Manali In June


 Summer touches the Himalayan Kingdom beautifully. The true wonders of biodiversity are at their best in these months. There is a reason why tourists choose June as their preferred month of travelling to Manali. Let’s explore Manali in June and find out why you should visit Manali in the month of June.

Things to do in Manali in June

Read the detailed information on these most famous places to visit in Kashmir in June month.


June temperature opens up various short treks in Manali. The weather is mild and pleasant which is perfect for trekking without giving you heatstroke or frostbite.

You can easily trek through the Himalayas in your cotton t-shirt The Solang Valley to Beas Kund trek is a popular activity in the region in June.


The perennial flow of Beas is very rich in the month of June due to melting glaciers in the season.

Rafting is a popular June activity in Manali due to the thrill of spraying cold water on your face in moderately hot weather.


The lack of snow and the suitability of lush green meadows allow one to set up a camp anywhere in Manali in June.

Riverside camping on the banks of Beas is a popular tourist activity in the region in June.


The colourful landscape that emerges this month provides a picturesque view from the sky.

Paragliding is one of the most popular activities in Manali and especially in the Summer months. The 30 minutes in the sky will stick with you for a lifetime.

Shopping at Mall Road

The local handicrafts of Himachal and especially Manali are luring tourists.

Mall Road is a popular shopping site for those looking for souvenirs and even for window shopping. Pick up some brassware or hand-crafted decors and keep them as a memory.


Places to visit in Manali in June

Bhrigu Lake

In the clear sight of the mighty Pir-Panjal and at an elevation of 4000 m is a quiet water body surrounded by trees and sitting in a quiet forest.

The Lake is elevating for someone looking for peace and quiet.



The quiet hamlet at a 30-minute drive from Manali is a presentation of local life at its best.

From riding a pony to setting up camp amid the lush biodiversity and visiting local temples, Kothi is beautiful and a must-visit destination in Manali.

Kangra Valley

Decorated with apple orchards and bejewelled by the hospitality and friendliness of the locals, Kangra Valley is one of the most beautiful destinations ever.

June results in fresh apples and beautiful trees like apples and walnuts at their best.

The great Himalayan National Park

If you are looking to explore some wildlife then pack your cameras and get ready to experience the awe of nature.

From Snow leopards to blue sheep and goral to Himalayan tahr, let the colours of wildlife impress you in the Great Himalayan National Park.

Beas River

The journey traversing the holy Beas is enough to fill an adventurer’s heart. From the villages lying on its banks to mysterious forests and adventurous activities, Beas itself deserves to hold a separate place in tourist sites in India.

Essential Information


Is June a good time to visit Manali?

May and June are peak seasons in the hill station. The destination is bound to be crowded and you might experience traffic on the roads. However, the area is fully accessible in the month and almost all activities are available in the month of June in Manali.

The weather is pleasant and trekking is a perfect activity to engage in June. Places like Hidimba Devi Temple, Jogini waterfalls and Vashisht temple can be accessed in summer only. However, if you are expecting snow from your trip, June might not be a good month for visiting.

Manali In february

What to wear in Manali in June?

June is a pleasant month in Manali. Even though you might experience a chill in the weather at night, the weather stays sunny and pleasant throughout the day. You can pack your summer clothes comfortably if you are visiting in June.

 However, you should carry a warmer or a jacket with you for emergency situations. Also, carry ample socks and a pair of shoes for comfort.


Does it snow in Manali in June?

Manali receives all its snow in the months of December to February. All snow melts by March end and even at high altitudes, you might not find snow in Manali in June. the landscape becomes diverse and exciting in the month of June.


Weather in Manali in June

The temperature in Manali in June stays at 24 degrees celsius on average. The highest temperature you might experience is 30 degrees and the lowest might go to around 15 degrees Celsius The weather is pleasant with mild winds running throughout the day.

 The weather is perfect for hiking and outdoor activities. Though you might experience some showers in June in Manali, the weather is nowhere extreme. The rain results in further improving the weather.


Is it safe to visit Manali in June?

Yes, Manali is a mostly safe destination throughout the year except somewhat in the rainy months due to the threat of landslides.

However, June is a safe month to visit Manali. There are very few rainy days in June and snow is absent as well. The weather is pleasant and roads are unblocked. June is one of the safest months to visit Manali. 

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