Gadsar Lake – An Alpine lake of Kashmir


Gadsar Lake is the gorgeous alpine lake that falls along the trail of Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. The lake is oligotrophic and holds the best trout fish in Kashmir. The water of the lake is glacier fed that comes directly from the mountain in the lake’s background. The lake stands at an altitude of 3600m and invites hordes of trekkers to mesmerize in its beauty. The dimensions of the lake are 0.76 width and 0.85 length.

This lake has remained famous in Kashmir for centuries now. The lake was very much traveled by Britishers for fishing. The name Gadsar is made of two Kashmiri words. Gad means fish and Sar means a lake. So the Gadsar literally means the lake of fish.

Sometimes this lake is also called Yemsar which means the lake of death. Locals have a belief that this lake is very much pure and divine, hence one should not swim or dirt this lake. Because of this reason, no local whether ponymen, guide, or shepherd, swim in it or drink its water. Most of the time they just see the lake at a distance from the lake. In old times many sages and hermits would visit this Gadsar Valley to meditate, shun life, and attain nirvana. So because of this reason, Gadsar Lake is always shrouded with mythology and religious belief.

The lake drains its water towards the Gurez valley of Kashmir. It then joins the Neelum valley in Pakistan.

Location of Gadsar Lake

What sets Gadsar Lake apart from other lakes is its location of this lake. This lake is the remotest lake in Kashmir. It takes one to trek for around 4 days to reach this lake. One can either reach this lake from Naranag via Gangabal and Satsar. Or one can start from Sonamarg and go via Nichnai and Vishansar valley.

This lake is charmingly in the lush meadows of Gadsar valley. The lake has a breathtaking mountain range in its background. There is grass that grows in the surrounding of the lake and one can see the trout fish dancing in this lake.

The lake is situated around 30km from Naranag and 42km from Shitkadi Sonamarg. However, from the Sonamarg area, the trek to this lake is easier than if taken from Naranag.

Best Time to do Gadsar Lake Trek

The best time to do Gadsar Lake Trek is in the summer between July and September. Since the lake is remote, it remains closed for most of the year. One has to walk in the snow and cross the tough passes to reach to this lake during winters which is quite risky and dangerous.

How to arrange the trek for Gadsar Lake

Cliffhangers India organized all the trekking and camping tours to this lake. We arrange fishing and camping tours to this lake as well. The trek includes all the trekking equipment, food, skilled and mountaineering learned guides, and other staff.

Weather at Gadsar Lake

Gadsar Lake during summers has pleasant weather. However owing to the altitude of the lake, most of the days you will see rain in the evening and sometimes for days there is rain. But when the sun comes out, it will be the best scenic landscape you would have seen ever in your life.


The lake is famous for its picturesque beauty and it is one of the high-altitude lakes. It is also well known for its trekking base. The lake has an altitude of 13,750 and it will take you through the breathtaking landscapes and meadows. This beautiful alpine lake is surrounded by blooming wildflowers from June to September.
Botapathri is a famous photographic spot near Gulmarg. People drive here to engage in Photography every year. Many people explore the rocky terrain of Bota pathri Gulmarg knowing the cultures of nomadic shepherds in the area. The places allow you to stroll around on Ponies and have fun. The place is famous for a day escape from Gulmarg.
To reach Gadsar Lake, you can hire a taxi from Sonmarg to Naranag. From the Naranag you have to trek about 15 kilometres to reach Gadsar Lake. If you cannot walk then hire horses that will take you to this beautiful alpine lake.
The lake is also known as the Yemsar Lake. This lake is the highest alpine lake For trekking. The lake is situated 98 kilometers from Srinagar. Here you can spot very popular trout fishes. The lake is home to many fish species.
The lake is one of the stunning alpine lakes located in the Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir. This magnificent lake is surrounded by the highest mountain passes from all sides. The lake is one of the famous spots for trout fishes. Apart from fishing, it offers opportunities for swimming and boating.
The best time to visit Gadsar Lake is the summertime. At this time the Lake is surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and magnificent mountain passes from all sides. Therefore, from June to September, it is considered the best time to visit this Lake.

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