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Located in the foothills of Hari Parbat (Koh e Maran) of Shehr e Khas Srinagar, Badamwari Srinagar Garden is locally known as “Badam Vaer” in Kashmir. It is a 300 Kanal municipal garden famous for its early blossom of beautiful almond flowers. About 5 km from the Srinagar Bus Station, this park has become a visible source of attraction for visitors. The garden features scattered trees, flowers, and cascades, creating a calm atmosphere for those who explore its beauty. you can explore the whole garden through Srinagar tour packages and enoy its scenic beauty.

An array of diverse flowers graces the garden, offering a mesmerizing spectacle. Badamwari Garden Srinagar has a well-sheltered dome named after the ruler Warris Shah. The proud legacy of this garden is a historical and natural treasure. It adds to its stature, making it a celebrated destination in the heart of Kashmir.

History suggests that the garden existed even before the rule of the famous Kashmiri Sultan, Bud Shah in the 14th century. The exact date is still not known. It was revived and thrown open for the public for the first time in 2008 by J&K Bank. The yearly cultural programs and the reviving efforts have breathed new life into this enchanting gem. This makes sure that its significance remains vibrant for generations to come.

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Weather & Temperature

Every year, when the chilling cold melts away after the freezing months of December, January, and February, the season of spring comes along. The fragrant almond trees blossom and the flowers unfurl in March, right before the arrival of spring season in Kashmir. It gracefully bids farewell to harsh winters thereby attracting tourists from all over the world. 

The temperature in March remains fairly pleasant ranging approximately from 10-20 degrees Celsius. This temperature favours the first bloom of cashmere almonds, which leave an earthy aroma in the whole garden. Thus, the government announces the opening of the garden in March. This has been the norm for many years.

For a couple of years, Kashmir has been witnessing a comparatively high rise in temperature in February. This is why the almond trees blossom prematurely in February. This climatic change has an impact on the almond blossom as well, The almond flowers reach full bloom and typically extend until late spring, with their vibrance usually lasting until May. They paint the entire garden in shades of pink and white.  

Apart from almond trees, neatly arranged beds showcase the colourful hues of iris, daisies, and pansies which blossom in the mid-spring. The bloom withers away in the months of summer when the temperature remains at an all-time high in Kashmir. It can get as high as 35-38 degrees.

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Badamwari Timing, Entry Fee, Location & More

Following is the timing, location, entry fee, and trip duration summary of the garden.

Timings – Badamwari Srinagar is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on all seven days of the week. This means that the tourists as well as locals can have flexibility in choosing any time of the week that is suitable for them to visit the garden. Also, they can choose the nonpeak hours to enjoy a noncrowded peaceful stroll. 

Location– It is located in the Downtown area of Srinagar at the foothills of Kohimaran (Hari Parbat), an architectural fort nearby. The nearest landmark is Gurudwara Kathi Darwaza, Rainawari – Srinagar 190003. It is almost 5 km from the Srinagar bus station. The location is at a fairly close distance as compared to other gardens of Srinagar. 

Entry Fee– The entry fee for adults is Rs. 24, and for children, it is Rs. 12. There are no additional charges for photography. The camera can be carried in for free. Food and other eatables can be carried inside. Littering and breaking of norms such as plucking flowers, and spitting can however be liable to fine/penalty. The fee therefore makes it accessible to even those who are looking for a budgeted trip and at the same time do not wish to spend a lot. 

Trip Duration – It takes 2-3 hours to fully explore the garden of Srinagar. The initial drive to the garden from Srinagar bus station will take not more than 15-20 minutes on average. Depending upon the closeness of the visitor to the garden, many find it at a walkable distance too. Visitors can take local transportation or hire a cab and reach the garden. The trip would take no longer than half a day to fully enjoy the beauty of this understated gem.

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Badamwari Opening Date 2024 

The government usually announces the opening date every year at the end of February. It depends upon the seasonal bloom of almonds. In a remarkable deviation from the seasonal norm, Srinagar experienced an unexpected weather change in 2024, with almond trees bursting into full bloom during the month of January. This is because of the unexpected rise in temperature and the absence of snowfall. The changing climatic pattern may affect the opening date of the garden. 

However, the opening date of Badamwari Srinagar is March 2024. This time the garden has mature almond trees with fully blossomed flowers. The garden will remain open for nearly three months up to May. Since the life of almond flowers is short-lived, therefore the garden is flocked by the highest number of visitors in March, April, and May. 

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Highlights Of Badamwari For Tourists

Almond Orchards: In the heart of this garden, the Almond Blossoms beautify the landscape with their gentle charm in spring. What makes them extra special is the sweet fragrance of almonds that wafts through the air. This creates a truly enchanting experience for tourists. As the flowers spring, they attract butterflies and bees, adding a beautiful hue to the calm surroundings. 

Seasonal Flowers: Apart from almond trees, it has a variety of flowers, such as iris, daisies, and pansies. These blooms not only add to the garden’s beauty but also show a spectrum of colours and scents. The period from late March to late April is particularly appealing, as the diverse floral display creates a vibrant and aromatic feel. 

The Dome: The Dome of the Garden showcases the craftsmanship and has historical appeal. People can go inside and have a break or just enjoy the garden view. The dome is part of the history of this garden, and it’s a nice place to visit when you’re exploring the garden.

Cultural Programs: The Tourism Department organizes and hosts different cultural programs, creating an atmosphere of festivity for visitors. The festivities add to the charm of the place and make the visit more enjoyable.

Best Time To Visit Badamwari

This garden is open to visitors throughout the year. However, it has more rush during the almond bloom which happens in March month The tourism department arranges lively cultural programs every year before its opening. This serves as an announcement that the garden is ready to welcome the general public. Hence the best time to visit Badamwari Garden Srinagar is from late March to April. That’s when the almond trees, along with apple and peach trees, are full of flowers. The garden looks really beautiful during this time, and the air smells sweet with the flowers. Beyond their eye-catching appeal, Almond Blossoms symbolize the change from winter to spring, infusing the garden with a sense of renewal and vibrance. It’s the perfect season to visit and enjoy the vibrant colours and lovely scenery.

So, if one plans to visit, the time between March and late April is best as the beauty of this garden is at its peak. The garden offers breathtaking views of nearby mountains capped with green trees and Dal Lake, making it a great spot to visualize natural beauty and grandeur. It presents a picturesque landscape with well-groomed pathways, colorful flower beds, and the soothing ambiance of nature. It not only has almond blossoms but also some diverse beautiful arrays of flowers. The flower beds are full of pansies, daisies, iris, and other beautiful varieties. This makes the garden look very charming for nature lovers and travel enthusiasts. 

The season of spring is a perfect time to take photos and capture memories as the garden is blooming during this time. Furthermore, the climate during this season is also pleasant. The temperature remains between 15 – 20 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the visitors do not face any trouble or discomfort due to extreme heat or cold. It also provides an ideal setting for leisurely walks and peaceful moments. 

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How To Reach the Garden

The proximity of the garden from Srinagar makes it very easy to reach without any tiring travel discomfort. Depending upon the mode of transport, one can easily reach the garden using these general guidelines. To each his own.

By Air: The nearest airport one can reach is Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport in Srinagar.

Once one arrives at the airport, one can use public transport or hire a cab, whatever is feasible for them to reach there.

By Road: If the visitor is traveling by road, one can take a local bus or hire a cab/ an auto rickshaw to reach the garden from Srinagar. It’s best to confirm the exact location along with landmarks with locals or one’s accommodation. Or one can book a taxi service in Srinagar to reach this beautiful location.

Local Transportation: One can hire a taxi, or auto-rickshaw, or use a local bus to get there. Otherwise, the location can be confirmed with locals or use GPS for accurate directions.

Why Visit Badamwari? 

Ease of Reach: It is closely located a few kilometers from Srinagar, ensuring a short and easy trip. Visitors can reach the garden quickly, and exploring the entire area typically takes just an hour or two. Furthermore, the well-connected roads make it easier for tourists to travel to and from the garden, preventing any discomfort in their itinerary. 

Scenic Beauty: Locals and Tourists flock to the garden to see the rare sight and capture the stunning garden full of a variety of flowers and trees, thus turning the area into a hotspot for nature lovers and photographers. The garden is full of the beautiful scent of flowers which further adds to a beautiful experience.

Nature’s Haven: Find tranquility in Badamwari’s pathways, providing the perfect setting for peaceful walks and moments of quiet reflection.

Historical Importance: The garden as we see it today, with the blooming almond trees was the work of Dogra Monarch Ranbir Singh which adds to its historical importance.

Pleasant Weather: The time to visit the garden is during Spring during which the weather is extremely pleasant for the visitors. Therefore, it is an additional advantage for the visitors to explore the place without any discomfort of harsh weather.

If you are an finding any kind of adventure,then must consider the below mentioned treks:

Tips To Know Before You Visit

Correct Season: Plan the visit during the spring season, typically from March to May, to witness the full bloom of the garden.

Opening Dates: Visitors must confirm the official opening date when the garden is thrown open for the public to be sure that it is accessible to them.

Timing: One must visit during non-peak hours for a comforting experience.

Alternate Options: Visitors must always have alternate options such as helping themselves out with GPS. Or at the same time seeking guidance from the locals to get correct directions. Also, they must be open to either hiring a cab, taking an auto rickshaw, or traveling in a local bus, whatever feels feasible to them. 

Compliance: Practice responsible tourism guidelines, avoid littering, and comply with the rules.

Camera: Photography is allowed in the garden. Therefore visitors can carry along the camera for capturing beautiful memories.

Food Exploration: Visitors can explore different options in the local cuisine to get more familiar with the culture.


It is located in the famous foothills of Hari Parbat (also known as Koh e Maran), the famous architectural fort in Shehr e Khas, the downtown area of district Srinagar, Kashmir. It is situated near Kathi Darwaza, Rainawari. It is only 5 km away from the Srinagar Bus Station.
Famously known as Badam Vaer, Badamwari Srinagar is highly famous for its almond blossoms in spring. Its landscape, with trails of trees, flowers such as pansies, iris and daisies, and cascades, attracts nature lovers seeking serene views. It is a beautiful garden with the aromatic smell of almonds, apples, and peaches.
Visitors find the garden very attractive and full of grace because of its scenic beauty showcased by a diversity of flowers such as almond blossoms, daisies, iris, and pansies. It also has pathways for tourists to stroll and explore the garden, It is an aromatic garden full of bloom.
The best time to visit the garden is in spring which typically starts from March up to April. This time the garden is in full bloom. The pleasant weather and vibrant flowers make spring the ideal time to explore the breathtaking beauty of this haven.
Depending upon the feasibility and preference, visitors can easily reach the garden by hiring a cab taking an auto rickshaw or even taking a local bus to the park. For any assistance, help can be taken from locals. One can even use GPS to get exact directions. To each his own.
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