Drung Waterfall


Drung Waterfall is the finest and most gorgeous waterfall in Kashmir. In summers this waterfall cascades down beautifully and in winters it remains completely frozen. This is most visited in the winters season to see the long ice wall it forms out of freezing. There is a vast natural mountain wall beside the river stream. The entire water of the fall freezes with some splashes of water falling over it. The surroundings has thick snow with long icicles wherever you see in the distance. This waterfall is easily accessible from Srinagar and falls in the Tangmarg area of Gulmarg.

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The waterfall is in Drung village – a beautiful village which has fine meadow, snow-peaked mountains and river stream cutting it in the middle. You will see only few houses in this village dotting its landscape. There are only few hotels and lodgings to stay here. The nearest tourist place to Drung is the famous Gulmarg hillstation.

Where is Drung Waterfall

Drung is a small hamlet that has become recently very much famous among tourists. It is around 50km off Srinagar and falls in the tehsil of Tangamarg of Gulmarg. You can visit this place en route to Gulmarg. The best day and most convenient day to visit Drung Waterfall is when you will be going to Gulmarg. From Tangmarg, there is a drive that goes to this frozen waterfall. It is around 3 km from Tangmarg. There are only a few lodgings and hotels in Drung as this is the recently turned tourist attraction.  

Drung Waterfall in Summer

In summers, this place is green with all the plantations and long meadows. The meadow is dotted with the houses of the local population. The waterfall is dancing and coming down beautifully. Enjoy your lunch or snack just beside this beautiful waterfall in the summers.  

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Drung Waterfall in Winter

In winters, this waterfall is completely frozen. The road leading to this waterfall is covered in snow and in all the surrounding places you will see snow. You will see long thick icicles hanging around in the vicinity and at Drung Waterfall.   The best way to enjoy this place in winter is to take a 3 km walk from Tangmarg. The road winds through a thick jungle with some breathtaking panoramic views. The entire trail looks like a fairytale.

Frequently asked Questions

How to reach Drung Waterfall?

Drung Waterfall is in the quaint village of Drung. There is a shared cab that goes from Srinagar to Tangmarg. At the main bus stop of Tangmarg, there is a small road going towards your left just before the parking area. You can either take a shared cab from here to the waterfalls or take a walk amid the beautiful jungle and panoramas to the drung waterfall. It is a 3km walk.  

What is the best season to visit Drung Waterfall?

The best season to visit the waterfall is winter. In winter, the best months are January and February. It is in these months that the waterfall is completely frozen.  

How far Drung Waterfall is from Srinagar?

This is around 50km from Srinagar.  

The temperature at Drung Waterfall?

In summer, the temperature is hovering around 28 degrees. And in winter, the temperature is below zero degrees.  

Do we need any permission to visit Drung Waterfall?

It does not need any permission to visit this waterfall. It also does not have any ticket fees.

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