Kashmir is one of those destinations where you could stay for a month or month and still wouldn’t get bored. The more, the merrier. The endless number of stunning meadows with hundreds of water-streams and those lofty snow-capped mountains in the background memorises your heart. However, before visiting the valley, we are often confused about the number of days sufficient to explore tourist attractions and experience other outdoor activities. A well-designed 7 days itinerary is the ideal one to cover the major towns and Kashmir and do other outdoor adventures. Apart from the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir and also where you arrive and depart from, Srinagar, the itinerary includes places like Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Pahalgam etc.  We also stop by some well-liked scenic spots that fall along the routes. 

Having a well-revised and personalised itinerary is very important and it should cater to your preferences, likings and other aspects. We, at Cliffhangers India, provide you a customised itinerary for any particular number of days. Our 7 days Kashmir itinerary is the most chosen one and we definitely recommend it to our customers. 

Below, we have discussed the itinerary that we follow for that whole week and visit places and enjoy activities accessible there. 

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3 Day Kashmir Trip Itinerary

You can not get enough of the beauty that Kashmir showcases in even a month of stay. Although, if you don’t have weeks or a month for a Kashmir trip, you can cover some major places of Kashmir in 3 days. Truth to be told, not all tourist destinations are visited but the ones that you do are so worth it. In these three days, from arrival to departure and sightseeing at Srinagar and Pahalgam, you also enjoy some popular activities there. This short trip is perfect for a weekend getaway. Getting out of your busy city life and coming to Kashmir valley to soak in all the serenity and peace is the ideal thing to do. Nothing new to be said but the vast lush plains with rivers and lakes containing clear turquoise waters are the highlights of this trip. The snow-laden mountains are just cherry on cake. 

As far as the best time to consider, summer is the perfect time for this brief yet lively adventure in the stunning valley. The weather is to die for with occasional rainfall. With Cliffhangers India, you are provided with a customised itinerary for a specific duration that caters to your preferences and likings. 

Below, we have one such Kashmir itinerary for 3 days that you can follow on your next trip.

Try to book an overnight flight so that you land at Srinagar Airport in the morning. This gives you some extra time to explore the capital City. Once you reach the Airport, either book a cab or just hire a taxi to reach the main town. You can do it in advance via online websites or there are many vehicles seen on the road that are readily available. The distance between the airport and Srinagar city is around 15 kilometres and it will take you half an hour or maximum 45 mins to reach there. Reach your hotel and take some rest and get some sleep and you may be jet lagged.

 At noon, enjoy the authentic kashmiri cuisine in your lunch at either your hotel if included or any restaurant available nearby. The first and foremost thing to do in Srinagar is going for Shikara Ride at Dal Lake. Visit the lake and you will see many Shikara boats taking tourists on long ferries. You can book one of them and after a short break, you will be taken to the view of some remote villages and the whole adventure is a memorable one. 

After the Shikara Ride, you can visit the nearby established markets where there are Kashmiri architecture, woollen clothes, species, dry fruits, souvenirs etc. that you can purchase to take back home. You can also go for dinner by then in any restaurant. 

At night, book a houseboat on the Dal Lake or Nigeen Lake to relax and the next morning, you will wake up with a beautiful sight of sparkling water of Dal Lake in front of you. 

Night stay in Srinagar. 

After Srinagar, the next and last place of your trip would be Pahalgam. Your second day will begin with driving to Pahalgam. After having your breakfast, set out early in the morning. Pahalgam is about 90 kilometres away from Srinagar and it will take approximately 2 hours to complete the journey. The route via Srinagar-Pahalgam Highway (NH501) is the correct one. The roads are motorable and it is an easy drive up to there. You can rent a car or bike depending on the number of people travelling and enjoy a road trip as the route is full of different famous attractions. Those include Manasbal Lake, Bat making factory, apple orchards, Saffron fields etc. Since you have to be in Pahalgam as fast as you can, you can not really stop at these sites and explore. However, these are some must-visit places if you are in Kashmir for about a week. 

After reaching the “Valley of Shepherd”, there are ample activities to do here which are mentioned below. 

Top things to do in Pahalgam: 

Pony rides to Baisaran Valley: Baisaran Valley is one of those regions of Kashmir where you can not visit through any private vehicles or taxi and cab. The valley is located 5 kilometres away from the main town of Pahalgam. Some people trek there while others choose pony rides. Pahalgam is one of those places of Kashmir where you can enjoy Pony rides that take you to some remote landscape with excellent panoramic views. It is a must-to-do here. On reaching Baisaran Valley, you will be greeted with some breathtaking sights which is why it is called Mini Switzerland. Here you can enjoy ziplining, zorbing, sightseeing etc. 

White water rafting at Lidder river: If you have been an adventurer your whole life, then white water rafting at Lidder River should be on your plans. It is one of the popular recreational activities to do here. Lidder River is a favourite destination for it due to availability of many grades that are beginner-friendly and also provides some much needed thrills for experienced tourists etc. 

A 2 kilometre stretch is available here that is the ideal distance. You can either book in advance to save time. If you have not and still want to do this, on-the-spot booking is available here too. Post-Monsoon Season is the suitable time for it. Pay attention to the briefings of your instructor to be safe and comfortable during the activity. 

Bollywood in Betaab: Betaab Valley of Pahalgam, previously named as Hagan, is every Bollywood buff’s dream destination. The superhit movie “ Betaab” was shot here and hence the renaming. The movie made this place so popular that people often come here with their partners to relive those movie moments. Click pictures here with your partner to cherish the moments of a lifetime. This is another place that is visited either via trekking or pony rides. Other than this, some other activities to do here include Zip-lining and much more. Summer is an appropriate time to make a visit here as the views are very distinct. 

To enter the valley, you have to pay a fee of INR 100. 

Visit the Sun Markand Temple: To add a fresh and religious perspective to the trip, you can visit the famous Sun Markand Temple. Offer your prayers here, preferably in the morning when there is freshness in the air and not much crowd can be seen. Located in the Anantnag District of Kashmir, it is one of the three sun temples. When you are at the top of the region where this temple is found, you can see the mesmerising view of satire Kashmir Valley. One thing to know is that the entire building is not there. Built hundreds of years ago, only the remains are to exist. However, people still visit here to seek blessings of Lord Sun. 

Strolls and picnics by sheshnag Lake: For every earthly person who seems to enjoy being in the lap of nature, peacefully soaking its beauty, Sheshnag Lake of Pahalgam is an ideal attraction. It is a popular place for weekends getaways where you too can go for some light strolls and maybe arrange a picnic. For this, bring a mat and a basket full of snacks and drinks that you can relish there. You can click pictures here where you don’t need any kind of fever. Other than being a picnic spot, the lake is highly significant in Hinduism as devotees believe that Sheshnag still lives in the lake. It also falls on the route to Amarnath Cave and pilgrims often take a break here to get blessings and rest for a while. 

After a long day of Sightseeing and activities, enjoy your dinner containing meals that are made from locally sourced ingredients. 

Night stay in Pahalgam.

On the last day of your trip, it is going to be a busy one. After having your breakfast,Start your road trip from Pahalgam to Srinagar where you will be in not more than 2 hours, covering the total distance of about 90 kilometres. Throughout the day, you are going to be on a city tour, exploring famous Mughal Gardens and visiting other tourist destinations. 

Some of the not-to-miss things to do are listed below: 

Discover the beauty of Pari Mahal: As the name suggests, Pari Mahal is like a true heaven for fairies. Even though it remains in pieces now, tourists who visit Kashmir, add this to their itinerary. Built in the 17th century by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the place has historical importance too. It is an exemplary work of artists of the Mughal Era who carefully constructed it with some fine details. The terraced gardens found here are the prime highlight.The entire region where it falls is encircled by Chinar Trees and reflection of the Palace can be seen at night on the clear waters of Dal Lake. for avid enthusiasts of history, architecture and natural beauty, this is a must-visit place. 

Meander in Mughal Gardens: Built in the 17th century by different Mughal Emperors, the Mughal Gardens of Srinagar are the true witness of the city’s rich heritage. While Shalimar Bagh was constructed by Emperor Jahangir, the credit for building Nishat Bagh and ChashmaShahi goes to Emperor Shah Jahan. These Gardens showcase the blend of Persian, Indian, Islamic and Kashmiri style of architecture. They are a fine example of grandeur and excellence of Mughal architecture. There are waterfalls , springs, and parks found at these gardens too. You can also get a clear glimpse of Dal Lake from here. They offer some beautiful locations inside the gardens for nature walks or strolls and you can even go for picnics as well.  

Holy voyage to Shankaracharya Temple: Dedicated to the Mighty Shiva, Shankaracharya Temple, instead of being a spiritual place, is a famous tourist destination. People come here to seek blessings and offer their prayer. The highlight of this temple is that it is located at the top of Takht-e-Suleiman Hill and the views it offers of the entire Valley. The details found in the designs of the temple, the sacred Lingam are the main characteristics of this temple. It is a culturally significant spot which is believed to be highly holy among Kashmiri Pandits and in Hinduism. There are taxis and cabs available that will take you there. Shivaratri is a festival which is celebrated in a grand style here. 

Shikara ride at Dal Lake: Experiencing the fun of Shikara ride at the pristine Dal Lake is a quintessential thing to do in Srinagar. Before the ride, you will be surprised how magnificent the Lake is. Surrounded by towering Chinar trees and nestled in the mighty ranges, it is safe to say that it is the most famous attraction of Kashmir. If you did not do it on the first day, you have the chance to do it now. And the enjoyment of experiencing the same fun again is not something to be regretted. With the ferry, you see the floating vegetable and fruits markets. With the Shikara ride, you can also visit the Mughal Gardens mentioned above. Future partners often come here for their pre-wedding shoots. 

Soaking serenity at Nigeen Lake: Another lake worth adding to your itinerary is the serene Nigeen Lake. Called as a hidden gem of Kashmir, it is a must-visit place when you are in the valley. It is arguably a calmer lake than Dal Lake as it is not as popular as Dal. smaller in size but equally breathtaking.  To have a peaceful time, you can skip Dal Lake and visit here. The place also offers activities like Shikara ride, boat rides, bird-watching, picnic, photography etc. People also come here for fishing and angling. At Nigeen Lake, you will be surrounded by a panoramic atmosphere with chinar trees on the outline. 

Finish your trip by going on a shopping spree. It is best if you have your flight at night. Reach the airport 2 hours before the departure and you will make it in time. We hope that you will take back memories of a lifetime. Have a great trip!

6 Day Best Itinerary For Kashmir

Spend a fun and exciting week in the stunning valley of Kashmir, exploring different tourist attractions here. Needless to say, it will be your most unforgettable experience ever. Before we start with the itinerary that you can follow on this trip of 6 days and 5 nights, painting a picture of the trip for you is very important. Kashmir needs no introduction. People from all over the world wish to come here. The reasons are quite obvious. From those long-spreaded grasslands to ever-calming lakes and rivers, we get to witness some of the highest peaks of India. The region of Kashmir lies in the foothills of the Mighty Himalayas and that can be felt in the form of weather and other things. It is mostly cold there particularly at night even if it is June or May. you won’t be shivering as such but might need a layering or two. Talking of the best time to visit Kashmir then that would be from May till September. You can also visit in Winters if you want to enjoy snow activities like skiing, snowboarding and many more.

Below, we have the most picked 6 days itinerary for your next Kashmir trip. We have also listed some top-notch activities that you can do and everything in-between. 

The first day of your Kashmir trip begins with your arrival in the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar which is the perfect place to be. It is better if you have booked a night flight that will land at Srinagar in the morning. This gives you some extra time in the afternoon and evening to scroll around. Book a cab or taxi from the airport to get to your hotel. Book them in advance via any online website so that you don’t have to wait there. You will be in the main city in half an hour or maximum 45 minutes as the airport is only 15 kilometres away from here. Once you have checked in your hotel, get something to eat for rest for a few hours as you must be jet lagged. 

Whenever you are ready to conquer the rest of the day, your first stop should be the serene Dal Lake. There are a bunch of activities to do at the lake and nearby it. The completely unmissable one is Shikara ride. Hoping on the boat and the ferry will give a memorable experience. After that, in the evening, visit the Lal Chowk, a famous market of Srinagar where you can interact with the locals and maybe buy something that you like there.  In your dinner, have something from the Kashmiri Cuisine. Taste dishes like Dum Aloo, Rogan Josh, Gushtaba, easily available at any local restaurant. 

You know what’s better than a hotel? A houseboat. Make the perfect decision of staying in a houseboat at night and in the morning you will wake up to the perfect view. 

Night stay in Srinagar.   

An entire day of city tour, visiting Gardens, monuments and doing outdoor activities will be on your cards on the second day of the trip. After waking up to some beautiful sights of Dal Lake, get some breakfast and after that you can book a cab or taxi or maybe share one with other tourists if you are here as a solo traveller. Srinagar is full of historical places, lakes and what not and you can spend an entire week exploring just this city. But in a single day, we have mentioned below some of the top things to do at popular places of Srinagar. 

Top things to do in Srinagar

Visit the Pari Mahal: The place whose reflections can be seen on the surface of the waters of Dal Lake and the sight created there is unparalleled. Also called the “ Palace of fairies”, Pari Mahal is a significant monument which may not be in its original form but the remains still attract tourists here. It is a landmark building and culturally and spiritually important.  It was a Buddhist Monastery earlier and then transformed into a Palace by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. People interested in history and culture often visit here. It is a popular photographic spot too. You have to pay an entry fee of about INR 100 to get in. 

Nature walks in the Mughal Gardens: Apart from Dal Lake, another highlight that makes the city a famous tourist spot is the presence of a number of Mughal Gardens. It was a kind of summer retreat for Mughal Emperors and hence they left no stones unturned to beautify it with Mughal Gardens. The most popular ones are ChashmeShahi, Nishat and Shalimar. There are more in other parts of Kashmir. They are mostly built in the late 17th-century by some of the most skilled artists of that time who came from another country to do the work. You can see the mastery in the intrinsic designs on the walls, pillars etc. 

Here, you can go on nature walks in the gardens, or by the waterfalls found here. Arrange a picnic with your family. 

A spiritual guide to Shankaracharya Temple: The location of Shankaracharya is on the top of Shankaracharya Hill, which gives a perfect view of the entire valley. It is breathtaking as far as the eye can see. Other than that, the place is religiously significant, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Pilgrims come here to offer their prayers and seek blessings. It was built in 200 BC by Gopadtiya. It is one of the oldest temples where the Great philosopher and theologian Adi Shankaracharya made a visit and hence the name. The best time to visit here is during the festival of Shivaratri when a huge crowd comes here to offer fruits, milk and other things. 

Shikara ride at Dal Lake: The single unmissable thing in Srinagar is Shikara Ride. There are options of riding at Dal Lake or Nigeen Lake. you can do it each day you are in the city. When you visit the lake, you will see many operators with their boats lining up at the shore. Book one or two according to the people you are there with. And in no time, you will be in the presence of water all around you with alpine mountains in the background. There is a famous loathing market of fruits and vegetables that you can explore. Visit Char Chinar island and the Mughal Gardens via the ride.  

Explore the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden: One of the most mesmerising gardens of Kashmir, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is a must visit place in the valley. It is the largest tulip garden where about 1.5 Million tulips are found with different colours and varieties. The spring and summer season is the best time for visiting the place as the flowers really bloom to the core. A tulip Festival is also hosted here in April. Not only the vibrant flowers but the soothing paths in between the garden, the towering trees, terraces found here make the place a magical one altogether. You can even see Dal Lake from the Garden. 

After the entire day of sightseeing, have your dinner and sleep a bit early as the next day is a long day with a drive to Pahalgam and exploring the town. 

Night Stay in Srinagar. 

After having your breakfast and getting ready, start the road trip from Srinagar to Pahalgam. The total distance to be covered is 88 kilometres which will take approximately 2 hours to complete. You can either book a cab or rent a private vehicle to be at your own pace. The correct route is the Srinagar-Pahalgam Highway (NH502). The route is in good condition and connected roads are motorable. There are many spots throughout the journey that are very charming and unique like the saffron fields, Bat Making factory, apple orchards, Manasbal Lake etc. 

If you start the drive at 8 AM in the morning, you will be in Pahalgam by max 10:30AM. Enjoy the rest of the day exploring the town. 

Top things to do in Pahalgam:

The adventure of hiking to Baisaran: Popularly known as “Mini Switzerland”, Baisaran Valley is one of the popular ABC valleys of Pahalgam. Baisaran Valley falls at a distance of about 12 kilometres from the main town and it is the perfect opportunity to trek there. Well, it is kind of a non-negotiable thing too as private vehicles are not accessible there. The trek takes about 2-3 hours and the trails are easy to navigate and soothing too with some remote villages, dense forts and lush meadows. It goes through the Lidder River. You just have to follow it along the shores. If this is your first time, you can join a trekking group to be safe. Carry a reusable water bottle and some snacks. 

Pony rides: Pony rides are very popular in Places like Pahalgam, Yusmarg and others. In Pahalgam, they are a must to have experience as well as a famous option of transportation. Some of the regions of the Valley of Shepherds, Pahalgam can not be accessed via a taxi or cab and pony ride is the only option that remains. You can take these rides to Aru Valley,Baisaran Valley, Lidder Valley, Tulian Lake. They are available from the Pahalgam bus stand itself. 

The price varies according to the distance to be covered but you should leave no chances of negotiation as they are highly overpriced. 

Explore the Aru Valley: Along with a stunning valley, Aru acts as the basepoint of many treks like Tarsar Marsar trek. It is one of those treks that you should do in another trip to Kashmir, solely for this one. The meadows provide just the right environment for acclimatisation. The highlight of the valley is the Lidder river that flows right through. Sightseeing, photography, trekking, water rafting and paragliding are some of the things to do here. 

It is located at a distance of about 12 kilometres from the main Pahalgam Town and there are cabs as well as taxis available up to there. Pony rides are one available option too. 

Betaab for Bollywood: In Betaab Valley of Pahalgam, there are many songs and movies shot and it is kind of directors’ favourite. But the movie that made it very popular and resulted in its renaming from Hagan Valley To Betaab Valley was the 90’s superhit “ Betaab”. 

The scenes captured here in the movie looked like a painting on a canvas.  When in Pahalgam, you can visit the valley to recreate those Bollywood moments with your partner. Situated 15 kilometres from the Pahalgam city, there are many trekking trails to undertake. Either trek here or hire a pony to reach.  

Water rafting at Lidder River: The most adventurous experience you can have in Pahalgam is probably water rafting at Lidder River. The complete distance to be covered is 12 kilometres and it will probably take approximately 3-4 hours to complete it. There are II and II grade and hence beginner friendly locations too. 

The best time to do river rafting is from June to September. Post monsoon season is perfect as the flow of water is high, offering a thrilling time over there. There are many operators found on the shores. You can also book your slots via an online website. 

Night Stay in Pahalgam. 

The next destination on your itinerary would be Gulmarg. Start the drive early in the morning as it would take 4 hours to cover a total distance of about 140 kilometres. The route starts via NH501 heading towards Anantnag and then picks NH44 to continue going till you reach Srinagar. On the same highway, from Srinagar, drive towards Tangmarg and Gulmarg is only 13 kilometres away from there. There are taxis, cabs and buses available to take you to Gulmarg. You can choose any of them as per your convenience. 

Top Things to do in Gulmarg: 

Visit the Maharani Temple: Start your day in Gulmarg by visiting the historical temple, the Maharani Temple. Built in 1915 by Maharani Mohini Bai Sisodia, the wife of Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir, it is religiously significant among Kashmiri Hindus. The entire complex is dedicated to Lord Shiva. People visit here to offer their prayers and seek blessings. The architectural style here is a blend of Kashmir and Rajputs of ancient India. 

It is a popular tourist attraction as well where people come for sightseeing. There are some festivals in the year that are celebrated with grand style like Navratri, Maha Shivratri etc. 

Skiing and Snowboarding: The most unmissable thing to do in Gulmarg is the experience of Skiing and Snowboarding. There are winter sports which are best done from January to Mid-february when the snow really sticks to the ground. The average snowfall is 10-12 feet and the massive drop in temperature increases chances of live rainfall also. The slopes formed here are comparatively equal like that of Switzerland. There are skiing slopes as long as 5 kilometres which are uninterrupted too. Apart from Skiing and Snowboarding, you can also go sledding here. There are also opportunities of night skiing as well under the star-studded sky. 

Thrills of Gondola Cable Car: Gondola Cable Car is an exhilarating experience that is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity too. It is one of the highest as well as longest cable cars in the world which spans as long as 5 kilometres and goes as high as 13,123 ft. It starts from the Gulmarg town itself and goes all the way up to Kongdoori in the first phase. 

aly located 4 kilometres away from the main town. Trekking and cabs are the popular choices available. The golf course is set in a beautiful meadow with many types of vibrant flowers blooming and bursting. This 18-golf course will be the perfect time for some relaxation as you golf in the most greenest and beautiful one. 

Explore the Gulmarg Market: The Gulmarg Market is as vibrant as it gets. They are quite friendly spaces where you can interact with locals and know the place in a better way, from the horse’s mouth itself. Here, you can buy local handicrafts like carpets, shawls, embroidery works etc. Get some souvenirs to take back home for friends and family like wooden carvings, decorative boxes and papier-mache etc. There are  fruits and vegetable markets as well which you can visit and explore around. Buy local spices like Kashmiri Lal Mirch, apples, walnuts, etc. 

Relish the popular street food here including Haleem, phirans, Kahwa etc. 

Night stay in Gulmarg. 

Sonamarg is the last place to visit on this 6-days trip to Kashmir. About 125 kilometres is the distance to be covered to reach Sonamarg from Gulmarg. This will take 3-4 hours. There are more than one route accessible. First one is NH1 and the second option is Srinagar-Gulmarg road and NH1. The last one that remains is Srinagar-Knagan Road and NH1. All of them take almost the same amount of time to reach Sonamarg. 

Top Things to do in Sonamarg: 

Visit walnut orchards: You can have a delightful time at the various walnut orchards in Sonamarg. Visit one and you can even pluck one or two to bless your taste buds. There are many varieties found here such as Black Walnuts, English Walnut and Kashmiri Walnut. One interesting fact is that about 90 percent of India’s walnut production is done in Kashmir and Sonamarg plays a huge role in catering those needs. You can get the taste in many dishes of Kashmiri cuisine like Gushtaba and Walnut Chutney etc. You can buy them from the local markets where they are available in abundance. Take back some amount to home. 

Trekking in Sonamarg: There are many trekking trails here which take you to some breathtaking locations that are just worth the effort. The most adventurous trek of India, The Kashmir Great Lakes trek starts from Sonamarg itself, specifically from Shitkadi Village. The 80 kilometres trek taking about 7-9 days is everything you need in a hiking experience. Some smaller treks are Amarnath Trek, Baltal TrekNichnai Trek, Zoji La Trel etc. If you are someone who also wants to fish and visit a lake then Gadsar Trek, Krishansar Trek, Gangabal Trek are for you. These lakes are home to trout fishes of different kinds. The routes are of moderate gradient. Bring all the trekking and camping gears.

Serene experience of camping: Sonamarg is an ideal place to go camping. The lush meadows offer everything you want in a camping experience. During camping there are many other activities that you can do like taking strolls, sitting around a bonfire chatting and star gazing. Sounds a bit hysterical, but the sky there is way different than your normal ones in the city. They look magical with different shades of colour casting a shadow. You can even cook there if you have all the gears. In the morning, you will wake up to a stunning view. You can pitch your tent in a grassland or shore of a lake or river is a perfect choice as well. 

Fishing and angling: One more must-have experience in Sonamarg is Fishing and angling. The Sidh river flowing in the city is the perfect location for it. Different varieties of fish species that are found here include rainbow trouts, brown trouts, snow trouts and Mahseer etc. The peak season is in June and August but you can also do it from April till October. 

When you are going fishing there are some things that are important to remember. Firstly get a fishing licence from the Jammu and kashmir Fisheries Department. Make sure you are following all the rules and regulations of the state in regards to fishing. You can also join a fishing tour with a local guide for a safe and subtle experience.  

Relish Kashmiri Cuisine: Lastly, this is something that is necessary to have a wholesome trip to Kashmir. The Kashmiri cuisine is full of different vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. They are mostly meat based but there are some veg options as well. Some of the delicacies that you should try here are Gushtaba, Haak Saag, Kashmiri Pulao, Dum Aloo, Lyodar Tschaman, Kehwa, Phirni, Kulcha, Shufta etc. 

You will see how the local spices like wild garlic, cinnamon, saffron are used in the correct proportion to make them tasty and nutritious. You can have them at any restaurant, hotel or even at homestays. Made from locally sourced ingredients, they are a treat to your taste buds. 

Night Stay in Gulmarg. 

Travel back from Sonamarg to the capital city, Srinagar via the same route you had gone. If you have an evening or night flight and still have some time left to spare, you can explore the Bazaars of Srinagar and go on a food tour around the Hazratbal Shrine. Enjoy Shikara Ride one more time. 

Book a cab and reach the Srinagar airport 2 hours before your flight. We hope you have a good time in Kashmir Valley. See you soon! 

7 Day Jammu And Kashmir Tour Itineray

After taking flight from your city, the first day of the trip marks your arrival in the capital city, Srinagar. It is advised that you take a flight that lands in Srinagar early in the morning so you have some time to explore around. 

You can book a cab or a taxi there at the airport to reach your accommodation at the right time. Driving through the scenic routes and also hearing the honking of the vehicles on the roads, you will reach your hotel, ready to welcome you. Since you have a long night on the flight, take some rest in the afternoon after having a delicious lunch. 

From your hotel, visit  the serene Dal Lake for the famous Shikara ride. The whole lake is casted by different shades of hues in the evening and its beauty doubles. 

The ride takes you on a fun yet tranquil ferry with mighty mountains in the front, forming the perfect setting. After taking a light stroll by the Bouvenyard road, near the banks of the lake, you can call it a day. 

Houseboats are a great option of accommodation on the Dal Lake and you wake to a gorgeous view in the morning.  Enjoy your delicious dinner and have a good sleep as you are going to have a long day tomorrow with Srinagar sightseeing tours. 

Night stay at Srinagar.

Next day will be filled with sightseeing trips to different tourist spots of Srinagar such as Mughal Gardens and more. After having your breakfast in your hotel if included or at any restaurant, book a cab for the entire day. Below, we mentioned some of the activities that you can do at top places of Kashmir. 

Top activities to do in Srinagar: 

Explore Pari Mahal:  Your first stop of the day should be at Pari Mahal. Translated as Palace of Fairies, it is one of the most antique and stunning places of the capital city. Here, you will see a garden which has seven terraces with different kinds of flowers enhancing its beauty. It is an ideal place to witness the rich heritage of Srinagar as it was built in the Mughal Era.

When you visit here, don’t forget to carry any ID proof like an Aadhar Card for security checkups. Practice caution when you are near the walls of the monument and climbing the stairs as they are ancient and fragile. 

Stroll in Mughal Gardens: The lush Mughal Gardens of Srinagar are globally famous and they are unmissable when visiting here. Some of the famous Mughal Gardens of Srinagar include Chashma Shahi Garden, Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Bagh etc. After Pari Mahal, they should be your next destination. They are closely located to Dal Lake and even their canals are connected to the lake. The giggling water of the waterfalls here is the best sound. The intrinsic designs of the interior here are loved by the tourists. 

You will see various varieties of flowers here, dotting the entire area. 

Pay a minimal entry fee here and you can enjoy picnics, light stroll in these breathtaking gardens. 

Religious tour at Shankaracharya Temple: Shankaracharya Temple is a place in Srinagar, famous for holding profound religious significance especially in Hinduism. You too can visit here. Located in the Zabarwan range on the Shankaracharya Hill, you also enjoy a top-tier view of Srinagar city from the temple. Offer your prayers to the Lord Shiva here. Bring things like milk, fruits, flowers for the Pooja. 

It is recognized as one of the oldest temples here and people cover it in their pilgrimages. It is advised that you keep a cloth to cover your head before entering the temple. Photography is prohibited here. Don’t force anything. Respect the beliefs of people there. 

Shikara Ride At Dal Lake: 

If you have heard of Srinagar, there is no way you missed Dal Lake. The most famous tourist spot of the capital, popular for offering the scenic views and its tranquil turquoise water, there are various reasons to cover it on second day two. If you have not enjoyed the Shikara ride, this is the right time to do so and if you have, there is absolutely no harm in experiencing the fun of the ride again. 

After your sightseeing tour, visit the Dal Lake and enjoy the ferry on the Shikara which takes you through some remote villages and the sight in front of you with snow-capped mountains is to die for. 

When it gets dark, you can see the reflection of Pari Mahal on the waters of the Lake. Shikara ride is also a way to visit some of the above mentioned Mughal Gardens. 

Tranquil experience by Nigeen Lake: Dal Lake is absolutely stunning. There is no denial but one thing that is a little concerning is overcrowding. Due to its popularity, the areas around are congested and if you have not booked in advance, there are high chances that you will have to wait for hours there. 

An excellent alternative is the Nigeen or Nagin Lake. It is very peaceful around here and there is a lesser crowd. You can do everything here. Shikara ride is the most chosen activity and something you can not miss. Enjoy the ride with a gorgeous view around.  

Night stay at Srinagar.

On the third day, the drive from Srinagar to Pahalgam starts. Pahalgam is a distance of about 88 kilometres from Srinagar and it will take you around 2 hours to cover the journey. There are many ways to cover the journey. There are cabs available or you can book a taxi. Sharing a cab if you are on a solo journey is another option. The most suitable and fun option is renting a car or bike, as per the number of people travelling, and while enjoying the scenic routes, reach Pahalgam. 

So after waking up in the morning and having your breakfast, head out to Pahalgam via the Srinagar-Pahalgam Highway also known as Anantnag-Pahalgam Highway (NH501). The condition of the highway is quite good and it’s mostly a straight drive. 

On this thrilling drive, stop at some ethereal spots that fall on the way. 

Those include:

Bat making factory: Sangam village on the way is another place to stop by. It is a place where willow is crafted into bats by traditional methods. It is quite interesting to see the locals doing it like it is nothing. They are highly skilled and experienced. 

Apple orchards: There are various apple orchards seen on the way to Pahalgam. They are spread in a large area. In the harvesting season, you can visit here and taste the fresh apple juice. 

Saffron fields: The largest Saffron field of Asia falls right in the Srinagar-Pahalgam route. Saffron is one of the costliest things available and is grown in abundance. They are vividly seen from the route and you can stop the car and admire its beauty here. 

By evening, you will reach Pahalgam. Enjoy your steaming hot dinner and call it a day. 

Night stay at Pahalgam. 

Top things to do in Pahalgam:

River rafting at Lidder river: The most adventurous thing to do in Pahalgam is the White Water Rafting at Lidder River. The place is beginner-friendly and a novice rafter can do it with a brief instruction. The stretch of about 2 kilometres in the Aru region is the ideal one with gentle gradient. You can start your fourth day in the town with some thrilling water-based activity to set the mood for the rest of the day. Advance booking is done as well and is highly advised given the crowd seen here. 

Wear comfortable full-sleeved clothes. Not too loose nor too tight. 

Listen to the instructions of your boat leader to have a safe experience. 

Pony rides to Baisaran Valley: The stunning Baisaran Valley is inaccessible through any cab, taxi or private vehicle. You can either trek there or hire a pony. The pony rides in Pahalgam, taking you to Baisaran Valley, Betaab Valley etc. give you a surreal experience. The ride is, without a doubt, one of the most fun things available in Pahalgam and is a must-to-do. 

Sitting on the backs of horses or ponies and enjoying the view of the meadows, water-streams will surely give you goosebumps. It is requested that you don’t irritate the animal in any way. They are very friendly but when disturbed, can really hurt you. Sit comfortably and experience the thrills. 

Picnics by Sheshnag Lake: The ever-calming Sheshnag Lake is found in Pahalgam also. Not to be missed, it is a popular spot for weekend getaways for locals and also a picnic spot for tourists. An absolutely majestic place, ideal for nature-lovers and photography enthusiasts, it is one those ones they talk about in books. Carry a basket with snacks and drinks and a carpet. Enjoy the view with some bites and sips. 

The lake is also religiously significant as it falls in the route of Amarnath Cave and pilgrims do cover it while doing their Holy Amarnath Yatra. Devotees of Lord Shiva still believe that Sheshnag resides in this lake. 

Bollywood in Betaab: Visited via pony rides or trekking, Betaab Valley is just magnificent. The beauty that this valley holds is beyond words. And it is clearly seen in the movie “ Betaab” starring Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh. Earlier known as Hagan, it was renamed Betaab Valley after it gained immense fame and popularity due to the bollywood hit. You can reminisce about your Bollywood dreams here by clicking pictures and exploring around. 

Adding thrill to your trip, you can experience the fun of zip-lining here while enjoying the aerial views of the Valley. You have to pay a minimal fee of INR 100 to enter the valley. 

Seek blessing at Sun Markand Temple: Sun Markand Temple, located in the Anantnag district, Pahalgam is one of the three sun temples where you can visit especially in the morning to have a spiritual experience. The view from the top where the temple is situated offers a  stunning view of the entire Kashmir Valley. Here, you won’t see any kind of security or entry fees needed and you can just visit here and see it as one of the Archeological Sites of India. It is not present as it was originally built. Only the remains of the Sun Markand Temple are there for the visitor. Offer your prayers here to the Lord Surya and seek blessings.

Night Stay at Pahalgam. 

There are not many spots worth stopping by on the route from Pahalgam to Gulmarg as the real beauty and adventure lie in the town of Gulmarg itself. On the fifth day of the trip, we will not only drive to Gulmarg from Pahalgam but also explore the places, do some adventures. The distance between Pahalgam and Gulmarg is about 140 kilometres and it would take you approximately 4 hours to cover the distance. The route from Pahalgam to Gulmarg starts by heading towards Anantnag on NH501 and from there, towards Srinagar via NH44. Continue the journey from Srinagar to Tangmarg via NH44 and lastly Drive more to Gulmarg, about 13 kilometres more from Tangmarg. 

You can either book a taxi or there are buses available to reach Gulmarg. 

Start the drive early in the morning after having your breakfast. Do it by 7- 8 so that you are in Gulmarg by 11-12 o’clock and you will have enough hours to explore the famous tourist spots. 

Below, we have mentioned some of the top things like adventures and sightseeing to do in Gulmarg. 

Top things to do in Gulmarg:

Take a Gondola Ride: The best way to make the best of your single day in Gulmarg is by enjoying the adventures of Gulmarg Gondola ride. The take takes you to some of the most ethereal places of Kashmir. In the first phase, from the initial spot, you will reach Kongdori, one of the stunning spots for many sports activities. From Kongdori, the next stop is at Apharwat Peak which is one of the popular destinations of Gulmarg for skiing, snowboarding. It is a favourite winter destination for people who enjoy snow-based thrills. The entire ride takes about half an hour and it is always a good idea to book the ride in advance. It is very crowded especially in the peak seasons. The aerial views during sunrise and sunset via the ride are unparalleled. 

Golfing at Gulmarg Golf Course: Gulmarg Golf Course is in close proximity to Gulmarg town and you can even trek here. The distance is about 3-4 kilometres only. The meadow where it is situated is a perfect place to enjoy some golfing. There are highly skilled instructors here and even if you are a novice golfer, you too can visit. This 18-hole golf course was constructed in 1931 and has only gained more and more popularity since then. 

While enjoying golfing, you can also take pleasure in the stunning views in front of you. You will see different varieties of vibrant flowers here with snowy mountains in the background. Pay INR 800 as an entry fee. 

Trekking in Gulmarg: Gulmarg has been a basecamp for several adventurous treks of Kashmir. The beautiful region with vast and gorgeous grasslands has many ideal spots for camping and acclimatising before starting the actual trek. Some of the treks that start from Gulmarg are Trek to Khilanmarg, Alpather Lake trek, Ningle Nallah trek etc. 

These treks are short and very soothing. While offering some of the most breathtaking sights to the trekkers, it is no less of an adventure. 

The final destinations are even more beautiful than the journey.  Choose a favourable time to undertake this trek in Gulmarg and you will have the most memorable time. 

Enjoy Pony rides: Another place to enjoy pony rides to visit some nearby areas  is Gulmarg. It is quite  a suitable transportation option to explore in and around the valley. It is mostly taken by travellers to regions where taxis and cabs are not to be accessed. Those include Strawberry Valley, Baba Reshi Shrine, Maharani Temple etc. 

It is a very Kashmir-specific experience and must-to-do here. You can either book online or hire the horse or pony on the spot. The fares are always priced very high and some negotiation and bargaining must be done to avoid overpricing. The ponies are quite friendly and won’t harm you in any way until disturbed otherwise. There will be a guide with you so you have nothing to worry about. 

Nature walks by scenic spots: Experience the much-needed serenity by taking nature-walks along some of the highly mesmerising spots of Gulmarg. Some of the most chosen ones are Ningle Nallah, Ferozshah Nallah etc. After doing all the walking throughout the day, visit here by evenings as the views here are immaculate as well. These water-bodies are also home to trout fishes so another thing to do here is fishing and angling. 

One more place for such walks is the Outer Circle Walk of Pahalgam. It surrounds the town like a circle and people often explore the local markets situated nearby. You also get a sneak-peak of Nanga Parbat and Apharwat Peak on this walk. 

Night stay at Gulmarg.

The second last of the trip and the last day of the sightseeing and adventures takes you to the Valley of Sonamarg. Almost 125 kilometres separate Gulmarg from Sonamarg and it again will take about 3-4 hours to reach there. There are three routes and you can choose any of them. One is via NH1 and the second option is Srinagar-Gulmarg Road and NH1. the last one via Srinagar-Knagan Road and NH1. You will have to travel back to Srinagar to reach Sonamarg. 

This day too, you have to get up early in the morning and head to Sonamarg from Gulmarg. You will be there and without a second thought, start exploring the amazing Golden Valley who has so much to offer to the travellers. 

Here are some things you can do in Sonamarg and each one of them is unique and charming in its way. Take a look! 

Top things to do in Sonamarg:

Visit a walnut orchards: You will see plenty of walnut trees in the big-big orchards spreading over acres of area. On your trip to Sonamarg, visit one of these, pluck them and enjoy the refreshing and crunchy taste of the walnuts. Here, in these orchards, you will be the closest to nature and even relax for some time in their shed. Hiring a guide comes handy as they tell you all about their growing, harvesting seasons. 

It is important to know that you have any permission needed and don’t harm any of the trees and plants there. Any time of the season is good to go but harvesting season is the preferred one. You can also buy some walnuts and other dry fruits on the stalls of local markets here. 

Hiking in Sonamarg: Going for a hike in the meadows of Sonamarg is one of the adventurous things to do. It is also one of the best ways to discover the enchanting beauty of Sonamarg. There are various short trails in the valley which take you to some breathtaking sights like lakes, peaks etc.The best time for trekking and hiking is from June to September and the weather is mild and favourable

The best trek of Sonamarg is the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. The trek starts from here but it is a long trek of about 9 days and you will have to come for it particularly. Some of the short hiking and trekking trails are Baltal Valley trek, Thajiwas Glacier trek, Satsarab Pass trek etc.  

Go camping: You can do Camping on your treks as well as to relax by the night. There are stunning meadows, by the shores of water bodies like rivers, lakes etc. 

These camping sights have some surreal views which you are greeted with when you wake up in the morning. While camping, you can do stargazing under the star-studded and clear sky. Lighting a bonfire and sitting in a circle, sharing stories is another fun way to spend quality time with your friends and family while camping. 

Sinth river is the most popular place for it where you can also enjoy canoeing, river rafting, fishing and angling etc. Bring all the camping gears for a safe and comfortable stay.

Enjoy some fishing: Sonamarg has numerous water-bodies like lakes, rivers, canals to enjoy fishing and angling. Sonamarg is home to various kinds of trout fishes like rainbow trout, brown trout and snow trout etc. who meander around in the clear waters here. Sindh river in Sonmarg is every fisherman’s paradise. 

Carry all the fishing gears and baits to attract the fishes. Carry the necessary permission from the Department of Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir. Flying fishing is not allowed here. Don’t exploit the beauty of these spots. Practise environmental conservation. Summer is quite a good time to come to Sonamarg for fishing and angling as the rivers and lakes have melted by then. They are frozen in winter. 

Experience the adventure of white water rafting: Sindh river in Sonmarg is a popular tourist attraction and there are a bunch of activities to do here. One of them is white water rafting. It provides the opportunity of rafting to both beginners and experienced rafters with varied grades available. But the fast flowing gradient of the river makes it more suitable for some who have been doing river rafting for years. The real adventure lies here and you will be filled with excitement when the water flows all over you. 

To have a safe time there, listen to the briefing of your instructor and follow them. Wear comfortable clothes and advance booking is always suggested. 

Night stay at Sonmarg. 

On the last day, travel back from Sonamarg to Srinagar. If you have some time left before catching your flight, you can do some other things in Srinagar. Those include Shikara rides at Dal or Nigeen Lake. you can never get bored by it. Another one is a food tour around the  Hazratbal Shrine. The area around is full of local foods and restaurants offering local dishes of Kashmiri cuisine. 

2 hours before your flight, visit the Srinagar Airport by booking a cab or hiring a taxi. After making memories of a lifetime, say goodbye to the Valley of Kashmir! 

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