Kalaroos Caves In Kashmir


The ancient stories of unexplored worlds, secret doors and mysterious caves still hold power to raise our curiosity and a longing in us to set out on an adventure. The ancient land of Kashmir is full of such mysteries that are waiting to be explored. Today, we will discuss all the necessary details about the Kalaroos caves in Kashmir.
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These caves in Kashmir are one such mystery that attracts tourists worldwide. Though the region is very less visited, the stories of the caves raise a child inside everyone who thinks the world is an exciting song full of fairy tales and mysteries. Let’s follow this fascinating journey of the mysterious caves and get our handful of the unknown in this world.

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A Brief Information About Kalaroos Caves

The Kalaroos Village

The trees of Pine and deodar, paddy fields scintillating in the summer, creeks and waterbodies flowing carelessly and locals shyly looking at the visitors, such is the sight of the Kalaroos Village of the Kupwara district of Kashmir.

The district, due to its proximity to the India-Pakistan border, sees very few visitors. Only the most adventurous souls visit the area to explore the hidden adventures of the many sights of the area. Besides these glorious caves, the area hosts the Satbaran rock and various other exciting caves.

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Kalaroos caves

With numerous stories attached to the gorgeous caves, the most popular is that these caves are direct pathways to the land of Russia. ‘Kalaroos’ is a straight evolution from ‘Qila-e-roos’ or the fort of Russia. In ancient times when the silk route was blocked or inaccessible, the Kalaroos caves are said to be leading to Central Asia and Russia.


Kalaroos caves in Kashmir are situated on the top of the mountain that surrounds the Kalaroos village. The famous Kalroos caves trek of around one kilometre will take you to the door of the mysterious caves. Halfway up the mountain, there is a huge rock-like structure known as Satbaran.

The rock has 7 doors leading to nowhere that have different stories attached to them. There is hardly 50 m of space inside each gateway of Satbaran. It is a myth that once these doors were different pathways to Russia and several tourists taking different ways from Russia would come out of one of these doors in Kashmir.

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Exploring the Kalaroos Caves

An American couple, Amber and Eric Fies explored the caves in 2018 and tried to reach the termination point of the three accessible caves. One of these caves had been sealed by the Indian Army many years ago. The two remaining caves, leading through very treacherous pathways with ascents and descents and narrow passages, finally end to nowhere and at a dead end.

The story of the caves leading to Russia is still unverified. Though, the caves have become a popular picnic spot for tourists and locals. The cooler insides and sounds of rushing waters inside the caves give one a peaceful feeling.

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Destinations near Kalaroos Caves

The Kalaroos caves can be visited alongside a tour of other destinations as well. Some destinations at a distance of less than 100 km from the Kalaroos village are mentioned here.

  1. Wular Lake of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Tangmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Destinations like Gulmarg and Sonmarg also lie within 150 km of the Lolab Valley. If you are planning to explore the unexplored and off-beat Kashmir, Kalaroos would be an exciting visit to fill your heart with a thrill. Maybe you will find some mystery here that no other tourist has yet found. Visit Kalaroos and give your adventurous soul its wish.

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These caves are well known to have tunnels that end in Russia. These caves are located in the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir. These caves attract tourists from across the world. This is one of the popular picnic spots to visit.
Kalaroos caves are located in the Kupwara district of Kashmir. The village Kalaroos lies in the gorgeous valley of Lolab. It is said that these caves have a tunnel that ends in Russia. The structure of the caves is unique with the best archaeological significance.
The distance from Srinagar to Kalaroos caves is 120 kilometers. This is one of the most mysterious and ancient archaeological sites in Kashmir. The place is known for its natural beauty and its caves.
The distance from Kupwara to Kalaroos is 10 kilometers. The caves are located in the Lolab valley which is the most beautiful offbeat valley in Kashmir. This is one of the popular tourist destinations to visit.
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