also best for trekking purposes, camping, and trout fishing. The gorgeous water stream remains frozen during winter, even if you visit in June, you can also see the frozen version of the Lake.

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Ningle Nallah is situated around 10 kilometers from the Gulmarg. It is a mountain water stream surrounded by lush green pastures from all four sides. The main source of this water stream is Alpather Lake.
It is famous for its crystal-clear water. This beautiful water stream is surrounded by snow-covered mountain peaks and green pastures, this is one of the popular tourist spots in Gulmarg. You can enjoy the lush green meadows with the beautiful wildflowers.
It is only 10 kilometers from the Gulmarg. It falls on the way to Lien Marg. Once you reach the Lien Marg, you can take a short walk through the beautiful valley to reach this Nallah. This water stream continues down into the valley and finally merges with the River Jhelum.
Ferozpur Nallah is only 5 kilometers from the Gulmarg. This is one of the popular spots for fishing and angling. Ferozpur Nallah is another gorgeous water stream in Gulmarg.
The best time to visit is in the summer season. During the summer season, the place is at its full glory and you can enjoy many activities here. Trout fishing and Angling are some of the popular activities which you can do here. Apart from this, you can also enjoy camping. During winter it remains covered with thick snowfall.
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