How Difficult is Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

How Difficult is Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
How Difficult is Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Cliffhangers India

How Difficult is Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek welcomes the trekkers with a bouquet of around dozen alpine lakes, lush green meadows, snow-capped mountains, different valleys and varied Himalayan Wildlife. This trek is, as is said, the crown of trekking in Kashmir. Trekking in India is incomplete without Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. 

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, let’s us admit,  is versatile. It is scenic and has variations in natural beauty. This trek offers not only mountains but meadows and lakes too. The meadows are both wavy and flat. It holds Kashmir’s largest alpine lake – Gangbal Lake. It has breathtaking snow-clad mountains and en route gives a view of some of the best peaks of Kashmir. This trek is a must when one thinks of trekking in India.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is not a difficult trek but an easy to moderate trek. The trek trail is in the Sonamarg area of Kashmir. The trek reaches the highest altitude of 4150m at Gadsar Pass and has a mix of both ascends and descends. However the altitude gain is gradual that allows the trekkers to acclimatize easily. If the trek starts from Sonamarg then it is on the 4th day that one reaches the heighest altitude of this trek which gives enough time and distance for the trekker to adjust with the altitude. Another reason what makes this trek easy is the duration it takes to finish this trek. It is completed in 7 days. 

Trekking in Kashmir in general is easy to moderate.

Trek Heighlights

  • Duration: 7D/6N
  • Distance: 72kms
  • Max. Altitude: 4150m
  • Grade: Easy to Moderate
  • Base Camp: Sonamarg, Kashmir.
  • Best Time to Visit: July, August, September
  • Main Attractions: Krishansar & Vishansar Lakes, Gadsar Lake, Satsar Lake, Gangbal Lake, Nichai Meadow, Trunkhol Meadow, Gadsar Pass, Zajbal Pass, Mount Harmukh etc.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Trail has no life threatning wildlife neither any rock falling mountians. It is a mixture of solid green mountians, meadows and alpine lakes. In case any emergecny arises while on trek, the descend to the motorable road and the nearest medical facility is less than a day away. On the trek, unlike other treks, the luggages are not carried by porters but by ponies which makes this trek quite light on shoulders. 


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