Gulmarg Skiing is a lifetime experience. It’s a walk right through the winter wonderland. Famous across the world, this hill station is nothing short of a heavenly tour. And clubbing your tour with the ski course is long cherished wish coming true.

Cliffhangers India offers Gulmarg ski courses at a low cost with the best ski instructors and equipment. The 5-day ski course at Gulmarg is meant for beginners who have never skied before and want to try their legs at skiing. This course is designed in such a way that you will be able to ski yourself after the completion of this course. During this ski course, you will learn basic techniques of skiing and balancing on a ski. Every day of this course starts from breakfast till evening. You will learn gliding down on a ski, and how to stop i.e snowplouging. Your instructor will teach you and make you practice how to take turns while skiing. How to divert your direction from left to right etc.

You will be learning these basic skiing techniques on all the course days. This 5-day ski course gives you enough time to learn basics and then also see the beauty of Gulmarg.

The first day of the course is when you arrive. Behold the most iconic winter destination in the world. You will see a completely different world. The breathtaking landscape of Gulmarg is all covered in snow. This looks cut-out from some fairy tale. While on the way, the drive takes you via the National Highway and then winds up through a thick gorgeous pine forest. The forest drive is slow amid the snow. The cab will be driving on the snow while you enjoy the surrounding landscape. This day gives you time for some sightseeing in Gulmarg. Visit the prominent places of Gulmarg. In the evening before dinner, your ski instructor will give you a brief about your ski course. He will explain the basic safety precautions that you will have to follow for the entire course.

For the next three days, your ski instructors will be with you, teaching you and making you practice skiing on the ski slopes of Gulmarg. On each course day, you can relax and enjoy the evenings at Gulmarg in cafes and restaurants. Go out and enjoy this breathtakingly beautiful place all covered in snow. On the fifth day, which is your departure day, you will again get some time to do the sightseeing in Gulmarg. Leave from Gulmarg on this day to the airport with the beautiful memories of Gulmarg skiing to cherish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 5-day ski course enough to do the skiing on my own?

Yes. This is the minimum day of the ski course. However, the 5-day ski course won’t make you a seasoned skier or pro skier, but it will teach you some basic techniques and you will be able to then stand on the ski on your own. You will be able to ski further on your own. But only on the beginner’s slope. This course in no way makes you an expert skier who goes into the higher reaches of slopes and glides down all by himself.

Will 5 days ski course make me able to do backcountry skiing in Gulmarg?

No. This limited ski course in no way makes you a backcountry skier. It needs further courses before you go towards the backcountry.

Can I take Ski gear on rent from Cliffhangers India?

Yes, you can get all the gear on rent which is what we advise. Normally people ski rarely, buying all your gear would be costly. Taking gear on rent is always recommended which is easy on your pocket. We have rent items like ski goggles, ski gloves, ski jacket, buff available on rent.

Fixed Departure Dates:

December: 17, 24, 31

January:  7, 14, 21, 27, 28

February: 4, 11, 18, 24, 25, 26 

March: 3, 10, 17


Note: In December & March, please note that skiing course is subject to the snowfall and snow accumulation. There will be no refund in case there is no skiing course due to no snowfall. 


Day 1: Arrival

Welcome to Kashmir


Day 2: Learn Basic Techniques & Balancing

After breakfast you will be directed to the ski slope. After reaching the slopes you will meet your ski instructor, you will start with warming up your body with some basic exercises which is necessary for skiing. Today your ski instructor will teach you some basic ski techniques and also teach you to balance yourself on the skis. After spending your day on the slopes you will travel back to your hotel.


Day 3: Learning Snowplough

Today will repeat the same instructions. You will start by warming up your body. After that you will continue your lessons from previous day and try to ski with balance. Your ski instructor will teach you a basic technique of stopping your skis (snowplough). With this technique you can control the speed of your skis or you can stop while skiing.


Day 4: Ski Yourself Freely with Confidence

After reaching the slopes you will start by warming up your body. You will start of by riding the slope and practising your snowplough and balancing your skis. Today your ski instructor will teach you how to turn your left and right while riding a slope. You will start of by learning to turning your skis using snowplough technique. It is an easy technique, you will turn your skis using your body weight while speed of your skis is less and under your control. You will continue to learn this technique throughout the day.
In the afternoon you will ski yourself freely with confidence on the slope.


Day 5: Departure

Return back to your home with awesome memories.


  1. Accommodation: Your accommodation will be in the middle of Gulmarg. The accommodation is in a hotel on triple sharing. The room is Central Heated which makes you feel cozy inside the hotel even if outside is minus degrees chilling cold. It is surrounded by an amazing landscape. It is the prime location from where you have a short distance to the Gondola ride and the slopes on which you will be learning skiing. The room has attached washroom with hot water available. 
  2. Four Nights Accommodation. 3 Days Training – 9am to 4pm. 
  3. Food – Breakfast & Dinner. All Veg
  4. Qualified and Certified Ski Instructors. Approved by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department. 
  5. One Ski instructor with minimum 2 and maximum 3 people.
  6. Ski Equipment – Ski Shoes, Ski Poles, Ski Pair. 

Please ask for the quotation/costing in case you want the upgradation of hotel or twin/single sharing accommodation. 


  1. Personal Expenses.
  2. Insurance.
  3. Transportation.
  4. Ski Lift charges.
  5. GST

Cliffhangers India gives the skiers rental facility as well. In case you wish to take items on rent here is the rental list:

  1. Ski Goggle: 200 per day.
  2. Ski Jacket: 300 per day.
  3. Ski Trouser: 200 per day.
  4. Ski Gloves: 100 per day.