Panamik Hot Springs – Panamik Village Guide


Panamik Hot Springs – Panamik Village Guide


Panamik is a wonderful village surrounded by high mountain peaks in Ladakh. Ladakh is a Union Territory of India and Panamik village is situated on the Indo Tibetan Border in Ladakh. Panamik is also near the Siachen Glacier camp area. Panamik village is well known for its panamik hot springs. The sulphur rich hot water springs are the main reason for making this village famous and the springs have come to be known as the ‘Panamik Hot Water Springs’. Panamik village is a small yet an interesting place to visit, on your trip to Ladakh.

How to Reach Panamik Hot Springs

Panamik is at a distance of around 150km from Leh, the capital city of Ladakh. Panamik is located near the Nubra river.  This village is just a little ahead of another well known village called Sumur village and two famous monasteries named Samstanling and Diskit monasteries. Panamik village is at a height of 10442 ft above the sea and still is endowed with natural hot water springs which makes this a wonderland. The best way to reach Panamik and Panamik hot springs is by road using an SUV, a Jeep, Taxi or Mountain bike. Hope you reach Panamik soon and enjoy at the Panamik hot springs.

When is the Best time to visit Panamik Hot Springs?

Panamik village is connected and reachable by road via the Khardung La pass. Khardung La pass is the only way to reach Panamik village. This Khardung La pass is kept open from the months of June till August. The months from June to August are summer months in Ladakh. Hence, the best time to visit Panamik hot springs is during the summer season in the months of June, July and August. The hot springs are available for a dip all year long though. The hot springs contain huge amounts of sulphur leading to the occurrence of hot water in the springs.

Can we Swim in the Panamik Hot Springs?

The hot springs of Panamik are well maintained and systematically operated in the village. Men and women who wish to take a dip in the Panamik hot water springs are allowed to do so in separate hot springs. There is a nominal entry fee to get into the hot springs. The sulphur content is considered medicinal, good for bone conditions and found helpful in ailments such as rheumatism. But swimming in the Panamik hot springs is not possible because the water is too hot. So, we cannot swim in the Panamik hot water springs. You can enjoy taking short dips in these hot springs. Proper changing rooms and bathrooms are also available for both men and women.

Panamik Village

Approximately 150 km. north of Leh in the Nubra Valley lies the small village of Panamik. This is the closest village to the Indo-Tibetian border that foreigners are allowed to enter. At a height of 3183 m, Panamik is a popular destination because of its hot springs. It is one of the only hot water spring villages in India, in comparison to Manikraran and Bakreshwar in West Bengal. The scenic views while bathing in the pool make it an unforgettable experience. The area is further enhanced by its proximity to the Siachen Glacier, the world’s highest battlefield, which provides unparalleled views.

Where to Stay in Panamik Village?

Panamik is a small and simple village so the stay options are not too many. Panamik has a lot of natural and rural life beauty. You can find good and luxurious accommodations around Panamik in Sumur, Hunder, Diskit and Nubra. Some good places for your stay and accommodation in and around Panamik are:

  • Wachan Guest House
  • The Stone Palace
  • Wooden Nest
  • Stone Hedge Hotel
  • Lchang Nang Retreat- The House of Trees
  • Green Valley Home stay Sumur
  • Hunder Residency
  • TIH Lharje Resort
  • Chamba Resort
  • La Tsas Guest House

Panamik can be reached by road. Panamik is closer to Nubra valley, Sumur village, and Diskit monastery. Hence we are going to tell you about the travel options available for reaching all of these places including Panamik.

There are various travel modes available for the tourists of Panamik in Ladakh. The best way to explore Panamik would be to reach Leh the capital city of Ladakh by flight. The Leh airport known as Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport has flights on a regular basis from most major cities of India. From the airport one can choose to hire a Taxi to reach Nubra, Diskit or  Sumur and then reach Panamik by road, trek and/or walk.

For those who want to travel by the Indian railways to reach Panamik in Ladakh can travel by train till Jammu Tawi railway station and then take a cab or taxi or jeep to reach Leh, Sumur, Diskit, Nubra and/or Panamik of course.

Experienced travellers can opt for riding bikes or drive in their own SUVs or cars to reach Nubra, Diskit, Sumur or Panamik via Khardung La pass.

One more option available for all is to travel by local buses or shared-jeeps. Local bus travel may be quite inconvenient but travelling by shared jeeps is a better and faster travel option as compared to local travel to reach various places in Ladakh including Nubra, Diskit, Sumur and Panamik.

Things to do in Panamik Village

In addition to visiting panamik hot springs, Panamik features stunning views of the verdant valley and snow-capped mountains. Visitors can also explore the Samstanling Monastery located in the Summor valley and the 250-year-old Ensa Monastery, renowned for its Buddhist murals. Additionally, you can observe the Pashmina goats and two-humped Bactrian camels that inhabit the area.

Shopping at local shops

You should not anticipate large stores in Panamik but don’t be discouraged since there are a few stores with handmade items. These stores offer a variety of products, ranging from Pashmina shawls to Kashmiri carpets. There are many other souvenirs you can purchase in the village as well. The skillful artisans in the area create unique and beautiful items, and you can witness their talent in their works.

Ensa Monastery

A lot of tourists don’t miss out on visiting the Ensa Monastery when they’re in Ladakh. This 250-year-old Gompa is decorated with stunning murals and can only be reached by a 4-hour-long trek. This trek is relatively easy and is well worth the effort for the amazing views it provides.

Leh to Panamik Village Distance

Situated 140 km away from Leh, Panamik is a village in the Nubra Valley near the Siachen Glacier. It is notable for its hot sulfur springs, situated at an altitude of 10,442 feet, which are thought to possess healing properties. To get to the village, travelers must obtain a permit from the District Magistrate’s office. It is the only hot spring village in India, located very close to the Indo-Tibetan border. The hot springs have separate pools for males and females and there are private cabins for changing and showering.

How long is the Panamik to Siachen Glacier Distance?

Hope you get some idea about the Panamik to Siachen distance after reading this. Siachen Glacier and its base camp is situated in the Nubra Valley. The distance between Nubra Valley and Panamik is around 85.9 km. The Panamik to Siachen glacier distance is almost the same as the distance from Panamik to Nubra valley, ie. 85.9 km.

Panamik village is located on a cross way from Khardung La pass and it is the Khardung La pass that is used to reach Siachen Glacier base camp area. Khardung La pass is a famous and the highest motorable road in the world making the journey to Panamik village near the Siachen Glacier base camp, an adventurous and exciting one. The Siachen Glacier area is under strict vigilance of the Indian Army as the army operates from here. One requires to obtain permit from the relevant government authorities ie. the District Magistrate’s office, for visiting Panamik.

The Specialty of the Panamik village

The village is offering visitors the opportunity to take a dip in special baths located around the area. The baths are run by the local Mahila Mandal and include cold water to balance out the natural hot water that is coming from the earth. Entrance to the baths is provided at a minimal cost, and the money is used for maintenance. Parking is also available for those who stay for a longer time. Panamik is also a popular starting point for trekking to Ensa Monastery, which contains ancient Buddhist art and manuscripts.

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Panamik Hot Spring is one of the most beautiful hot water springs in Ladakh. This hot spring is located at a distance of 150 kilometers from Leh. It is a village near the vicinity of Nubra Valley and it has an altitude of 10,442 feet above sea level. Panamik Village is also a final village of India very close to the Indo-Tibetan border.
Panamik Hot Spring is located in the Nubra Valley of Ladakh which is almost 150 kilometers from Leh. This hot water spring is very close to the Siachen Glacier. Panamik Village attracts thousands of tourists from across the world. This is one of the major travel destinations of Ladakh. To visit Panamik Hot Spring you can reach through Khardung La.
The base camp is located in the Nubra Valley. From Nubra Valley, you have to cross the highest point which is Khardung La, and start driving through the villages of Panamik. The distance from Siachen to Panamik is 63 kilometers.
The distance from Hunder to Panamik is 65 kilometers and the drive will take you around 2 hours to reach Panamik. You can also visit Diskit Gompa from Hunder which is only 10 kilometers from the Hunder.
The distance from Nubra Valley to Panamik is 26 kilometers and the drive will take you 45 minutes to reach Panamik from Nubra Valley. Panamik Hot Springs is surrounded by the highest mountain passes of Ladakh which offers travellers a beautiful view.
The best time to visit Panamik is from May to September. During this time the entire Ladakh is full of glory and the weather remains pleasant at that time. Apart from enjoying sightseeing, you can also go for many outdoor activities such as river rafting, trekking, photography, paragliding, etc.
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