Thajiwas Glacier


One of the popular attractions of Sonamarg, Thajiwas Glacier showcases a stunning side of the entire valley. It is located at an altitude of about 9,186 m. Plenty of breathtaking meadows with dense forests of pine trees nestle the glacier. You can also see giggling waterfalls near it. Many people come here to enjoy a bunch of activities like hiking, sledding and playing with the snow, making snowmen and snow castles. When in the “Meadow of Gold” you should add this tourist spot to your itinerary to have the best time of your life. The interesting thing about Thajiwas Glacier is that it is covered in thick layers of snow, all year round. Located at a very short distance of just 3 kilometres from the Sonmarg town, you can either hike there or simply enjoy the pony rides. 

Along with exciting sightseeing tours and outdoor activities, travellers who come here get to interact with the Gujjar community who are often seen grazing their cattles in the lush meadows. You can have a little chit-chat with them and get to know the region better. 

Below, we have mentioned every little detail regarding Thajiwas Glacier, from best time till accommodation options to things to do here. Take a look!

Best Time To Visit Thajiwas Glacier

Thajiwas Glacier in Summers: Summer is an excellent time to visit the Thajiwas Glacier. The trek from Sonamarg to Glacier covering a distance of about 3 kilometres is open and routes are easy to navigate too. It does not matter if you are there in the summer, there is always snow on the trek. Talking about weather, it will be cold with temperature ranging between 5-10 degree celsius. It is during this time of the year especially in July and August that rainfall is experienced. It would be quite convenient to bring a full-body raincoat or umbrella. 

The routes from June to September present you with some lush pastoral grounds with small water streams flowing by the side. Once you complete the trek, it opens to the clear crystal view of Thajiwas Glacier. You can take a small break and have sips of hot steaming tea from the teastalls found there.  

Thajiwas Glacier In Winters: People do visit Thajiwas Glacier in winters as well in the early October-November or in March-April. The entire region turns into a snowland with heavy snowfall all around. It’s chilly out there with temperature dipping below zero and going down in minus.

This makes it a bit hard to trek there as the routes are too covered in snow that really sticks to the ground. Sometimes, this small trek turns into a difficult and challenging one. But as mentioned above, with proper caution and a skilled trek leader, you can trek to Thajiwas Glacier. In winters, you can enjoy outdoor activities like sledding, pony rides. You can also build a snowman with your family and get beautiful pictures clicked. It is necessary to bring a proper amount of warm layers of woollen clothes to face the rusty weather.

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Activities And Attractions On Thajiwas Glacier


Trekking is one of the thrilling activities to do in Sonamarg. The trek that takes you to Thajiwas Glacier is the most chosen one. It is a 3 kilometre long trek that can be easily covered in an hour or so. The glacier, whose sights can be seen from any part of the sonamarg, you get to see it closely and the front view is very mesmerising.

If you want to enjoy the trek with more comfort you can also hire a pony and complete it. The trek opens in late march or early april and can be done till Late october or early november. You can complete the trek, do activities and come back to your hotel in a single day.

Snow Activity

 The main highlight of Thajiwas Glacier in winters is the different types of snow activities available to experience here. From sledding to building sandcastles, you can come here with your family and friends and have some memorable times.

You can either book in advance via online websites or do in-person booking, advance booking is suggested in peak season like winters. The grades available here for sledding are beginner friendly. Listen to your instructions and wear your gears properly to have a safe experience. It will cost you around INR 1000-1500. You can also enjoy activities like pony rides. 

Photograhy Spots

There are ample photographic spots to click some stunning pictures. You can start with the Thajiwas Glacier itself. The background of your such photos will be the prime highlight. Capture the waterfalls, streams and rivers in your frames. With your arms open, get yourself clicked in the pastures with vibrant wildflowers surrounding you.

The Snow Point and Sarbal Village has some picturesque spots to get your cameras at work. You can also go for wildlife photography and click animals like ibex, marmots, birds in their natural habitat.  

Explore Nearby Attractions

When you visit Thajiwas Glacier, you can also explore places that lie around. Some of the must-visit ones are Amarnath Temple, Gadsar Lake, Betaab Valley, Vishansar Lake, Baltal Valley, Aru Valley, Krishansar Lake and Bisaran etc. These places are some of the prime attractions of Sonamarg and there are so many activities to do here like Trekking, fishing and angling, paragliding, sightseeing, etc. 

They are not very far away. Taxis and cabs are easily available from Sonamarg town.

Tips To Visit Thajiwas Glacier

Thajiwas Glacier
  1. Carry enough clothes to be comfortable in the cold breeze of Thajiwas Glacier especially if you are there in October or November. Some must have clothes including thermals, windproof jacket, beanie, gloves, socks, and a sturdy boot.

  2. If you are opting for pony rides, then negotiate heavily with the owners there. They exploit travellers with high prices, especially foreigners. Pay them somewhere between INR 500-INR100. This is more than enough for 3 kilometres.  

  3. Acclimatisation is crucial before visiting Thajiwas Glacier. The alpine regions of the glacier can make you sick with symptoms like headache, vomiting, dizziness etc. A first-aid kid comes handy in any such situation. 

  4. In summers, carry quick-dry clothes and a raincoat as it rains occasionally here in late July and the whole month of August. 

Essential Information For Thajiwas Glacier

Thajiwas Glacier

How To Reach Thajiwas Glacier

By air: Srinagar International Airport is the only one in Jammu and Kashmir. You can book your flight tickets from your hometown to here. Booking them in advance is highly suggested as it reduces the chances of cancellation and you also save some money. There are flight scheduled from cities like pune, lucknow, chennai, jaipur etc. 

From the airport, you can get cabs and taxis to reach your hotels. Sonamarg and Srinagar are 80 kilometres apart. Get to Sonmarg in 2-3 hours via a taxi or cab. You can also go for buses.  

By road: From Jammu, you need to get to Srinagar first. The best transport option is a bus which can cover the distance of 270-280 kilometres in about 6-7 hours. A road trip is possible too as it takes you to some scenic routes. 

From Srinagar: 80 kilometres separate Srinagar and Sonamarg. You can either cover the distance via a road trip because there are many scenic spots that you can cover. Once you reach Sonamarg, take a pony ride or reach Thajiwas Glacier via trekking. 

By Train: Jammu Tawi Station is the only railhead in Jammu and Kashmir that can get you to Srinagar. Book the train tickets and after getting on the station, you have to cover a distance of about 270 kilometres that will take approx 7-8 hours. After reaching the capital city, take a bus or taxi to reach Sonmarg in 2-3 hours by covering a distance of about 80 kilometres. 

Thajiwas Glacier

Stay Options at Thajiwas Glacier

Camping is one of the most popular options of accommodation at Thajiwas Glacier. People often pitch camps at Snow Point, where the trek to Thajiwas Glacier ends. You wake up to a mesmerising view of the glacier and surrounding. Bring camping gears like a sturdy tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat. 

To be honest, you don’t need to stay at Thajiwas Glacier as the entire experience can be concluded in a few hours but even if you want to, then camping is the best option.  

Other than this, there are lavish hotels and guesthouses at Sonamarg Town where you can stay.

Thajiwas Glacier

Route Conditions Of Thajiwas Glacier

The routes of Thajiwas Glacier are mostly covered in snow, throughout the year. Even in the summer, there is snow everywhere. In winters, it gets really difficult to walk on them. Some people come back from the middle of the route as the layers of snow are really thick. 

It gets worse in the monsoon season as it makes the climate more chilly and the routes get muddy too. The only relief is that it is a very short trek and can be done in an hour or two. 

In such cases, you can do something to make this a little better for you. Have an ice axe to dig the snow that comes in. Wear woollen clothes with proper layering. Carry a reusable water bottle and some snacks too.


Indeed. You can surely go to Thajiwas Glacier. It is a very popular tourist destination, located just 3 kilometres from Sonmarg city. The trek to the glacier is very adventurous and a lot of people do this every year. 
There is no entry fee for Thajiwas Glacier as such. You can go here without paying a single fee. If you take a pony ride, you will have to pay for that and for the activities you do at the glacier.
Zero Point is the last point of the trek to Thajiwas Glacier. It is quite a photographic spot but nothing compares to the actual Thajiwas Glacier itself. It is every bit as elegant and so mysterious. You will cover both of these attractions on this trip. 
There is no permit required to visit Thajiwas Glacier. Carry any ID proofs as a form of identity. Other than that, there is no need for any permit documentation. 
Thajiwas Glacier is a high-altitude located place, hence there is very limited or nonexistent network coverage found there. Carry a satellite phone to be in contact with a trusted one.
Pack proper clothes according to the weather. Since it is always cold there at some point, carrying warm clothes is non-negotiable. Other than that, a raincoat, a water bottle, some snacks, and a first aid box should be in your bag. 
Children above 12 years of age can go to Thajiwas Glacier with their parents. Make sure you hold their hands all the time and they too are weaning extra layers of clothes. Acclimatise well with them to avoid high-altitude sickness.
It is totally safe to visit Thajiwas Glacier. It is hardly far and so many people do it. You will see a bunch of trekkers on the route to the glacier. Practise some precautions and you are good to go.
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