Dachigam National Park
Dachigam National Park

Dachigam National Park is the most beautiful wildlife park in Kashmir. Spanning over 140km square, this park is a treat for animal and plant lovers. The park is thick with jungle and grasslands. It is home to many varied birds and animal species like leopard, brown bear, stag, black bear, etc.

Dachigam National Park has remained a protected land since 1910. It was given the status of National Park in 1981. The park was initially inhabited by 10 villages in the same area. But to protect the wildlife and to avoid the human-animal conflict, the 10 villages were relocated and the entire area of this wildlife population was secured.

There is a river stream that comes down through this park and then merges with the Dal Lake. The water comes down from the alpine lake called Marsar Lake.

Some of the animal species in Dachigam are Musk Deer, Kashmir Grey Langur, Himalayan Black Bear, Hill Fox, Long Tail Marmot, etc. Some of the birds present here are Black Bulbul, Babbler, Wall Creeper, Wagtail, etc.

Dachigam National Park Hike

Cliffhangers India organizes a day hike to Dachigam National Park. The hike is a blend of walking and education. This hike takes you through the beautiful trail of Dachigm. The trail goes through the middle of the jungle while the river streams flow beautifully beside you.

In this hike, you get to see many animals like brown bears, black bears, leopards, langurs, and different bird species. Further, the hike takes you through the trout fish farm where you can see and buy also fantastic colorful trout fish.

Route of the Dachigam National Park Hike

Dachigam National Park Hike starts from the main gate of the park and takes a right turn towards the jungle. One has to cross a beautiful bridge over the river stream. The trail passes another bridge which is concrete and surrounded by wild plants. Just near this bridge, we take a right turn towards the rehabilitation center. Here you will see brown bears, black bears, and leopards.

After seeing the animals, the trail makes a tunnel shape in the forest and runs beside the river streams, and goes via Panzgam. You will see another bridge here and to see a brown bear, one has to take a detour.

The trail then runs into the thick jungle where you can see in open red fox, langurs, bears, stags, etc. It is an easy walk with no steep climb. The trail runs for a couple of kilometers before there is a dramatic change in the landscape.

Once the jungle trail finishes, it transports you to a vast grassland in the upper reaches of Dachigam National Park. This is a fantastic view of high grassland which stretches long and wide. You will get amazed to see the variety in landscape and jungle as you move further up to get a panoramic view.

On the one side, there is thick jungle across the Zabarwan mountains, on the other side, you have a thick jungle full of creepers and bushes and then this vast grassland. You get to see the variety on this walk of both flora and fauna.

Cliffhangers India’s Naturalist Guides are an expert in the wildlife of Dachigam National Park. They are quite abreast with all the information related to any animal or plant in the park. They will make your hike an education tour as well by giving on each step the information about the herbs, bushes, trees, and birds.

The park is vast and has a beautiful hiking trail in between. Cliffhangers India organizes day hikes to the upper reaches of Dachigam National Park.

Why Dachigam National Park is famous?

Dachigam National Park is famous mostly for being the home of the Kashmiri Stag called Hangul. Hangul is an endangered specie that is only present in Dachigam National Park. The park is also famous for its beautiful jungle and landscape. This is the best spot in Srinagar for a day hike or education tour of colleges and universities.

Is Dachigam National Park worth visiting?

Dachigam National Park is worth visiting because it has the best soothing landscape in Kashmir. It is situated across the Zabarwan mountain range and has colorful flora and fauna. The park has the best bird species both migratory and others. It is also home to the Himalayan black bear, brown bear, Kashmiri stag, etc.

Where is Dachigam National Park?

Dachigam National Park is situated in the Kashmir regions of Jammu and Kashmir. It is in the heart of Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar. It is just half an hour’s drive from the famous Dal Lake. Dachigam National Park on the main side has an entrance from Srinagar and then spreads to the Aru side of the Pahalgam area.

Dachigm National Park Safari

Dachigam National Park safari is a tour of the prominent attractions of Dachigam. The safari is carried out in a Golf Cart. If you are someone who doesn’t want to hike or walk, you can book Dachigam National Park Safari with us and we will tour you around this park quite comfortably.

The cart takes you to the rehabilitation center which houses the famous leopards, black bears, and brown bears. It also takes you to the trout fish farm where you will see colorful fish dancing on the farm. Further, it goes through the jungle and makes you see the wildlife and wild plants and birds.

In Dachigam National Park Safari you will be quite amazed by the serenity of this tour. Cliffhangers India organizes many safaris which includes the Dachigam Safari.

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