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Everyone wants to have a great time on vacation and explore new horizons. However, most travelers are concerned about their expenses and worry whether all of their desired activities can fit into their budget. Fortunately, with Cliffhangers the skiing in Gulmarg cost is quite low and well within the means of the average traveler in this region.

Cliffhangers offers some of the best rates in the industry and have some attractive prices for guests!

What Affects the Cost of a Skiing Trip?

The cost of your trip depends on the type of trip you prefer. For example, if you don’t mind humble accommodations and simple food, the trip can be very affordable! However, if you want a more premium experience, the cost will be higher, though still very affordable in comparison to other skiing destinations.

There are several factors that influence the cost of a ski trip to Gulmarg and they include:

1. Accommodation

The type of hotel or accommodations you choose. Three-star or four-star hotels are usually more affordable than five-star ones. You can also try living in hostels, camps, and other such options but these accommodations aren’t as comfortable.

2. Number of People Traveling

If you’re traveling in groups, you can split the costs and save money on the trip. However, if you’re traveling alone, the costs of everything from food to accommodation will seem higher. There are pros and cons to different types of travel. If you prefer being alone on such a vacation, the additional skiing in Gulmarg cost will be well worth the expense.

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3. Ski Instruction and Classes

If you’re a beginner or haven’t skied in a long time, we recommend getting some professional instructions. At Cliffhangers, we include the cost of ski instruction, equipment, and basic first aid supplies in our prices. However, not all travel companies will do this so it is a good idea to check the details before making a choice.

4. Equipment

If you’re not traveling with an agency, you may have to rent skiing equipment separately and that will incur an additional cost. Good-quality equipment will be expensive and you need to make sure you’re renting it from a reliable vendor to avoid any accidents or injuries.

5. Fees

Another thing that you need to factor into skiing in Gulmarg cost is the fees. You may need to pay for a ski pass on different slopes. The ski pass costs around Rs. 740 to Rs. 950 per day. If you’re traveling with an agency, this cost may also be covered by the vacation package you choose. Look at the exemptions and inclusions list carefully before you make a decision.


On average, a modest price that includes all essentials will cost anywhere between Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 23,000. Of course, some tourist packages can be more expensive but that depends on what combination of services you book.


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