Satsar Lake – A Cluster of Alpine Lakes


Satsar Lake is a collection of seven alpine lakes present in the Satsar valley. This valley and the lakes one sees during Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. The lakes are fresh oligotrophic lakes surrounded by lush grasslands and the mountain ranges of Satsar. The name Satsar is derived from the two words Sat meaning seven and Sar meaning a lake. So the valley literally means the seven lakes. Most of these lakes are a short distance from each other. They remain jubilant and thriving through all summer.

The lakes and valley are covered in extreme snow during winters. Hence render the valley inaccessible. The Satsar valley is around 4km in length and is dominated by long and lush grasslands with enticing mountain ranges on the two sides of it. This is a narrow valley. All the lakes of Satsar are glacier-fed. They are perennial with fresh and clean water. All the trekkers drink the water of Satsar Lakes. The water of Satsar Lakes drains to Wangath river which is a tributary of river Sindh.

Location of the Satsar Lake

Satsar Lake Trek is the only way one reaches to the lakes of Satsar Valley. The lakes of Satsar valley are also on the trail of Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. So one can reach either from Naranag or Shitkadi Sonamarg. The better way, however, is to reach this lake from Naranag. It is slightly shorter and less tiring than Naranag. To the one side of Satsar lies the beautiful Gadsar valley and to the other side lies Gangabal valley. The lake can be accessed from Gurez and the Arin village of Bandipora. One can reach from here to Tulial valley of Gurez by crossing a mountain pass. And to the other side, by crossing a mountain pass, one reaches the Sindh valley of Sonamarg.

What is the best time to visit Satsar Lake?

All the lakes of Satsar valley are frozen and covered in huge snow. They remain inaccessible in Spring, winter, and autumn. The lakes are only accessible during summer from July and September. Satsar Lake trek can be done in any month of the summer. During summers the lakes are covered in the vicinity with wildflowers. The geum, blue poppy, potentilla, and gentian are widely present among other flowers. Towards the start of the summer flowers like Hedysarum are found. Also, the lakes are full of trout.

You can see Satsar Lakes on Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

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Can we do fishing in Satsar Lake?

Cliffhangers India arranges angling in the alpine lakes of Kashmir including at Satsar Lake. By taking the proper permission from the fisheries department, the angling tours are held.

Weather at Satsar Lake

The weather is sunny and pleasant during the summer. However, the rain comes anytime. One must be prepared for heavy rainfall even if there is no rain forecast.

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