How to Prepare for a Trek


We receive many trekkers who are passionate to embark on a trek. They, however, are beginners and novices in trekking and want to know how to prepare for a trek. If you are a couch surfer and your life is sedentary but you want to go for a trek you need to build yourself up for your first trek. This blog is all about guiding you toward preparing for the trek. 

How to prepare for a trek is a must guide before you go to any trek. Preparing for the trek is an essential part of the trek itself. Taking the below-mentioned tips into practice you will be ready to go for your first trek. Remember the training that a trek preparation needs is not vigorous. It’s just a change in a few routine habits along with taking little exercises that one can get fit for an easy to moderate trek. These steps will help you in preparing for trekking anywhere including trekking in Kashmir.

Take the stairs instead of Elevators

This is an essential part of your preprations. This is something that you will have to make part of your daily routine. Just from now stop using elevators or escalators. Take the stairs and pavements. If your office is a couple of kilometers away, take a walk. At the office don’t get glued to your desk chair, take short walks around.

Take a walk around small hills around your locality

If you happen to live in a place where there are small hills around, then start scaling them. Take a walk around woods as that will have short ascends and descends. You should start day hikes and prefer the hikes that has an ascent and descent.

Carry your backpack 

Once you take a tour around a nearby forest or a wildlife sanctuary or a hill, carry your backpack to get the feel of trekking. Your backpack should weigh around 10kg. This will build your strength and help you make yourself self sufficient for a trek.

how to prepare for a trek.

Right footwear

Remember your feet are what get most of the trekking pressure. So your shoes must be comfy. Choose comfortable trekking shoes that are ankle-high and grip your feet well. Always use shoes for the trekking that you have already worn for some walks or small day treks. That way you make good compatibility of your shoes with your feet. Most of the novice trekker complain about thier feet hurting while walking. Remember you shoes are the essential part of your trekking gear. Invest in some good shoes that have solid and sturdy grip and have good hold. Always prefer high-ankle trekking shoes over others.

Take some quality socks. 

Get a few pairs of soft socks that wick your feet well. Good socks will keep your ventilated and will not make you uncomfortable as you walk.

Building core strength 

Start some core exercises that make your core strong. Go for exercises that build your thighs, waist, and calves. Don’t forget stretching exercises as they always prevent injuries and build endurance. While trekking, its your legs and core that gets more stress. Building your core and strength is an essential part of the preparation for your trek. 

how to prepare for a trek

Keep yourself hydrated, and energize yourself regularly

Start taking small but frequent meals. And take a lot of water to keep you hydrated. Remember to take water while on trek even if you are not thirsty. Never wait for thirst. You should keep building this habit of hydrating yourself before your start your trek. Remember simple water is always better than juices or beverages. Get used to drinking couple of liters of water daily.


Persistence is the key. This is the must-have suggestion for How to Prepare for a Trek. No matter how advanced a trekker you are, the tiredness creeps in. Be confident and positive about completing the trek but never forget to be cautious.

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