What is the Best Time to Visit Pahalgam


This is a detailed blog about the best time to visit Pahalgam. This blog covers and mentions what is the ideal summertime for Pahalgam and when to visit Pahalgam for snow and winter.

Moments of silence are needed to introspect yourself and redirect yourself toward a better journey in life. Some find this silence from internal factors others need external factors to calm themselves. For the latter part, travel is one important component. Traveling re-energizes your mind, body, and soul thoroughly. When it comes to traveling, people do turn up towards mountainous landscapes that are all about serenity. One such recommendation to the readers would be to travel to Pahalgam.

Kashmir is known as a ‘paradise on Earth’ but, what truly makes it a ‘paradise’ is the different sites that amp up the beauty of Kashmir as a whole. A trip to Kashmir is unsatisfactory if you haven’t traveled through the length and breadth of Pahalgam. The description of lush green meadows, the gushing Lidder river, pine trees, snow-clad peaks, picturesque valleys, and unique flora and fauna is not enough to define the wholesomeness of Pahalgam. Pahalgam’s beauty has attracted different types of tourists- from solo visitors to a friends’ reunion to being the first choice of Kashmir Honeymoon Tours. Pahalgam has a lot to offer to its tourists depending on what they are seeking.

To accentuate your traveling experience in Pahalgam, Cliffhangers India can play a key role. Cliffhangers India is a registered travel agency in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, which speaks of its authenticity. Cliffhangers India thus has a diverse range of tour products relating to Pahalgam to be offered to its customers.

About Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a tourist destination situated in the Anantnag district of the newly created Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Pahalgam is almost 75 kilometers away from Srinagar and around 50 kilometers away from Anantnag. Located at an altitude of approximately 7200 feet above sea level, Pahalgam is situated on the bank of the Lidder river.

Perched in the young-folded Himalayan Mountain Ranges, this ‘Valley of Shepherds’ is a famous hill station that accepts domestic as well as international tourists. Apart from praising the natural beauty of Pahalgam, you can visit Pahalgam with a religious motive as well. The Annual Amarnath Pilgrimage begins in Pahalgam, giving the site a religious flavor. Apart from this, the hill station has been an attractive shooting location for the film industry.

When is the Best Time to Visit Pahalgam?

The best time to visit Pahalgam is from May to September. Since these are summer months, so you will be able to enjoy the pleasant weather and the best of activities in Pahalgam in the summer months. If you want to enjoy the pleasant weather of Pahalgam and witness the expansive lush green meadows then, the summer season which comprises the months of May to September is ideal to visit this place. If you want to see snow, then best time to visit Pahalgam for snow is from December to March.

Pahalgam in Summer Months

From March, the rays of the Sun could be partially seen in Pahalgam. The process of snow-melting intensifies in the month of April which sees its peak in the month of May. From the months of May to September, the weather is pleasant and favorable for tourists to travel extensively in the region. This is because the summer season in Pahalgam does not witness scorching heat as found in tropical regions and it is considered the best time to visit Pahalgm. Moreover, during these months the temperature ranges from around 25 degrees Celsius during the day to 12 degrees Celsius at the night. Thus, if you are from a tropical region, you may still feel cold during this season and hence, you can carry a few warm clothes.

Lush green meadows, blooming flowers, gushing Lidder river, lively fauna, etc., are some of the things that you can enjoy in the natural surroundings of Pahalgam. Aside from that, the annual Amarnath Pilgrimage begins during this season, adding a religious flavor to the atmosphere. Moreover, Pahalgam has a famous golfcourse and you can enjoy a golfing session here, during the summer season. Trekking through Aru and Betaab Valley would be an incredible outdoor experience for you. Thus, all in all, you can sightsee attractive points in Pahalgam during this time. 

Pahalgam in Winter Months

Since Pahalgam majorly witnesses a cool climate throughout the year, you can enjoy the ultimate benefit of this place in the winter months. The formation of cool and dry winds starts in the month of October and reaches its peak in the months of November to December. There is no snowfall in Pahalgam in October month.  

The Pahalgam snow months are from December to March. Snow blankets the whole region which makes it look like a white paradise. If you are from a tropical region, you can visit Pahalgam during the winter months for relief from the scorching heat. However, if you enjoy winter adventurous sports such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, etc., then, you must visit Pahalgam in the winter season.

Pahalgam in December is cold and the snow starts to fall. The temperature in Pahalgam in December is cold and around 10 degrees. And then starts to drop below zero degrees Celsius. You must pack enough warm clothes to save yourself from chilly and dry weather. Pahalgam in January is cold and snowy. It receives heavy snowfall and is below zero degrees in temperature during January month. Wintertime is also the best time to enjoy vacations here in Pahalgam.

When one dissects the months in a year, we can see that Pahalgam has different things to cater to in different months and seasons hence, you can choose to travel at any time of the year. Depending on your preferences for the right time to travel, you can contact the team of Cliffhangers India so that they can curate a personalized tour plan just for you. A trip to Pahalgam is surely going to create the best traveling experience for you in a lifetime.


Summertime is the best time to visit Pahalgam. During this time the valley is in full bloom and the weather is also pleasant. March to November, is considered the ideal time to visit Pahalgam. During this time you can enjoy all the outdoor activities like trekking, photography, sledding, etc.
2 days are enough to cover all the popular destinations of Pahalgam. You will get to explore all the famous valleys such as Betaab valley, Aru valleyBaisaran valley, and Chandanwari.
Baisaran Valley is called the mini-Switzerland in Pahalgam because of its picturesque beauty. The valley is only 5 kilometers from the Pahalgam, you can hire aa ponies or hire union cabs to reach Baisaran valley from Pahalgan.
The hottest month in Pahalgam is July. The temperature at that time ranges from 17 to 30 degrees Celsius. The weather remains pleasant for sightseeing. Apart from the sightseeing, one can also enjoy many outdoor activities at this time because the valley is in its full glory.
Pahalgam is better than Sonmarg. Sonmarg is no doubt also best but the most picturesque beauty lies in Pahalgam. Pahalgam is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kashmir. The breathtaking views and the scenic beauty is one of the major reason people choose To Pahalgam.

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