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Baisaran Valley, also known as the Switzerland of India or mini-Switzerland has rightfully earned its name because of its open valley, tall fir trees, and misty surroundings. One of the most popular and most visited places of Pahalgam, Baisaran Kashmir is popular for its fresh heavenly look and its yet unexplored winter snow.  

The valley is surrounded by mountain peaks and flowers in winter and completely covered in snow in winter. The open grounds and lush meadows provide the area with an accessible and inviting touch. Let’s explore the heaven inside the heaven on earth. 

Baisaran in Winter

Baisaran Pahalgam valley looks inexpressibly beautiful in winter. The trees are all covered in snow and so are all the tracks. It becomes almost impossible to trek to this Valley in winter on foot. A pony ride however will take you easily to mini-Switzerland.

The valley is said to look more beautiful in winter than in summer. The Alpine touch, the misty weather, and the continuously falling snow give it a look more beautiful than Gulmarg and Sonamarg as stated by tourists. In winter, it will be dark soon. The best way would be to start early in the day. 

You can do a lot of activities here, the place gives the opportunity tourists to do a lot of fun and you can do the following activities – pony riding, trekking, day picnic, sledging, sliding in the snow, jungle ATV ride, etc. 

Baisaran valley trek

The trek to the Baisaran Pahalgam valley is decorated with many viewpoints. The trek is a 7.5 km trek, a total of 15 km up and down trek. It will take you around 1 hour through the pony ride going up and 25-30 minutes while coming down. 

If you’re going on foot, you might take 1.5 hours in going up and around 45 minutes in coming down. Tourists prefer a pony ride while going up and walking on foot while coming down. You’ll find benches on the way where you can sit down and rest if you’re tired. 

You will encounter 3 points on the trek –

1. Pahalgam valley 

The point will give you a full view of the Pahalgam valley. 

2. Kashmir Valley

Baisaran Kashmir valley with huts of the native people is visible from this point.

3. Doubling hunting point

The legend says that Raja Hari Singh shot a deer and a lion with a single arrow at this point. Hence the spot is known as the Doubling Hunting Point. 

After you finish your trek, you will reach Baisaran valley.

Mini Switzerland

The valley is dotted with fir trees encircling it and snow-covered peaks are seen taking a sneak peek inside the valley. The breathtaking view of the valley is famous for its picturesque beauty and gives an unmistakable similarity to the Swiss valley. 

Are you missing the Alps? The Baisaran Valley will not disappoint you. After a short trek, arriving at a destination in itself is a treat. But arriving at such a destination? It’s nothing less than a party. Baisaran is the mini-Switzerland of Kashmir. 

How to Reach

The distance from Srinagar to Pahalgam valley is 90 km and takes 2.5 to 3 hours by car ride. Baisaran valley is at a distance of 7-8 km from Pahalgam Valley. As you come out of your staying place, you will find pony riders offering to take you to this Valley. Also, the trek is not too difficult so going on foot is also preferred by tourists.

Once you set out, it will take you around 1.5 hours on foot and 1 hour on a pony to reach the this Valley. The trek is uncomplicated and really safe. 

Pony Riding

Baisaran Valley has horses as stray animals like common cities have cats and dogs. Consequently, Pony riding is a popular activity not only on the trek but also inside the valley. 

Though, the prices are negotiable. Pony riding would be a nice idea through the trek as the livelihood in the area is dependent on tourism. Also, you cannot get too tired if you really want to enjoy your trip. The cost of pony riding in Baisaran valley Pahalgam starts from 1500 INR. 


Is Kashmir as beautiful as Switzerland?

Kashmir is listed as number two in the world’s most romantic destinations. So, it can be called very beautiful. Even sometimes as beautiful as Switzerland. 

How many days are enough to explore Pahalgam?

You need two days to explore Pahalgam well. The famous valleys of Pahalgam including the Betaab valley, Lidder valley, Aru valley, and Baisaran valley can all be covered in 2 days. 

What is the distance from Baisaran Valley to Tulian Lake?

Baisaran valley is the starting point of the tulian lake trek. The total distance from Baisaran to tulian lake is around 23km to and fro. The trail of the trek is tough and is an all ascend. One should be fit to do this trek.

Is Baisaran Valley worth visiting?

Yes, it is worth visiting due to its picturesque beauty. The valley is one of the most visited places in Pahalgam. One can enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains and green meadows. Apart from the sightseeing you can visit many places in Baisaran Valley which are also worth visiting.

Which is called mini-Switzerland in Kashmir?

Baisaran Valley is popularly known as the mini-Switzerland of Kashmir. It is a meadow situated on the top of the mountains. The valley is surrounded by dark and vast meadows and thick pine forests. It sits at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level. Baisaran Valley is one of the popular places for tourists to visit.

How to visit Baisaran Valley?

If you are planning to visit Baisaran Valley you have multiple options, The best option is by air, and Srinagar airport is the nearest airport which is very well connected to major cities of India. From the airport book a cab/taxi direct to Pahalgam. 

Is there snow in Baisaran?

If you want to experience snowfall, then wintertime is the best time to visit Baisaran for snowfall. From January to March, the valley receives heavy snowfall and the entire valley is covered with thick snow sheets. 

When to visit Baisaran Valley?

If you are looking for sightseeing and greenery then summertime is the best season to enjoy holidays. The weather during the summer months remains pleasant and one can enjoy many activities in Baisaran valley at that time if you want to enjoy snowfall, then visit during the months of winter, it receives heavy snowfall in wintertime.

What is the distance from Pahalgam to Baisaran Valley?

The valley is located only 5 kilometers from the Pahalgam. You can hire a union cab from Pahalgam or either you can hire ponies to reach there. If you are an adventure junkie, you can also choose to hike which will take you around 1 hour to reach Baisaran valley. 

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When you leave Baisaran Kashmir, you will leave with a lot of memories to cherish, views to marvel at and pictures to laugh at. It is one of the few destinations of Kashmir that can be visited all year round and has its own unique touch in each season. 

The whole area is marred with unexceptional beauty. This is one of the places that will find a place on your memory pin-board once you leave. 

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