Sunset Peak Trek Expedition

Trek Difficulty


Trek Duration

4 Days

Highest Altitude

12,303 ft

Suitable For

12-62 years


Sunset peak is a gorgeous trekking peak in the Pir Pajnal Range of Kashmir. The trek to this peak is the first of its kind here in Kashmir where the trekking will be done to summit a peak. The trek is non-technical, however, needs a fair level of fitness. Sunset peak is a mountain massif that rises to an altitude of 4745m. This is the highest peak of Kashmir’s Pir Panjal Range. This trekking expedition is done in the summer. It starts from the famous tourist place Yusmarg. This peak borders the district of Poonch and Shopian.

The expedition starts from Srinagar and drives to Yusmarg. The drive is rewarding going through quaint villages and apple orchards. The ride will allow you to see the village life here in Kashmir. Stop on your way to any of the orchards to see how beautiful these long stretches of apple trees are spread here.

The drive winds through the breathtaking landscape. You will get a fascinating view of the Pir Panjal Range with its snow-capped mountains. The journey goes via a famous shrine of Kashmir called Charar-i-Sharief. It is one of the highest visited shrines for Kashmiris here.

The endpoint of the drive is one of the famous offbeat tourist destinations of Kashmir – Yusmarg. It is heaven for meadow lovers. Vast stretches of meadows are spread on all our sides which merge into thick jungles. On the first day of this expedition, we will camp in one of those meadows beside the river stream.

On the second day of the expedition, you will trek toward the Danizab campsite. The trail is definite and goes through thick jungles with small meadow crossings in between. The trek will take around 5 hours to reach the campsite. The jungles here are thick of pine and fir. Spend your night at Danizab campsite which is a small meadow of lush grass and forests in the surroundings.

The next day, you will be trekking toward Rumshi Nallah. The trek again goes via the forest. It starts with an incline and takes a turn towards the next campsite. A trail on this day goes through a long patch of a bushwalk. Shortly afterward, you will reach the campsite at Rumshi Nallah.

One full day will be spent in acclimatization before the summit push. This day tour around this famous river of Rumshi Nallah. Go a couple of hundred meters high in altitude and enjoy the exotic view and the cold breeze of this place. You will get a view of the fantastic towering peaks of the Pir Panjal Range.

On summit day, we will leave before the break of dawn for the summit. The summit is a long push and takes a full day of trekking. It is all-ascent. It starts with the boulder section and then the base of the Sunset Glacier starts. From the base, it is an all-glacier traverse to the top of the peak. We descend on the same day to our Rumshi Nallah campsite.

On the last day of the trek, we trek to Yusmarg via the same trail and then drive to Srinagar. Sunset Summit Expedition involves a moderate to difficult gradient.

Fixed Departure Dates: 30th July 6th & 20th August 7th & 21st September

Trek Fee

Original price was: ₹22,000.00.Current price is: ₹18,000.00.

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    Sham Valley Trek– A Detailed Itinerary

    This is the first day of the trek. You will be picked from the Tourist Reception Center of Srinagar. Cliffhangers India’s cab will be available at the pickup point. The pickup time is 1 p.m. The cab leaves Srinagar and enters the Budgam District of Kashmir. The Budgam district has famous tourist places Doodpathir, Tosamaidan, and Yusmarg, our campsite. The drive will give you the best highlight of the Kashmir landscape and village life.

    You will be going via serene villages. The road has on both sides long orchards of apples. 
    Stop during your drive nearby to these villages and orchards. Experience the pristine life and farming of people here. Before reaching Yusmarg, you will go via the famous shrine of Kashmir – Charar-i-Sharief. This shrine receives a lot of devotees all year.

    Shortly after the shrine, the drive goes up into the hilly area. You will see many plateaus giving panoramic views. It then proceeds towards the jungle drive and has open meadows in between. The river stream will be flowing towards your left.

    Once you reach Yusmarg, you will see the lush meadows that blend into the fir and pine jungle. The shimmering river streams cut through it.
    Yusmarg is famously called The Meadow of Jesus. It is believed that Jesus visited this place. Yusmarg is one of the best hill stations in the country and rests on the bank of the Doodganga River.  Our campsite is just near the meadows and in the vicinity of the river stream. You can explore the small local market here and try pony riding which is very much famous here. Spend your night in the camps here.  Yusmarg rests at an altitude of 2,396m and is 47km from Srinagar.
    This is our first trekking day. We will leave early morning after the hearty breakfast. Gear yourself with trekking overalls and start trekking in this beautiful valley. The trail first goes over a concrete trail for some kilometers.

    The trail passes through the middle of the jungle. The fascinating feature of the day is the crossing of three bridges. The bridges in the middle of the jungle are very much alluring. All three bridges are a short distance from each other.

    Immediately after the third bridge, the trail leads to a beautiful meadow which is like a patch from heaven. There is a shepherd community living here. 
    Relax and take a short snack break to see the life of shepherd people and their mud and wood houses.  From the meadow, you take a right turn and reach your campsite Danizab. The campsite is on flat lush land. Relax and enjoy your evening snacks. The weather here is pleasant, and you can take dinner outside the tents in the open.  The total distance to the campsite is 14km. The altitude of the campsite is 3200m.
    On this day, we will again start after a hearty breakfast. The trail starts with an incline. We reach a small plateau that gives a beautiful view of the surroundings. Look back towards the campsite, and you will get a wide view of the valley. The trail then turns towards Rumshi Nallah. Before we reach our campsite, there is a lovely walk-through bush. This bushwalk is long and takes around 4 hours.

    Immediately after the bushes, the trail turns trickier full of boulders and rocky terrain. Be careful with your steps, as the boulder section will be a bit risky to traverse. Immediately after the boulder section, we will reach close to the Rumshi Nallah which is our campsite. Our campsite is on flat land. Relax and enjoy your evening with a delicious dinner. The total distance of the day is around 8km, and the altitude of the campsite is 4,100m.
    This is the day we spend on acclimatization. This is an important day to gear up and acclimatize your body for the summit push of the next day. You will go to the surroundings of Rumshi Nallah. Enjoy the ever-beautiful valley surrounding you. There will be an altitude gain of 300m on this day and post lunch we will return to our campsite. In the evening, your trek leader will brief you about the next day’s summit. You need to go to bed early as the summit day starts in the early morning.
    This is the summit day. We will leave before the break of dawn. After a full breakfast, we will start for the summit. The trail is all ascents. It starts with the boulder section around which you have to be careful. Make sure to tie your laces tightly on ankle-high. After the boulder section, we will reach the base of the Sunset glacier. It is a glacier traverse till the summit. 

    Cliffhangers India’s technical team will be guiding you through this glacier traverse. You need to follow the instructions given by the trek leaders sharply. Take a mild pace with steady steps. This traverse to the top is around 4 km. At the top, behold the breathtaking summit feel and the towering peaks which are visible from here. You get a complete panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and valleys. Return to the Rumshi Nallah campsite. Descend is quite riskier at times than an ascend. So be careful when you come down to the campsite.
      The highest altitude of the summit is 4,745m.
    This is the last day of the trek. You will trek via the same trail and reach Yusmarg and from there you will drive to Srinagar.

    Buffer Day:
     For the summit push, there is an extra buffer day. If the weather remains pleasant and allows us to do the summit on Day 5, we will not be using the buffer day. If the weather turns rough, we will try for the summit push the next day.

    What are the Inclusions & Exclusions


    • All meals. Breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner. We provide nutritious veg food and try not to repeat the dishes. 
    • Camp stay on all nights in high-quality tents on a double-sharing basis. Sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses, and dining tents.
    • Mountaineering experienced trek leaders, guides, and experienced cooks. 
    • All the mountain medicine includes first aid, oxygen cylinder, etc. 
    • Passes and permits.


    • Lunch on the first day. 
    • Personal expenses.
    • Anything not specifically mentioned in the inclusion list.

    If you wish to avail of our transportation service, then the extra cost will be 1800 per person. The transportation cost is to and fro. Offloading charges: In case you want us to carry your backpack, the cost per bag is Rs 2800/ per bag. The maximum weight allowed is 10kg. Please note that only a proper trekking backpack will be allowed to offload. No trolly or suitcase will be allowed to offload. We strictly follow to adequately place the load on our ponies. The maximum weight on each pony will be 40kg as recommended by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department.


    Summer is the best time for this expedition. In winter, the entire trail is covered in thick snow and the summit becomes dangerous because of the weather and snow.
    It has a gradient of moderate to difficult. It is not recommended for beginners.
    No. It does not need any technical expertise. Our technical team will make sure you summit this peak safely. However, you need to have a good fitness level and need to adhere to all the instructions of our expedition leaders.
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