Kashmir Trip Cost

How Much Does a Trip to Kashmir Cost?

Kashmir being the best tourist place in India is most frequently visited by people across the world. One of the primary questions before they travel is about how much the trip to Kashmir would cost. This is a detailed blog that answers the cost-related things for Kashmir Travel.

There are a lot of factors that decide your Kashmir Trip Cost. First comes the duration. It usually takes 7 days to finish the most prominent places of Kashmir. Then comes the type of stay you want. The homestays are the cheapest ones for the Kashmir trip. Then comes the hotels from budget to premium. Another factor that decides the cost is the means of transportation. Local shared buses or cabs are the cheapest cost for transportation in Kashmir. However, it is timely, and you might not find a direct bus or cab going to the tourist destination. Second comes the sedan cab and then the Innova cabs.

Overall, it depends on your choice and preference. We highly suggest you to do things under your budget and not follow the trends. Wasting money is not something you should do. 

Above all, check all the related things of accommodation you will be staying in, transportation option you will choose and whether to travel via a flight or train. Book all of these important things in advance to save some money and avoid the last minute trouble. 

Contact Cliffhangers India the team here arrange your trips in an extensive manner and cover things in advance for you. We offer short as well as long packages along with Kashmir Taxi service and Taxi services in Srinagar.

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Jammu Kashmir Trip Cost & Package

No. Of Days Places Covered Cost Per Person
3 Srinagar, Pahalgam 10,000
4 Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg 14,000
5 Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg 17,000
6 Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg 21,000
7 Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg 26,000
8 Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, SonamargDoodhpathri 28,000

Popular Kashmir Tours

Factors Affecting Kashmir trip cost

Peak Season to Visit Kashmir

Cost of the Kashmir trip heavily depends on the season you are travelling in. it also leads to alteration in the cost of different things. It is different for peak seasons and off-peak seasons. 

Peak seasons: The peak seasons of summer last from April to June given the pleasant weather and accessibility of outdoor activities. Famous attractions like Dal Lake and Gulmarg will be filled with travellers. As Spring enters, the vibrant tulip festival enhances the overall experience of your trip. People come here in high numbers during this time of the year.

As far as cost is concerned, you might have to pay more compared to the off-peak seasons. 

It is always a good idea to book everything in advance like your flight or train tickets. Talk to any hotel owner for advance booking of rooms to avoid last minute hustle-bustle. Taxis and cabs are hard to get this time too and on the spot booking charges are very high. Online booking is suggested.

Winter tourism in Kashmir is at its peak from December to February when adventure-lovers visit the valley specially Gulmarg to enjoy winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, sledging etc. The prices of accommodation, transport and other stuff are also higher given the crowds seen there. 

In both the seasons, you should do some earlier checking and booking to have a budget-friendly trip. 

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Off Peak Season to Visit Kashmir

The seasons that come counted as off-peak seasons are Spring, in March and also Autumn beginning from September till November. There are many reasons behind this like routes and highways still have snow on them and it is not completely melted. Some are closed too. Some activities like river rafting have not started as the lakes are frozen till March or start to freeze from October onwards.

But to be honestly speaking, there are no actual off-seasons of Kashmir. You will still see tourists during Spring and Autumn and there are higher chances of lower prices on hotels, cabs and taxis with additional discounts. Off-peak season trips to Kashmir cost less than peak seasons.

For someone with financial constraints, travelling in off-peak season can be a great option. The available activities can be enjoyed at a much lesser price. There is no overcrowding at famous tourist attractions like Srinagar, Pahalgam and Srinagar. You can even do in-person negotiation and pretty decent services are available for customers at affordable costs. 

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Duration of Stay in Kashmir

Another factor which affects the cost of Kashmir trip is the time duration you are staying in the valley. 

Short trips: 3-5 days

Short trips to Kashmir cost you less money as it covers only some major places like Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg etc. Only the popular activities are experienced by the travellers to end the trip in a personally designed itinerary. It may cost less but not much discount is given due to the shorter time duration. 

With any local travel agency, a 3-5 days Kashmir trip will cost you around 10k-15k with extra cost of other inclusions. 

Extended stays: 7 days or more 

A 7 days itinerary is the ideal one for a Kashmir trip and staying in the valley and exploring the places here for 7 or more days gives you some advantages. Kashmir trips go as long as 15-17 days such as the off-beat place package in which the entire Kashmir valley is covered. Agencies give discounts and some free services as well when you stay there this much time. The more, the merrier. You will never get bored in Kashmir and they are abundant places to visit and a number of activities to enjoy in 7 or more days.

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Travel Style (budget vs luxury)

The travelling style and experience you want to have also impacts the Kashmir trip cost. It is explained below.

Budget travel: a budget-friendly travel will have a lower cost which you can accomplish by staying in a hostel or low-price guest houses. Homestays are a good option too. Eating in a local dhaba where you can get a veg thali at a reasonable price of around INR 150-200 is another thing to add. Lastly choose any public transportation like private or state-owned buses to reach a particular place. 

Mid-range travel: if you don’t spend on extra things or also choose to do some expensive things like staying in a 3-star hotel, then mid-range travel is achieved where you have to spend more money than budget travel or less than luxury. The rooms here are comfortable and cosy with good services available. Have your meals in a decent restaurant, offering dishes of Kashmir cuisine. Take a bus to cover longer distances while booking occasional taxis to visit nearby places. 

Luxury travel: The kind of travel style where all that matters is your comfort and the best level of experience possible. Accommodating in a 5-star hotel in any major city or town will cost you a considerable amount of money especially during peak seasons. Have the  experience of fine dining in lavish restaurants and lastly you will be chauffeured around by a private driver in a private vehicle, a car of the latest model.

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Group Style For Kashmir Trip

The number of people you are travelling with is another factor that is considered in Kashmir trip cost. 

Solo travellers: If you are on a solo journey to Kashmir tour, you will be charged per person rate. There are rarely any discounts on a single person but the good thing about solo trips is that it is all you. You do not have to cover the cost of any other person. You can share taxis with other tourists and it does save some money. Advance booking is another way to go. 

Couples: travelling with your partner to Kashmir on your honeymoon does give you some benefits. There are many places that give you specialty honeymoon discounts and additional services in hotels as well. One more pros of travelling as a couple is that you share your accommodation which does cut some cost. You can rent a bike in Kashmir to explore different places. 

Families / groups: This is where you save some actual money. When you are travelling in a group with your family or friends, you get discounts almost everywhere. From getting your place with the travel agencies to hotels, some good deals are given to the customers. The whole taxi or cab is occupied by a single group and this is another profit. You share the cost of so many things that things seem cheaper. Travel with your family or plan a friends trip to kashmir to have a fun and beneficial journey. 

Explore the best trekking trails in Kashmir: Kashmir Great Lakes TrekTarsar Marsar Trek

Budget Itinerary for Kashmir Trip

After you reach Srinagar from your respective city, plan your trip accordingly after a rest day. You must include the expense of this day in your Kashmir trip cost if you are traveling from another city, such as Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, or any other place. Standard Houseboat in Srinagar for the night. Cost- 800-1000 Suggested Activities: Take a Shikara ride or stroll down the avenue to observe the neighborhood market.
Suggested Activities: Gondola Tour, Visit to St. Mary Church and Temple. See the well-known Drung Waterfall while traveling to Gulmarg. Stay the night at the Gulmarg Standard Hotel. 1000-1500 a minimum.
Investigate Botapathri & Khilanmarg as a suggested activity. Visit the Heritage Mahal and the golf course. Stay the night at the Gulmarg Standard Hotel- 1000-1500 on minimum.
Suggested Activities: Take a tour of the Pahalgam Market, visit Apple Valley Orchards, and ride horses in Baisaran Valley. Stay the night at the Pahalgam Standard Hotel costs around 2000.
It is recommended that you visit Chandanwari, Betaab Valley, and the renowned Aru Valley. Visit the historic Mamal Temple. You would need to pay Rs. 200 per passenger for public transportation. About Rs. 700 for petrol if driving your vehicle Stay the night at the Pahalgam Standard Hotel.
Visit Nishat Garden, Pari Mahal, Shalimar Garden, Chashma Shahi, and Pari Mahal. This is a suggested activity. Savor the regional Wazwan. Using public transportation to explore the sights in Srinagar will be very difficult. However, it will cost between Rs. 300 and Rs. 400 per person if you wish to do that. Overnight Stay: A typical Srinagar hotel costs around 1500-2000
A recommended activity is the Heritage Walk in Srinagar. Explore the medieval market located beside the Jhelum River, which is home to bazaars, local cuisine, architecture, and historical attractions. Stay the night at a regular Srinagar hotel from 1000-1500


Popular Areas to Visit in Kashmir


One of the most popular tourist destinations in our nation is Gulmarg Kashmir. This town becomes a significant ski resort in the winter. Families come here in droves to take in the renowned gondola ride in the spring and during school vacation in the summer. In actuality, there are more hotels than homes in this area. It’s difficult to find a cheap hotel in Gulmarg.

In general, no hotel will bill you between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 2500 for an off-season accommodation. These costs increase even further at the busiest travel times. Booking your stay is advised during the busiest travel seasons, 10,000 and Rs. 15,000 for mediocre accommodations. They will rent you for Rs. 5000 at the very least. This exorbitant price is during the winter season when Gulmarg has the peak season.


 In Kashmir, the variety of hotels is greatest in Srinagar. It is also your greatest chance to locate inexpensive lodging in the valley. You should aim to spend most of your nights here if your travel budget is extremely tight.

A room in the off-season can set you back between Rs. 800 and Rs. 1500. In January, February, April, and June, when tourism is at its height, the minimum daily rate for standard hotels and guest homes will be between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 2500. If you want a more immersed experience in Srinagar, you can stay on houseboats on Nigeen Lake.


Throughout the winter, Sonamarg is closed. It’s possible that you could travel there by car, but lodging will be quite difficult to come by. After a lot of snowfall in December, the majority of hotels close for the season. You may find fewer options for staying in winter as snow covers the area.

For the remaining time of the year, an average hotel will cost you between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 3000. Go to the major Sonamarg market area if you are on a tight budget. There, rooms may be had for between Rs. 800 and Rs. 1200. Some people can take part in nearby camps for collective group accommodations.


Similar to Gulmarg, hotels in Pahalgam tend to overbook in the winter. The typical accommodation rate in December end, January, February, and the first part of March might range from Rs. 7500 to Rs. 15000. During normal seasons the cost is less compared to winter. Pahalgam attracts lots of crowds in winter increasing the demand for accommodations. Pre Booking can help you secure homes at offers.

However, the average cost of lodging in Pahalgam throughout the remainder of the year will be between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2500. Naturally, luxurious hotels will cost far more than this. People who want to have a more offbeat experience can select accommodations available in Aru Valley or can also select camping for adventurous experiences.

Gurez Valley

The J&K Tourism Dak Bungalow used to be the only lodging option in Dawar. However, several hotels have been built as a result of the area’s growing appeal as a travel destination. However, this valley has the minimum infrastructure for tourists. There are very few conventional hotels. Gurez Valley has no three-star or opulent hotels.

The Kishanganga River is close to a camping area. It’s a nice spot, surrounded by Dawar’s outskirts with a lovely outlook. It’s a fun spot to hang out with family and friends, based on user ratings. Right now, hotels are located close to Drung Waterfall. You will need to search for a hotel, which should cost you around Rs. 2000, at either Gulmarg or Tangmarg.


The sole lodging options in Yusmarg are JKTDC Tourist Huts and Bungalows. You can make reservations for meals in the bungalows, or you can eat at a few nearby little eateries.

It is recommended that hikers bring tents and other food supplies for their stay. Other than this, Charar-e-Sharif is the closest location where you might be able to get lodging. If you decide to go trekking, you can either bring a guide with you from Srinagar or request any of the locals or pony owners to serve as your guide; they would be happy to oblige. Your entire stay in Pahalgam will cost between 2500 and 3000.

Food and dining costs

Usually, food cost has nothing to be expected in your Kashmir tour as it depends on the type of food you want and the type of location you are having it. It depends on the season; all restaurants offer food depending on the demand and availability. 

Generally, you will spend 600-700 per head for meals every day. Note that this cost estimation is only for simple regular vegetarian meals in Kashmir. If you want to try Kashmir wazwan or nonveg in a good restaurant then per meal cost will be 700-800. If you eat it more than once a day it will cost you 1600-1800 for each person per day. The street food in Kashmir is an affordable option. It will cost you around 300-400 per day with an increased local taste.

Rogan josh: 
Dum aloo

There are some highly priced restaurants here in Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam where you can enjoy fine dining, serving different courses of Kashmiri Cuisine. The dishes are cooked by highly skilled chefs and you are given the premium service here. They can cost you around INR 1000-2000 per plate

Budget eateries: There are Dabbas and Local places to eat under a budget, for a veg Thali, you will have to pay INR 150-200. If you are having any non-veg dish, it can cost you around INR 300 per plate. 

Mid-range restaurants: In-between the restaurants and budget eateries, lies the mid-range restaurants where services are in quite good condition. You will be given some tasty food under a considerable budget and there is a good ambience at such places. It will cost you around INR 500-800 to eat here. 

Cost-saving tips

  1. Accommodation: One of the ways to cost some money on your Kashmir trip is by having a budget-friendly accommodation. Choose a place that is comfortable and cosy and caters to your needs. Some money by booking it in advance as on-spot booking in peak seasons can be costly. Avoid residing in the main city and book a room in the nearby regions. Don’t miss the opportunity of camping whenever you get to. 
  2. Transportation: Transportation is quite mostly and covers a major portion of your budget in your trip to Kashmir. To save some bucks, take a bus when travelling long distances as their fares are reasonable. If you are a solo traveller, share the taxis and cabs with other tourists. Trek to nearby places as the trails are quite relaxing. 
  3. Food: if you have some money constraints, you might want to avoid fine-dining in fancy restaurants and enjoy the delicious veg and non veg thalis under INR 150-300. 

Carry some snacks from home as shopkeepers often sell products to tourists at high rates. Don’t starve yourself but also do not spend money on something you might not eat. 

  1. Activities: The best way to spend less money on activities is by booking them in advance. The spots also get full and it is not the best use of your time to wait in lines. 

Transportation cost of Kashmir trip

The quickest and easiest way to reach Kashmir is via flights. Srinagar Airport is the only airport of Jammu and Kashmir where flights from major Indian cities are scheduled on major airlines. Book at least one month before the trip.  Check out the rates of flights from different cities: 

(Note: these prices are of economy class tickets and only applicable when you book the flights at least one month prior to the actual trip.)

  1. Pune to Srinagar: from Pune to srinagar, The one-way ticket prices range from 7.7k to 9k.

The entire journey will be covered in 6-10 hours.  If you want to cover the journey under 5 hours, then the tickets are priced at about 13k.

  1. Mumbai to Srinagar: 8k to 12k will be the one-way ticket price from Mumbai to Srinagar.  
  2. Delhi to Srinagar: From Delhi to Srinagar, it will cost you around 10k to 15k for a one way ticket. 
  3. Jaipur to Srinagar: 10k-20k will be the price of a one-way ticket from Delhi to Srinagar.
  4. Hyderabad to Srinagar: The flight ticket price from Hyderabad to Srinagar will be around 10k-20k 
  5. Mysore to Srinagar: it will cost you around 20k to 30k from a one way ticket from Mysore to Srinagar. 
  6. Chennai to Srinagar: One way flight tickets from Chennai to Srinagar will cost you around 10k-15k. 

Domestic flights: If you are from India itself and coming to Srinagar, then any domestic flights are good to go. They are much cheaper than international flights. 

International flights: Travelling from any other Country to come to Kashmir will cost you more as you will have to book tickets for any international flight. 

Booking tips: best time to book for cheaper rates, use of flight comparison tools.

As far as some booking tips are concerned, some factors play a major role in cutting the cost of the tickets. Firstly, book your flights approximately one month or two before the actual trip begins. Book the flight on weekdays and any early morning flight is more affordable than busy flights during afternoons and evenings. If there are no time constraints, then book flights with some layovers as it is much cheaper than the direct flights. If you are a student, get your student visa and ID proofs to save some more money. Travelling with a senior citizen is another benefit. You can consider some of these aspects before booking the tickets. 

There are many tools and websites where you can compare the price of tickets on different Indian airlines. One such example is Make my trip.

Airport transfers:In Kashmir you will get airport transfer services at the best rates and that will vary according to the  type of cab one can choose. For Jammu to Srinagar Airport or Srinagar to Jammu airport prices are listed below:

Sedan: 8000 INR, Inova: 10000 INR, Crysta: 12000 INR, Tempo(12/17/20): 12000/15000/17000 INR

Intercity travel: Once you reach Srinagar, one can book cab services to reach any destination of Kashmir. Taxi rates of some popular destinations from Srinagar are mentioned below:

Note: These prices are of Sedan type cabs

Gulmarg: 2800, Pahalgam: 3200, Yusmarg: 2800, Sonamarg: 3000,Ladakh: 16,000, Doodhpathri: 3200, Aru Valley: 1450

 In Kashmir you will get a good network of public transportation like auto rickshaw, private and government buses.Check the rates on the official website of jksrtc.co.in

 If you want to explore Kashmir from a private vehicle, you must consider car rental and bike rental services that are available too here in Kashmir. One can get every kind of cab and bike on rent. You can send your rental queries on: +918899366900

Accommodation costs

In Kashmir, accommodation options open gates for diverse choices and budgets. Budget accommodation includes affordable stays for economic trips. Prices vary from location and type of accommodation, starting from around 800 INR per night. 

Mid-range hotels of one or two stars can cost you around INR 1500-  2000. They are quite comfortable to stay in with essential services available.  It is advisable to book your accommodation before planning your trip to analyze the budget as the prices differ depending on different factors.

 Luxury accommodation, offers a premium experience with high-level facilities, which are mostly available in locations like Pahalgam, and Srinagar. Luxury stays range from 3000 INR to 20000 INR.

The homestays range from low budget to luxurious stays, the homestays provide you with more local experience, particularly in Gulmarg and Sonamarg. In locations like Ladakh and Leh, monasteries offer an affordable stay. They allow you to enjoy the trip with a unique experience.

Unique stays include houseboat stays on Dal Lake or Nigeen Lake present a unique lodging experience. Houseboats on average cost around 2500 INR

Sightseeing And Activity Costs

Top attractions

Dal lake: no entry fees are required to be paid to enter Dal Lake. The only money to be spent is on activities like Shikara rides and staying in a houseboat. 

Shalimar garden: you have to pay INR 10 for Shalimar Garden’s entry if you are an indian. For foreigners, it is INR 50. 

Nishat garden: It is INR 10 to enter the Nishat Garden. The tickets can be collected at the main entrance of the Garden. 

Indira Gandhi memorial Tulip garden: To enter India Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, an adult’s fee is INR 50 while for children it is only INR 25. Foreigners need to pay around INR 150. 

Adventure activities

Skiing: Adventurous activities in Gulmarg and Pahalgam cost you around 1500-5000 depending on the time and difficulty level, the cost varies on how far you can save while renting gear for activities. On the basis of your preference and level of comfort, it can cost you around 3k-5k for skiing in some famous regions like Gulmarg. 

Trekking: Trekking in Kashmir at different places can be made under budget with proper gear and safety. For example, some of the most famous treks such as Tarsar Marsar Trek can be done at INR 13,200 and Kashmir Great Lakes trek at INR 14,500. 

Shikara rides: Shikara rides on Dal Lake will cost from 800-1500 INR. The price is according to the quality and maintenance of the boat.  Advance booking is highly suggested so that you don’t have to wait in line. 

Paragliding: around INR 3500 per person is the cost of paragliding in Kashmir. 

River rafting: The approximate price ranges from INR 800-INR 2000 per person at some of the scenic spots like Aru River, Sindh river and more. 

Gulmarg Gondola Ride: The Gondola Gondola ride costs you 810 INR for phase 1 and 1010 for phase 2. You should enjoy both phases as it takes you to some breathtaking views. 

City tours

Guided tours:  Guided tours, especially historical trips to Shankaracharya temple will cost 1000-2000 INR. A well-informed and highly communicative guide is with you to provide all the information about a place and engage you in the sightseeing with local anecdotes. 

If you are in Kashmir for the first time, do hire a guide who is skilled and experienced to have a wholesome experience at a particular place.

Miscellaneous costs on your Kashmir trip

You must carry your travel insurance on a Kashmir trip. Keep it ready before starting it. It will cost you around INR 200-250. You can get it done yourself or contact an agency who will do it for you. 

 The autonomous territory of Kashmir is subject to distinct legal and regulatory frameworks. For example, you need permits to enter distant areas around popular destinations like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and parts of Ladakh. To obtain these permits, one can either go online or visit their local government. There are no fees associated with obtaining permissions in Kashmir. There won’t be any fees involved, not even in locations like Gurez or certain other sensitive areas where a permit must be required.

All you have to keep in mind is that there are no permit fees associated with visiting Kashmir during any time of the year.

Include any fees in Kashmir trip cost related to prepaid SIM cards, mobile data, or any applicable roaming charges when discussing communication and the internet. Staying online is essential if you need to communicate with local services, navigate, or just wish to post your memories.

Medication and health-related expenses:  Medication and Health-Related Expenses: Remember to pack a basic first aid kit and any additional prescription medications, if needed.

Laundry services:  In addition, laundry services may be necessary if you want to stay for a while. 

Given these, it would be wise to raise your budget for your Kashmir vacation by a maximum of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 for miscellaneous in your overall Kashmir trip cost.

Shopping and Souvenirs cost on Kashmir trip

Local markets: The cost of shopping and souvenirs completely depends on the tourists. You will see plenty of things attracting you but trust that you don’t need everything. Buy the things that are found in Kashmir only. Get some dry-fruits, Pashmina Shaways, and spices to take back home. One thing to keep in mind is that products here are always overpriced and you should bargain for some cutting of prices. Some people there work on commissions and they pressurise you on going to a particular shop. Avoid doing that. Do a well-rounded research and buy the essential items only. 


In season, the approximate cost of a honeymoon vacation to Kashmir for two persons is Rs. 30000. For travel and lodging to popular tourist sites for five days, a basic budget package for a Kashmir tour begins at INR 11,000 per person. A family of two or three can expect a budget of Rs. 1.2 and 1.5 lakhs for an 8D/7N trip to Kashmir in May, including airfare.
If you have a tight budget, we advise you to select cheap hotels in Srinagar for stays of all nights. make a one-day excursion to Pahalgam and Gulmarg. Moreover, after arriving in Jammu by train or car, reserve a taxi for Srinagar City. Take a look at our affordable 3-night and 4-night packages for a Kashmir tour cost.
You can pick from the Kashmir tour packages available at Cliffhangers India to maximize your travel experience with low Kashmir tour costs. These bundles all fall within the 20–35k INR range. We will outline the contents of each package, the adventurous activities that are included, and the kind of hotel you can expect from each package. Take a look at our selected tour packages and make your own decision.
To thoroughly experience Kashmir, a 7-day journey is sufficient. and to discover all of this wonderful place’s splendors and mysteries. You can spend a day exploring well-known locations like Sonamarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Srinagar. While there, you can also engage in activities like hiking, shikhara, skiing, snowboarding, and bird viewing. A trip to Kashmir costs less than what you think with selected periods.
The budget for the trip to Kashmir is established for a variety of reasons. Realizing that these elements must be taken into account to have an appropriate budgeting approach is crucial. If traveling by road is taken into consideration, for example, it may be by private or rented vehicle. If someone chooses to fly instead, they can select between business or economy class plane tickets. And lastly, lodging options may include staying at opulent resorts or saving You should include in your budget the cost of guided tours, adventure activities, and tourist site admission costs.
Kashmir trip cost during off-peak times is less expensive than during peak times. However, they offer thrilling travel across wintry landscapes. By making advance plans and utilizing the off-season, you can increase your chances of enjoying a winter getaway at a reduced price. The off-season lasts from December to February. These are all great months to take any kind of trip.
To get the most out of your trip, choose one of Cliffhangers India’s Kashmir tour packages. The range of these packages is between 20 and 35k Indian rupees. We will include all of the exciting activities that are included, the hotels that are involved, and the contents of each package. Examine our featured tour packages and decide for yourself.
Different legal and regulatory frameworks apply to Kashmir’s independent area. Permits are required, for instance, to travel into remote regions surrounding well-known locations like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and portions of Ladakh. One has two options for obtaining these permits: visit your local government or apply online. In Kashmir, there are no costs involved in overall Kashmir trip costs related to permits as they are free from the government.
The scenery and cultural diversity of the area make it an ideal starting point for romantic getaways for couples. The type of hotel and its location might affect the cost of lodging. Your couple’s vacation to Kashmir will cost between 30,000 and 50,000, depending on your preferences, the mode of transportation, and the length of the trip.
The summers or the fall, when most people arrive at the same time to explore the terrain, may be considered the high or peak period, depending on the season. Snow is abundant, more affordable lodging options, and more chances for winter sports during the off-peak months. An average Kashmir vacation, including both peak and off-season expenses, Kashmir trip costs between 25,000 and 30,000.
A family of two or three can expect to pay between Rs. 80K and 1.2 lakhs (including flight) for eight days and seven nights in Kashmir. All of the big destinations will be covered by people in this. Increase the number of days by your budget if you want greater freedom. For more affordable family vacations, many individuals arrange eight days of travel.
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