Kashmir In March

March is the start of spring in Kashmir and ending of winter.

This month offers a blend of winter and spring.

Snow will be still in the upper reaches and on mountains, and in the lower reaches like in Srinagar flowers will start bloom.

The temperature is moderate in March. Traveling is exciting and pleasant.

Places to visit in Kashmir in March

Tulip Garden: Kashmir has Asia’s largest tulip garden. Tulips are shot lives and die in a few weeks. The festival of tulips is celebrated every year from ending March to mid-April. March end is the best time to visit the tulip garden in Srinagar.

Gulmarg: In March Gulmarg still has snow, you can go skiing and snowboarding, ride a cable car called Gondola here. Since the temperature is less cold in the month, you will enjoy skiing this month. This is the ideal month for skiing for beginners.

Pahalgam: Visit this place for its sheer beauty and lovely landscape. You can ride a pony or do an ATV ride.

Things to do in March

From all the activities you can do in Kashmir in March, we have picked some of the best activities.

Skiing and Snowboarding: March is the moderate month in terms of weather and snowfall. Gulmarg skiing is more enjoyable during this month.

Gondola Ride: In March there is a more clear view as the winter haze and whiteouts are less likely to happen in this month. In Gondola ride you will enjoy the most breathtaking panoramic views.

Trekking: You can do Marchoi trekking in Kashmir in March. The river streams are dancing with melted glacier waters and have an abundance of trout fish. This all you can experience in Marchoi Trek.

Shikara Ride: Enjoy the tour of the world-famous dal lake in Shikara ride. The ride takes you around dal lake and you get fascinated with the beauty and how people live in the waters on houseboats.

Have Any Query?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can visit Kashmir in March and enjoy the spring season here. March is the onset of the spring season. The entire valley is in full almond bloom and covered in mustard bloom. All the places in Kashmir are accessible in March. In March, Kashmir has snow in the upper reaches so you will see everywhere the snow-capped mountains are quiet gorgeous
    Kashmir in March is not that cold. The temperature is moderate with pleasant weather during days and nights being pleasantly cold. At the most, you will need a sweater if you are not used to spring weather. The cold in March in Kashmir is quite bearable.
    Yes. Kashmir is open to all tourists in March.
    Yes, there is snow in the upper reaches and at times it snows in March as well.
    Yes. March has the tulip festive in the ending week.