Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Solo


Many trekkers are apprehensive about taking Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Solo. This trek is as safe for solo trekkers as any safe trek can be. En-route this trek, there will be many solo trekkers that you will meet. It has no threatening wildlife, no thick and dark forest, and a clear trek trail that any trekker can safely follow. On the way, one sees an abundance of water and grassland and enough open space for camping and relaxing.

You are good to go for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek only if you have a basic know-how of this scenic trek. And what things are essential to take along when you are on a solo trek. The advantages of solo trekking are that you save yourself from both high budget and crowd.

Checklist before going for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

1. Knowing the weather forecast

You must be aware of the weather. Depending upon the month in which you take this trek, temperatures vary. In August the temperature remains around 25 degrees Celcius and can go down to 5 degrees Celcius. However, it can go further down if there is precipitation which is likely to happen. In other months like July and September, the temperature is lower than that of August. Even if the weather looks sunny at the start of the day, it only takes a little time to get the weather rough and rainy. So prepare yourself in advance that wind and rain are part of this trek.

2. Know how to read the map

Get a paper map or digital, preferably both. You must learn how to navigate by reading maps. Read the map thoroughly before starting this trek. You can avail yourself of the maps from the tourism department. The trail of Kashmir Great Lakes is easy and is quite visible as you trek along.

3. Learn the basics of health and first aid

You need to get the basic know-how of diseases and complications that arise because of a gain in altitude. Get the basic information of First Aid. Remember the highest altitude point of this entire trek is Gadsar Pass with an altitude of 4200m, and the trek starts at an altitude of 2377m. So you ascend around 1800m.

4. Personal medical kit stuff

Diamox for altitude sickness, Ors for re-hydration, Norflox TZ and Lemofen for Diarrhoea, Crocin for fever, Avomine for motion sickness, Avil 25mg for allergy, Combiflam as a pain killer, Dispirn for headache, Diegene for acidity, Crepe bandage for sprain, Moov spray for aches and sprains, Azithromicine for bacterial infection, Band-Aid, Gauze, Cotton, Sunscreen, Toilet Paper, etc.

5. Take the right gear along with you

Trek pants, T-shirt Fleece, Thermal Inners, Wind and Waterproof jacket, Trekking Hat and Woolen Hat covering your ears, Muffler, High-Ankle waterproof Shoes, Cotton and Woolen Socks, etc. Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Tent, Trekking Pole, Lunch Box, Solo Hiking Stove (butane burner, etc), Backpack and rain cover, Head Torch and Hand Torch, Whistle, Watch, Pocket knife, etc.

6. Stay on your trek trail

Although Kashmir Great Lakes Trek has no thick forests into which one can get lost, still you must stick to your trail all the time. Pitch your tent at the designated camping places. Follow the already walked-upon trail. Getting off the trail and wandering around only puts you in more danger. The trail all along the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is quite prominent and visible.

7. Stay hydrated

Make sure that you take enough water to keep your body hydrated. Dehydration will make you exhausted and will invite diseases. En route to Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, you will find many glacier-fed streams, refill your water bottles frequently. Take water even when you are not thirsty, don’t wait for thirst to take water.

8. Permission

For all the treks here in Kashmir, you need to seek the permission from Tourism Department.

Consider these points positively

  • Avoid plastic usage only if it’s a necessity.
  • Don’t litter and Bring back whatever waste you create.
  • Preferably, camp at the designated camping places.
  • Dig a cat hole for organic waste.
  • Don’t disturb the wildlife
  • Don’t pollute water bodies, glaciers, or any natural resources.

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