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With rising Kashmir tourism, Pahalgam is increasingly emerging as a tourist hub with tourists assembling here to visit local areas as well as nearby attractions. Pahalgam Sightseeing is famous for its numerous picturesque destinations and easy availability of places to stay and modes of accommodation.

If you are planning to visit Pahalgam and planning on Pahalgam Sightseeing, the area is bound to fill you every day with adventure and thrill. Let’s explore Pahalgam sightseeing with Cliffhangers India and learn about Pahalgam before visiting the area. 

Places to Visit in Pahalgam Sightseeing

Pahalgam has numerous places to visit in Pahalgam Sightseeing but here are the top picks you must visit if you find yourself in Pahalgam. 

1. Aru valley

One of the most beautiful places in Pahalgam, Aru valley is situated at a 12 km distance from Pahalgam. The drive from Pahalgam to Aru valley is full of breathtaking scenery. Aru valley offers a quiet adventure with activities like zorbing, ziplining, and pony riding. Aru River flows through the lush meadows giving it a magical touch. 

2. Betaab Valley

The picture-perfect valley is the dream destination of any travel enthusiast. With snow-capped mountains caressing the lush green meadows, dotted by Pine and Deodar trees, and the pristine Lidder river flowing carelessly through the valley, Bataab valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pahalgam. 

3. Sheshnaag Lake

If listening to the sound of silence is your curiosity, Sheshnaag lake is the perfect place for you. The mythological lake where Sheshnaag is said to have resided is bestowed with the best of nature. The placid lake is so clean and so calm that you can hear the smallest sounds in the area. The lake is reached after an uphill trek or a pony ride. 

4. Baisaran Valley

The Switzerland of India or the mini-Switzerland is a picturesque place at a 7.5 km adventurous uphill trek from Pahalgam. The valley is a hub of adventure activities and is a favorite relaxing place for many tourists. The valley is dotted with Pine trees surrounding it into a bowl-shaped landscape. 

5. Avantipur Temple ruins

The brilliance of the architecture of the ancient era is reflected overwhelmingly in the ruins of the Avantipur temple. Sculpted sculptures on the stones of the temple and pillars are bound to fill one with awe. The temple is a famous photography spot and is a must-visit if you are looking for places to visit near Pahalgam as it is at a distance of over 50 km from Pahalgam. 

6. Kolahoi Glacier

The hanging glacier over the Lidder Liver is a sight to behold. At a 25 km distance from Pahalgam and after a short but tricky uphill trek, Kolahoi Glacier is a stunning point to witness the whole landscape from a point at the top. The glacier showcases the flowing Lidder River and feels like witnessing the beginning of things. It is one of the most visited places in Pahalgam and a worth-it trek. 

Pahalgam Sightseeing Itinerary

If you are planning a Kashmir Trip and putting Pahalgam in your itinerary, you would need at least 3 days and 2 nights to get a complete tour of Pahalgam and destinations near it. Let’s plan a Pahalgam Sightseeing itinerary for you so that you get to see the best part of Pahalgam in less time. 

1. Day 1

Start early if you are traveling from Srinagar to Pahalgam and explore the Avantipur Ruins on your way. Drive straight to the Betaab valley. It would take you around half an hour from Pahalgam to drive to the 15 km away valley. Set out from Betaab valley for Aru and spend the night in the area.

2. Day 2

Drive back from Aru valley to Chandanwari where a short trek will take you to the Sheshnag lake. Set out from Sheshnag lake to Pahalgam. After arriving at Pahalgam, set out for the Baisaran valley trek, which is a 1-1.5 hour trek, and explore the meadows of the mini-Switzerland. After coming back to Pahalgam, explore the local area including Lidder amusement park and Pahalgam golf course. 

3. Day 3 

Visit Kolahoi Glacier at a 1-hour drive from Pahalgam and take the short trek to the breathtaking Glacier. You can also visit Tarsar Lake on the day and head back to Srinagar after your short visit. 

Pahalgam Sightseeing by Horse

Pahalgam is a popular destination for horse riding. Most of the tourist destinations feature pony-riding as an activity in the area. If you are planning to get your heart full of pony-riding activities, let’s explore the Pahalgam sightseeing by horse and the destinations you can visit for that.

1. Baisaran valley

Baisaran valley trek is a popular trek for horse riding enthusiasts. The trek is a bit moderate to difficult and the horse riders would walk behind you convincing you to just hire the horse and make your trek easy. Riding it in the valley is a royal experience especially when it’s snowing. 

2. Betaab valley

Horse riding in the beautiful valley is one of the most memorable experiences. Riding through the Taiga landscape and tall pine trees with river Lidder flowing sideways gives you a primitive feeling when the modern world had not evolved and things were natural and beautiful. 

3. Tulian Lake

A pony ride to Tulian Lake is a popular activity undertaken by tourists in the area. The experience through the thick forests lures tourists from all over to take a pony instead of walking up to the lake. A beautiful destination after a tiring ride is bound to fill your heart with a thrill. 

4. Aru valley

A horse ride from Aru valley to Kootpathri is a thrilling activity taking you through the most beautiful pathways. The ride is decorated with clean air and the beautiful landscape of the valley. Kootpathri is another destination that is popular for its aesthetic view. 

Pahalgam Sightseeing in Winter

Pahalgam is an all-weather destination. Where summer brings a fresh wave of tourists excited to explore Pahalgam, winter is another decoration in Pahalgam, covering it under thick snow. If you are planning a Pahalgam sightseeing in winter, Pahalgam will satisfy you with the following destinations. 

1. Aru valley

Aru valley becomes a wonderland in Winter. The whole valley gets covered under feathery snow which looks like a blanket covering everything warmly. The winter trek to Tarsar Marsar Lake and Kolahoi Glacier also begins from Aru valley. The valley is a must-visit destination in winter. 

2. Pahalgam lakes

Tulian Lake and the Sheshnag lake which get frozen in winter are a treat to the eye in Pahalgam. If you get your gear, you can even enjoy ice skating in the area. 

3. Chandanwari 

Chandanwari is the starting point of the Amarnath Yatra. The area is popular for snow-sledding and skiing. The mountains surrounding the region are majestic and snow-covered in winter. The waterfalls on the way to Chandanwari are frozen giving one of the most beautiful views. 

Pahalgam Sightseeing Cab Charges

If you are not driving your own vehicle on your Pahalgam trip, there is nothing to worry about. Pahalgam is a hub of taxis and there is a cab available always to take you to places. If you are planning to explore Pahalgam in a cab, Cliffhangers India will take you through the Pahalgam Sightseeing cab charges to help you adjust your budget accordingly. 

  Destinations SUV/ Small cars

1. Pahalgam to Aru valley 900/ 600

2. Pahalgam to Betaab valley 800/ 600

3. Pahalgam to Chandanwari 900/ 700

4. Pahalgam to Aru, Betaab 3500/ 2500

and Chandanwari

5. Pahalgam local sightseeing 5000/ 3000

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