Winter Spiti Valley – A Winter Heaven of India


Winter Spiti Valley – A Winter Heaven of India

Spiti Valley in Winter is a mystical place that has escaped the gaze of popular mainstream travel lists. Known as “the middle land”, Spiti Valley is nestled in the northeastern part of Himachal Pradesh. Spiti Valley is bordered by Tibet in the east and hence it is popularly termed “the little Tibet”

Located at an altitude of 12,500 meters above sea level, the Spiti Valley gives a picturesque image of the mountainous region. One of the key geographical attractions is that the Spiti River flows through it.

This sparsely inhabited place is a sight to behold. Winter Spiti Valley reflects diverse elements that make it a heavenly place. Be its snow-capped peaks, alpine forests, majestic monasteries, rugged terrains, gushing rivers, expansive landscape minus commercial buildings, etc.

Spiti Valley in Winter

If you are from the tropics and want to enjoy the extreme temperatures of a hill station then, the months of November to March are quite ideal. This is especially true of Spiti. The night temperatures dip below minus 30 degrees Celsius. The whole area is layered with snow and you can feel the pleasure of the phenomena of snowfall. Winter Spiti valley tour is the most remarkable and gorgeous winter tour across India.

Since Spiti is a quaint village, the excessive rainfall leads to a problem with electricity connections. Thus, you may not get constant electricity supplies to heat water (through geysers) or charge your electronic gadgets such as mobile, laptop, etc. The meaning of rejuvenation comes into actual realization as you may be cut off from the digital world if you travel to Spiti in winter.

Transportation issues may also occur at some points as the areas are clogged with snowfall. Thus, traveling to some places can be difficult.

The actual beauty of Spiti can be seen in the winter, hence winter spiti valley is the ideal tour of the year. Begin your winter adventure in Spiti Valley. The place looks like a paradise as it is layered with snow. Moreover, you can spend your time communicating with the locals and know more about the geography, culture, nearby tourist places, etc., from them.

To accentuate your traveling experience, the team of Cliffhangers India is at your service. Cliffhangers India is a bonafide travel agency and hence, it will come to your rescue for a structured itinerary plan. You will get the most affordable winter spiti valley tour packages with the company.

Prepare to enjoy the serenity of Spiti Valley in winter during your upcoming vacations by taking a blissful ride there.


Places to Visit in Spiti

There are many exquisite places you can visit during your winter spiti valley trip. Here are some handpicked places to visit spiti in winter.

Tabo Monastery-Spiti is known for its Buddhist influences and one of them could be seen through monasteries. Tabo Monastery has nine temples related to Tara and Buddha Maitreya.

Lhalung Monastery- Known as the Golden Temple, this monastery contains nine shrines. This ancient monastery has gold leaf deities kept in the shrine.

Dhankar Lake- This serene alpine lake gets frozen during the winter. Trekking through the passes leads you to this Dhankar Lake also known as Sar Kund Lake.

Pin Valley National Park- If you want to see a naturally enriched site then, Pin Valley National Park is right for you. Set against the backdrop of the Himalayas, there are diverse floral and faunal species found here. Some of the faunal species are- Snow leopards, Siberian ibex, snowcocks, etc. If you want to enjoy this place, you must witness this beauty in the summer season.

Trilokinath Temple-Spiti is not only known for its natural surroundings but it also has a religious touch. The Trilokinath Temple is quite famous in this region.

Things to do in Spiti in Winter

Though Spiti valley in winter is blanketed with thick layers of snow, still you can undertake various activities and enjoy it. For instance, on your winter spiti valley trip, trekking through the mountainous regions gives you a closer look at the surrounding region which you may not enjoy while traveling by car. The experience of trekking when integrated with camping gives you the actual pleasure of staying in nature.

A skiing session on the snowy slopes raises the adrenaline level due to the high excitement created by this activity.

Making snowballs or snowmen during the winter reignites the inner child that is hidden inside you. Thus, you can play through these snowballs with your friends and family members.

A travel destination’s cuisine tells a lot about that place. Moreover, through the food, you can feel connected to a place. Thus, you can enjoy the local cuisine of Spiti which has great influences on the Tibetan region. Some of the dishes are- Thukpa, Kyu, Churpe, Thentuk, Dhaam, etc.

Staying Options in Spiti

Spiti is still a lesser-known travel destination hence, you will find few staying options here. Some of them are- Norbukhang Homestay, Dhankar Heights, Hotel Spiti Sarai, etc.

The team of Cliffhangers India provides you with a curated travel plan that fulfills your traveling needs. The stay at Spiti will be quite memorable for you and Cliffhangers India will facilitate doing so.

Delhi to Spiti Valley Travel

If you are a mountain lover, a vacation to a hill station is quite refreshing. Things take a sweeter turn if it is a road trip. A road trip takes you through significant points and appreciates the geographical formations throughout the journey. The mountains, meandering roads, gushing rivers, etc., soothes your nerves so that by the time you reach the destination you are all ready to absorb the beauty of the destination.

Perched in the Himalayas, the Spiti Valley is nature’s wonder. Situated at an altitude of over 3000 meters above sea level, the Spiti Valley is located in the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. The Spiti River flows through it further elevating its beauty.

An adventurous road trip is a lifetime memorable experience. Moving through the routes will make you explore the hidden beauty of India. Spiti is a must-see travel destination and rushes to witness the scenic beauty of this place the moment you get some relaxation from your monotonous work. 

Requirements While Traveling by Road.

While traveling by road from Delhi to Spiti either via Shimla or Manali, you need to fulfill certain requirements. Some of them are- you need to keep essential medications so that while traveling for long hours if you feel sick, you can take them. Aside from that, you must keep food items. You may not get eateries or food stalls everywhere so some food items may help to satiate your cravings.

Essential documents such as Aadhar Cards, License cards, etc., must be kept with you so that if you are stopped by local authorities somewhere you can verify your authenticity.

Traveling by road through the mountains is quite attractive for wanderlust and for hassle-free movement you can take the guidance of Cliffhangers India, a one-stop solution for all your travel worries.


Spiti Valley is cold throughout the year. During the winter season, the weather becomes quite frozen due to excessive rainfall and hence, it may be inaccessible from the months of November to February. It may be quite difficult to travel by road during this season. Thus, the ideal time to travel by road from Delhi to Spiti is the months of April to September.

There are different means of transportation through which you can reach Spiti Valley. Some of them are mentioned below-

By Air

The Bhuntar Airport, near Kullu, is the nearest airport to Spiti Valley. The distance between these two points is almost 260 kilometers. You can book a cab or taxi from here to get to Spiti Valley.

Apart from Bhuntar Airport, there is Chandigarh International Airport. This airport is well-connected to major cities throughout the country, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. The total distance between Chandigarh International Airport and Spiti Valley is almost 522 kilometers.

By Train-

There is no railway station in Spiti Valley hence, Jogindernagar Railway Station is the closest point to it. The distance between these two points is almost 360 kilometers. From here, you can book a cab or taxi or go by bus to reach the Spiti Valley.

By Road-

There are public and private buses that ply the roads of Himachal Pradesh. The roads in Himachal Pradesh are well-connected to the whole of India hence, you can drive by car to reach the Spiti Valley.

Though the aforementioned modes are available to reach Spiti, you may face a bit of difficulty during the winter season. The roads get blocked due to excessive rainfall whereas the trains may get delayed as well. A representative of Cliffhangers India will be present at significant points to receive you.

From Delhi, there are two prominent routes to reach Spiti valley. One of them is the Delhi-Shimla-Spiti and the other one is Delhi-Manali-Spiti.

The distance between Delhi and Shimla is almost 342 kilometers and from Shimla to Spiti Valley, it is almost 253 kilometers. The significant points in the Delhi-Shimla-Spiti are Narkanda, Jeori, Karcham, Sangla, Shimla, and Kalpa. Throughout this stretch of road, you will find good road conditions. It takes about 2 days for this road journey, this includes tea breaks, lunch breaks, etc.

The Delhi-Manali-Spiti has rugged terrain and hence, only if you are a good driver or you are with an experienced driver, you must choose this road to transcend through this area. In this stretch, the Manali to Rohtang road is vulnerable to landslides and hence, it may be a bit dangerous.

Road Trip by Bus

There is a proper bus facility that goes from Delhi to Spiti valley. From Delhi, you can reach the Bhuntar Airport in Kullu. The airport is almost 50 kilometers away from Spiti. From here, you can book a bus or taxi to cover 50 kilometers distance.

Road Trip by Rail

If you’re taking the train, your final stop will be at Joginder Nagar Railway Station. The distance between Joginder Nagar Railway Station and Spiti Valley is around 360 kilometers. To cover the distance from the railway station to Spiti Valley, you may travel by bus. Several state-run and private buses ply the roads of Himachal Pradesh. To strengthen tourism in Himachal Pradesh, the Himachal Road Transport Corporation’s buses move through the roads.

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