Srinagar Food Tour | Top Cuisines Of Kashmir

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Srinagar Food Tour Details

1. Wazwan

Kashmir Food Tour

Wazwan is a multi-course meal. This is the grand nonveg feast of Kashmir famous across the world. If you are a meat lover, this cuisine is a royal treat to your taste buds. The meal is spread across a big plate and traditionally 4 people eat on one big copper-made plate. The dishes are many and it takes you around one hour to finish this royal meal which will have a succession of dishes. Here are some of the dishes you will have in Wazwan: Goshtaba, Rista, Kebab, Tabakmaaz, Daniphol, Chicken, Cheese, Korma, etc. There are more than 10 dishes served. Wazwan is the most famous food of Srinagar across the globe.

Kashmir Food Tour

This is a delicious delicacy mostly famous in the winter season. This is an authentic and traditional mutton dish that is served with roti and hot oil spread over it. Harissa has an alluring aroma, both aroma and taste stay with you for many days.

Kashmir Food Tour

Street food in Kashmir has locally made fried lotus stem, potatoes with gram flour, fried fish with besan. You will be served this with fresh chutney. Just around this street food, you will find someone selling Masal Cxhot (Chickpea wrap) – which you can buy for around 10 INR only. The list of other street food here is Fried peas (till karri), Halwa Paratha, Laayeh (colorful puffs made of rice, and sugar), etc.

Kashmir Food Tour

For dessert, the best authentic food you will see here is Khandi Gazri (candies made of flour and dipped in sugar syrup), Basrakh (made of flour and ghee and sugar syrup), Lale Shangram (flour and suji fried in ghee), etc.

Kashmir has its traditional tea Called Nun -Chai. The leaves are brewed for hours, then milk is added along with some saffron, salt, dry fruits, and sometimes butter. This pink-colored tea is refreshing to your senses and is considered good for digestion and stomach upset. Another beverage is called Kehwa. This is herbal tea that has no milk. Water is boiled with saffron, dry fruits, elaichi, etc. Sugar, as per your taste, is then added to this assortment.

Kashmir has some traditional vegetation food that you can relish while on a food tour here. Here is a list of the famous vegetarian food in Kashmir: Haakh (green leafy vegetables), Nadru (lotus stem prepared with curd or fish or spinach), Monji (a sister veggie of Haakh, also green leafy vegetable), etc.


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