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Silent Solitary and 52 km away from Srinagar, is a place where angels come down to rest. The scenic beauty, the home-like feeling, and the cold warmth of the ‘heaven of the world’ is deeply felt in Gulmarg. There is no better place to experience the essence of Kashmir than Gulmarg. Let’s inspire you to visit Gulmarg and make your trip easier. Dig into the snowy rocks and read out the best places to visit in Gulmarg. Enjoy snow-capped peaks, exhilarating runs, picturesque gondola rides, opulent lodgings with Gulmarg tour packages

Gulmarg is a hill station and popular tourist destination in Kashmir. It remains open for all 12 months, visitors can visit there anytime in the year. Gulmarg is famous for its skiing scenes. Skiing in Gulmarg is one of the popular winter sports, there is a huge rush of tourists every year in Gulmarg to enjoy this winter activity. 

Gulmarg is situated at a distance of 50 kilometers from Srinagar at an elevation of 2690 meters above sea level. It is also known for its highest ski resort and cable car ride. Its majestic Pir Panjal mountain peaks and the lush green meadows make it a worth-visiting place. It is breathtaking in all seasons, the weather will be pleasant during the summer season and the winters are very cold. If you are planning this beautiful trip, Gulmarg is the place to be. 

In this article, we will discuss the best places to visit in Gulmarg. The list below will give you the best places to visit in Gulmarg in summer and winter as well. You will be made to see these fantastic places by Cliffhanger’s experienced Guide.

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01. Gulmarg Gondola


With an affordable ticket and a breathtaking view, the Gulmarg Gondola probably the best thing you’ll enjoy in Gulmarg. The way the trolley takes you through those snow-covered pines and misty surroundings, you’ll get a sneak peek into heaven. While going down from the spot Gandola dropped you at, it would be better if you opt for a snow sled. You don’t wanna miss the cold flow of air, do you? This is the best activity to do in Gulmarg all through the year. The Gondola phase goes to Gulmarg to Kangdoori, phase II goes to Kangdoori to Apharwat and the III phase will take the passengers to Mary’s shoulder. 

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    02. Strawberry Valley

    strawberry valley gulmarg

    This is one of the hidden attractions in Gulmarg. The strawberry valley is still unexplored by tourism and holds its scenic beauty and charm. Covered with incredible surroundings with clear blue skies and green verdant meadows. It is one of the unique experiences to visit here. Many Bollywood movies have been shot here. The best time to visit this place is the summer season because the strawberries are ripe at this time. What can be better than tasting varieties of strawberries in addition to the idea of a trip? Strawberry Valley not only looks marvelous due to its irresistible strawberry fruits but it also tastes and smells as lovely as well.

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    03. Tangmarg

    Gulmarg in june

    It is a small town located almost 12 kilometers from Gulmarg. Tangmarg is one of the major stops traveling from Srinagar to Gulmarg. The place is also one of the sightseeing places in Gulmarg. It is the gateway of Gulmarg and the popular Drung waterfall is only 3 kilometres away. The environment and the fresh clean air make the Tangmarg a famous place to visit. Most of the parts of the Tangmarg are covered with lush green forests. It is also famous for trout fish and Shen Koul which means brook of snow

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    04. Khilanmarg


    Khilanmarg is one of the most beautiful and sought-after tourist destinations in Gulmarg. It is surrounded by panoramic views of the highest Himalayan mountain peaks. To reach Khilanmarg you have to take ponies or take a short walk. The place is full of natural splendor with several adventure sports which makes thousands of tourists attract to visit this place. Khilanmarg is covered by blossoming flowers in spring and it is a popular skiing destination for skiing enthusiasts in the winter season. The Nanga Parbat and the twin peaks of Nun and Kun are also accessible from the Khilanmarg. The small village provides an escape from the chaotic city life. The carpet of flowers gives you an otherworldly feeling. The unique closeup of the mighty Himalayas and the tallest peaks of the world make Khilanmarg a special mention.

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    05. Seven Springs


    Seven Springs is a majestic water stream with seven different outlets. It is located near the Kangdoori at the hill rock. It offers magnificent views of the Gulmarg and Srinagar. A Gondola cable car ride will take the passengers to this place with natural vistas of snow-covered mountain peaks and blooming wildflowers. This is one of the stunning places to visit in Gulmarg. 

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    06. Ningle Nallah

    ningle nallah

    Ningle Nallah is situated at a distance of 10 kilometers from the Gulmarg. It is a famous water stream that is covered with snow-covered mountain peaks and lush green pastures. Alpather Lake and Apharwat Peak is the main source of Ningle Nallah. The place is perfect for picnics and camping. The stream that is passed through the mountains and valleys finally unites with the River Jhelum. It is one of the highly recommended places for family outings. 

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    07. Ferozpur Nallah

    It is also one of the beautiful water streams that are flowing through the mountains and valleys. Ferozpur Nallah is blessed with natural bounties and extreme tranquility. It is one of the ideal picnic spots and also for romantic holidays. The water stream provides the opportunity for trout fishing and it is only 5 kilometres from the Gulmarg. The water is fresh and clean which is undoubtedly perfect for drinking. It offers visitors a breathtaking vista of the landscapes. 

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    08. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve


    Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is the main attraction in Gulmarg which is situated at a distance of 48 kilometers from Srinagar. The biosphere is rich in flora and fauna and many exotic species. It covered an area of 180 sq kilometers. Musk Deer is the main highlight of this reserve. Apart from the endangered species, one can also go for birdwatching here. The best time to visit this place is from March to September, you can see wild animals closely during this time.

    The variety of Himalayan Life forms in the Wildlife Sanctuary including Musk Deer, Common Leopard, Indian Wolf, and Himalayan Black Bear will leave you in awe. The area is world-renowned for its rocky cliffs, meadows, and birch forests and is a hub for bird watchers

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    09. Baba Reshi Shrine

    It is a Muslim shrine which is built in the 13 century. Every year thousands of Muslim devotees come here to pay respect. The pious vibes of the holy saint can still be felt in the 1840-built shrine. The Mughal and Persian architecture of the shrine with a three-storied edifice makes it a marvel spot settled between the slopes of Gulmarg and Tangmarg. This is an all-season destination. it is one of the popular religious places for Muslims. 

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    10. Alpather Lake

    Alpather lake

    In the lap of the Apharwat Mountains lies one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The lake is frozen almost all year round making it a dream spot for ice skaters. A dash of green every here and there in the glistening environment gives it one of the most breathtaking views in the world. You can take pictures for a lifetime here. Enjoy the Alpther Lake hike with Cliffhangers. We have registered trek leaders who will take you safely to this alpine lake. Alpather Lake is the best place to visit in Gulmarg in Summer.

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