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Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir, Gulmarg emerges as a captivating paradise for travelers, especially in the enchanting month of March. Gulmarg, which means ‘Meadow of Flowers,’ lives up to its name as it bursts into a riot of colours during March. The snow-capped mountains gradually start revealing their lush, green carpets, and the valley comes alive with a variety of blooming flowers.

It’s a mesmerizing sight that will leave you in awe. The Gulmarg trip in March is the perfect blend of crisp winter air and the promise of a warmer season ahead. The serene ambiance, surrounded by the majestic Himalayas, provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors can relish the tranquil charm and unwind amidst the pristine beauty of the region. If you want to explore the entire Gulmarg then check out Gulmarg tour packages

Moreover, Gulmarg in March offers a unique opportunity for adventure enthusiasts. The remaining snowfall paves the way for thrilling activities like skiing and snowboarding, while the emerging greenery beckons hikers and nature lovers. Gulmarg’s renowned Gulmarg Gondola, one of the world’s highest cable cars, allows you to witness breathtaking panoramic views of the landscape.

This travel article will be your guide to exploring this heavenly destination during this enchanting time of year.

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Gulmarg Weather In March

March in Gulmarg offers a mix of winter’s last embrace and a gentle hint of spring. The weather and temperature during this month can be unique. Gulmarg, nestled in the Himalayan region of India, experiences a transition period in March. During the early days of the month, winter still holds its grip. Snow blankets the landscape, and temperatures can drop to as low as -2°C (28°F) at night. It’s the perfect time for winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

 As March progresses, the weather gradually warms up. Daytime temperature in Gulmarg in March ranges from 7°C to 15°C (45°F to 59°F), making it more comfortable for outdoor activities like trekking and sightseeing. The snow starts to melt, revealing the lush green meadows underneath. However, it’s essential to be prepared for sudden weather changes and carry layered clothing to adapt to varying temperatures throughout the day. 

Seekers of thrill and lovers of spring are provided with an array of interests by a March visit to Gulmarg. Gulmarg temperature in March offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience as someone slides down the snow-coated peaks, indulges in the floral scenery-covered fields during a peaceful hike, or simply the silence that comes after the winter ends yet before spring starts.

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Places To Visit In Gulmarg In March


Khilanmarg, categorized as one of the best places to visit in Gulmarg in March, is a snowy landscape with a lot of activities for travelers. You can take advantage of the slopes of snow, and take part in skiing, and snowboarding. For those interested in thrilling activities Khilanmarg offers you trekking trail like Alpather Lake Trek. Enjoy the world’s second-highest cable car, The two-phase ride offers you views of the Line of Control and the Himalayas. Explore the meadows on foot, It’s the best way to explore the winter wonderland in March. Visit Maharani Temple, dedicated to the wife of Maharaja Hari Singh, for a historical aspect of your trip. Khilanmarg is also famous for pony rides, and hire ponies to explore remote villages of Gulmarg.

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Strawberry Valley

Strawberry Valley is a hidden attraction in Gulmarg, which is considered a resemblance to the greenery in Gulmarg. It is 3km away from Gulmarg which is Summer is the busiest time in Strawberry Valley. Srinagar is around 53km from Strawberry Valley. March is the onset of spring and strawberries start to ripe and ready to harvest. You can walk around the valley or go pack some rich strawberries back home. Several movies have been shot at the location in past years. You can reach the valley on ponies as a part of an exciting activity in Gulmarg. For a remarkable journey add Strawberry Valley to your list of best places to visit in Gulmarg in March.

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Maharaj Palace

Maharaj Palace, or Maharani Temple is a must-visit location in Gulmarg that showcases the cultural history of the region. The palace is one of the top historic places in Gulmarg. The palace was built in local Kashmiri architecture, in the 19th century by Dorga rulers. However, the exteriors of the palace are seen in European architecture. Dedicated to goddess Maharani, the temple is famous among locals. It is spread over 8700 sqft with 15 rooms and a main hall. The palace was renovated by the government to make it available for people visiting Gulmarg. nearest places of Maharani Temple include Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, which is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. Don’t miss the markets near Maharaj Palace to buy local handicrafts and clothes. The ticket price is 30 INR for each person. 

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Ningle Nallah

Ningle Nallah is situated 10km from the town of Gulmarg. As March sees the melting of ice, water from Apharwat Peak and Apharwat Lake is a major source in summer for Ningle Nallah. After traveling through several terrains and slopes, it joins with Jhelum. This place tops the list of camping places for travelers. Since there are a lot of places near Ningle Nallah, the place is most suitable for children’s picnics. You can enjoy lush greenery with wildflowers here and there. If you are interested in Photography you must visit Ningle Nallah during golden hours for more captivating sights. People can embark on trekking for more thrilling experiences near the Lake. Even the location offers fishing for travelers to enjoy as much as you can at your camp.

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Baba Reshi Shrine

For families waiting for children, Baba Reshi temple is one of the sacred places in Kashmir. These women come and offer prayers for newborns who are believed to be linked to the holy place by having been conceived by them. This temple stands tall at about 7000 feet in the Baramulla district near the township of Rambo village. It consists of a three-story structure with its Mughal/Persian style dating back to history.

Noor Khwan is surrounded by a garden and the main shrine, which are both valuable to worshippers as well as non-worshippers. The saint’s tomb is inside the temple and is called Noor Khwan. Thousands of people come here every year especially on Baba Payam Reshi’s birthday to get blessings.

However, the Baba Reshi Shrine is much more than just a sacred spot. It is the symbol of hope and faith attracting people from various aspects of society to the calm environment while looking after the blessing of their homes. Visiting this temple in March if you’re in Gulmarg may become culturally rich as well as unusual.

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St. Mary’s Church

More than a century ago, St. Mary’s Church was constructed in Gulmarg and has remained standing as an example of Victorian splendor and style. It looks rather unusual compared to other big-city churches; in fact, it resembles a charming country chapel, creating this additional charm that catches every visitor’s eye. This appeals further as it is of old-fashioned style with gray stone walls and wooden roofs.

The church is surrounded on three sides by the famous Gulmarg Golf course and stunning peaks on its fourth side. Imagine the tranquil scenery of the church. As you walk around, it will not be hard for anyone to have pleasant memories. It’s more than a building, it’s a place where one feels the history and holiness. You will love St. Mary’s Church, which has been sitting there as an eternal beauty and harmony for ages.

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Things to do in Gulmarg in March

Snowboarding & Skiing In Gulmarg

Even though March is the end of winter, Gulmarg still provides you best slopes for skiing and snowboarding. At the beginning of the month, you can expect snowy terrains suitable for thrilling skiing. The varied terrain is suitable for all skill levels of travelers. You will get all the required equipment around the skiing camps, including snowboards, skis, and safety gear. instructors and guides are available to teach travelers about skiing in Gulmarg. Experienced riders can explore thrilling snow slopes, snowboarding in Gulmarg offers a fantastic time to enjoy your Gulmarg trip. The most famous places for skiing and snowboarding are Apharwat Peak, Kongdoori Mountain, Mary’s Shoulder, Shark Fin, and Highland Park.

Gondola Ride In Gulmarg

The Gulmarg Gondola is categorized as one of the world’s highest cable cars and offers a thrilling ride in the Pir Panjal range. It contains two phases, each having its own unique experience. You can enjoy the transition from winter to spring in March. It generally opens in the morning and closes late afternoon. Phase 1 starts at Gulmarg Centre to Kongdoori Mountain. Whereas Phase 2 is from Kongdoori to Apharwat Peak. The second phase reaches higher altitudes suitable for skiing.

You can perform both Gondola rides and skiing in Gulmarg at once, as Apharwat Peak is the top-rated destination for skiing. The morning hours are most suitable for an ideal Gulmarg gondola ride. Capture the stunning landscapes surrounding. One should purchase tickets at the Gondola base station. You can get special packages or discounts for a Gondola ride in Gulmarg, so keep checking about the activity.

Snowmobile in Gulmarg

Snowmobiling is one of the popular things to do in Gulmarg in March, as it allows you to explore the place with thrilling rides. Snowmobiling in Gulmarg is available for various skill levels. Beginners can enjoy less challenging routes, while trained and skilled riders can opt for challenging rides. Places like Baba Reshi Road, Ferozepur Nallah, Outer Circle Walk, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, Gulmarg Golf Course, Kongdoori to Apharwat Ridge, and Apather Lake Trail offer you the best routes for snowmobiling in Gulmarg.

Note that there are age restrictions for snowmobiling, as some providers need specific requirements to consider travelers. Engage with local guides and residents to select the best routes and enjoy the insights.

Visit Gulmarg Igloo Cafe

Imagine lounging in an “igloo” during a snowfall! Is it bothering you because this isn’t found someplace similar? Indeed, there is! Gulmarg Igloo Cafe is the first Igloo in Kashmir.

Enjoy dinner at Kashmir’s first igloo restaurant, Gulmarg, with your loved ones now. The café was constructed by Syed Wasim Shah, and installation took about two months. It is open to the public until approximately the middle of March, at which point it closes. The largest cafe in the world, the “Snowglu” in Gulmarg, has grown to be a popular destination for tourists visiting Kashmir.

Compared to last year, when it only had four tables that could accommodate 16 people, the café can now seat roughly 40 people at once. This is unlike any outdoor cafe or restaurant you have ever seen. You can take in the breathtaking views while enjoying a hot lunch inside an igloo. It is better to plan your visit to Gulmarg in March first week, and include the igloo café in your itinerary.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a delightful experience, offers you a unique opportunity to glide on frozen surfaces. March is a suitable time for ice skating in Gulmarg. The frozen surfaces around Gulmarg Golf Course are best for ice skating. Lakes of Gulmarg also provide serene skating locations. Local ice skating competitions happen during March, and participating can enrich your overall experience. Rent proper skates around the skating locations, some areas also charge an entrance fee and select guides for professional instruction if you are a beginner. Dress in layers to keep yourself warm, along with ice skating you can also take part in ice hockey at the same time in your gulmarg itinerary.

Pony Ride in Gulmarg

Explore the charm with exciting pony rides. The list of best things to do in Gulmarg in March doesn’t come to an end without pony rides. March offers a blend of Winter and spring. Pony rides are best around the golf course, outer circle walk. You can book pony rides on the spot without any previous booking costs. If it costs you around 1000-1500 for a day to explore Gulmarg in ponies in March. You won’t need any guides, you can explore yourself with ponies, have fun, and enjoy your rides. You can select routes from wide options, through alpine forests and peaceful ambiance. Meet local people and interact with them to explore remote areas and savor local cuisines.

Local Kashmiri Delicacies

Listed in the things to do in Gulmarg in March, tasting the local flavors of Gulmarg offers you a captivating experience. Tate Rogan Josh, Yakhni, and Dum Aloo for an authentic Kashmiri experience. March in Gulmarg is the best time to enjoy Harisa, a dish made with meat and local spices. Another dish named Saag, which is specifically for vegetarian travelers, paired with makki ki roti offers the best flavors. After a long day itinerary savor your evening with a cup of Kahwa, an aromatic tea included with saffron, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Visit local bakeries for traditional Kashmiri bread. Pair Shermal with a cup of salted tea. Explore restaurants and dhabas amid your journey for dining. As March is the status of spring seasonal fruits, like cherries and apricots are a healthy treat for you. Check on food festivals that happen in Gulmarg frequently, which offer a variety of local dishes in one place.

Enjoy Sledging

Are you interested in a thrilling snow adventure? Snow sledging is one of the top things to do in March. The cold weather gives a chance to slide on quality snow. The surroundings of Gulmarg Golf Course and Apharwat Peak give higher altitude experiments with the best views and slopes. You can rent sleds from shops near the sledding locations. Wear warm and waterproof clothing to protect yourself against snow. Gloves and hats are essential for a comfortable slide. You can learn the basics of sledding from experienced locals and guides. There are several group sledding packages for a collective experience. Check if there are any competitions nearby, taking part in them will add excitement to your trips. Some areas of Gulmarg also offer night sledding, providing a unique picture of night skies. Capture the joy and make memories on your trip.

Wildlife Encounters at Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

In March, Gulmarg transforms into a wildlife wonderland, offering travelers a unique opportunity to experience the untamed beauty of nature. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, this picturesque destination is not just famous for its snow-capped mountains but also its remarkable wildlife encounters.

As the snow begins to melt, the lush green meadows and forests come to life with a variety of wildlife species. One of the highlights is spotting the magnificent Himalayan brown bear, a rare and majestic creature that emerges from hibernation during this time. Additionally, you can catch glimpses of the playful red foxes and the elusive musk deer that make Wildlife exploring one of the best things to do.

Bird enthusiasts will be thrilled to witness the vibrant plumage of various avian species, including the colourful Himalayan Monal pheasant. March is also a great time to hear the melodious songs of different birds as they celebrate the arrival of spring.


Kashmir In January

How to Reach

  • By Bus:

Since there are no direct bus services from Srinagar to Gulmarg, you must first arrive in Parimpora if you are traveling by bus. Getting to Parimpora requires taking a bus from Dal Gate in Srinagar. After that, you’ll have to switch busses again in Parimpora to go to one that’s going toward Tangmarg. Simply go to the local bus stop in Tangmarg and board a bus headed towards Gulmarg.

  • By Train:

Getting to Gulmarg by train is cost-effective, take a train to Jammu Tawi Railway station, which is the nearest one. From their take taxi or board local buses to Gulmarg. Gulmarg is just 50km away from the station. Throughout the journey you can explore all the views of snow-capped terrains. Be prepared to get on a scenic drive to Gulmarg by train.

  • By Car:

The best option is driving a car or a motorcycle. Definitely it is the most convenient one, which will enable you to move at a slower pace.

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Nevertheless, this wouldn’t be relevant for a visit in Gulmarg of March. For your first leg, go on the Jammu-Srinagar route and you will have no trouble taking it.

The matter becomes a bit complicated, however, in case you go beyond Tangmarg. During the last 15 kilometers traveling from Tangmarg up to Gulmarg goes very twisty and uphill.

Kashmir In January

Tips for a march trip

If you’re planning a trip in March, you’re in for a treat! This enchanting destination in India’s Jammu and Kashmir region is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

 Here are some simple tips to make the most of your March getaway:

  •  Pack Layers: March in Gulmarg can be chilly, so bring layers of clothing. Don’t forget a warm jacket, gloves, and a hat.
  •  Check Weather Updates: Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Snowfall is still possible in March, so be prepared for varying conditions.
  •  Enjoy Winter Sports: Gulmarg is famous for skiing and snowboarding. March is an excellent time for these activities with fewer crowds.
  •  Gondola Ride: Take the Gulmarg Gondola ride for stunning views of snow-covered landscapes. It’s the world’s second-highest cable car! You must book the tickets for this early way in advance.
  •  Local Cuisine: Try local dishes like Rogan Josh and Kashmiri Pulao at the cozy cafes in the town.
  •  Book Accommodation Early: As March can be a popular time to visit, book your accommodation in advance to secure the best options.
  •  Respect Local Culture: Lastly, remember to respect the local culture and traditions. It’s important to be mindful of the local customs and dress modestly.
Kashmir In January

A trip to Gulmarg in March is different and also diverse, which reflects the change of season, from winter to spring. Here are several reasons why March is a compelling time to visit Gulmarg:

  • Winter Sports: Despite this, early March offers an opportunity for such winter sports activities as skiing and snowboarding. This has created an environment where winter activities such as skiing, skating, sledding, and ice hockey can be carried out in snow-covered landscapes that make a good background scenery and the chilling cold is perfect for keen winter fans.
  • Scenic Beauty: The transformation of Gulmarg that takes place in March is magnificent. The snow starts to dissolve, and it shows beautiful emerald lawns underneath it. The final touch of white snow contrasting with the emerging green grass looks amazing, it is eye food!
  • Comfortable Temperatures: Daytime temperatures become milder in March, and it starts getting pleasant and favourable to undertake outdoor activities. However, temperatures range between 7 ° C and 15 ° C; thus, it becomes a great season to go trekking and visiting attractions without experiencing winter’s coldness.
  • Cultural Experiences: Visitors usually get an opportunity to experience the local culture through the variety of festivals and celebrations that take place in March. This experience is made more memorable through traditional events, colourful clothes, and cultural performances.
  • Photography Opportunities: Photography enthusiasts are presented with great opportunities by March’s change of scenery. Create a photographic essay depicting the transformation from winter white scenes to lush fields.
  • Less Crowded: March is usually less busy than at the peak winter season allowing the visitors to see Gulmarg in tranquillity.
  • Balanced Experience: If your thing is skiing, march in Gulmarg gives a feel of winter and spring at the same time. For a skier and even for those who want to relax away from the cold, Gulmarg is a perfect option for a March visit.

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  • Gulmarg Gondola: The Gulmarg Gondola is one of the highest-operating cable cars in the world and it offers breathtaking panoramas of the snow-laden peaks. During this month, one can observe how local environs change from winter to spring.
  •  Alpather Lake: It is an awesome sight at this frozen lake surrounded by snow peaks. The onset of the thaw begins in March, and the lake begins to reflect the changing season.
  •  St. Mary’s Church: Built around a century ago, St. Mary’s is a historically famous church situated right at the center of Gulmarg. A serene haven for culture and history lovers.
  •  Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve: Visit Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve to experience the abundant diversity of life within the region. During the tripin March end, one can see how the landscape transforms and view plants and animals emerging after hibernation.
  • Khilanmarg: Khilanmarg can be reached either through an excursion for hiking or on horseback and has spectacular views of the mountains. March is very interesting since the snow in Gulmarg starts melting and exposing beautiful meadows underneath it
  • Skiing and Snowboarding: It’s winter sports time in early March as people head out to enjoy the last of the snow. Ski-slopes of Gulmarg are suitable for first timers and seasoned ones.
  •  Trekking: Trekking comes in handy in March when the weather starts warming up. Trails in Gulmarg as the winter thaws into spring.
  •  Golfing: The town of Gulmarg has one of the tallest built golf courses in the world. Amidst the serene settings, golf enthusiasts will be able to play a game of golf.
  •  Cable Car Ride: Join an adventure down Gulmarg Gondola to Apharwat Peak. The journey is scenic, and it gives you a chance to appreciate the changing view on the way up.
  •  Photography: Photography is amazingly good in March. Photograph the melting snow, developing vegetation, and other cultural features in this area.
  •  Cultural Exploration: There are local festivals and events in which you can participate. Indulge in various cultural experiences offered by Gulmarg that can include a traditional song performance, dance, and local dishes.

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Gulmarg March is where winter’s warm goodbye and the sweet promise of spring meet. This has both hot, cold, and cool days that one can do the sunshine outdoor work. Sometimes, the Gulmarg weather in March experiences cold breezes. Nighttime temperatures in the early days of the month could be even lower than +2°C (28°F). On the other hand, the average March temperatures are comparatively warmer varying between 7°C and 15°C (45°F and 59°F) during the day.

As late as early March, snow can still fall in Gulmarg, India. Winter normally lasts until March of a year when remnants remain in evidence while snowfall in March might be covering parts of the scenery offering winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Nevertheless, by the end of March, there is usually a lot of snow in Gulmarg in March but high temperatures are on the increase, and at times it starts melting, especially on sunny days.

Yes, March can still be worth visiting at Gulmarg for diverse purposes, basing it on what you deem important or prefer. Winter sports lovers can find it enjoyable during this period as well. Winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding abound in this snow-covered landscape. Transitioning between winter and spring occurs in March, which presents a rare combination of white-capped mountains and green shoots. Some images have the power of capturing because they are visually dramatic and are very good subjects for photos

We should expect that it will be warmer in this early March in Pahalgam than in Gulmarg. Nevertheless, if you go for cooler conditions, choose Pahalgam instead. However, if you are looking for an experience of the winter season, Gulmarg in the right path! It may be worth mentioning that Pahalgam is what you will like if you prefer walking, adventure in nature, or cults. If possible, however, you can mix the two destinations and still be amazed by the special features each spot offers within Kashmir Valley.

Skiing can be done in Gulmarg up until March. However, it is more common during the first three weeks or so of the month. The winter season is coming to an end and with this, it becomes warmer. Although at that moment the snow is sufficient for skiing. If you visited to ski, then go in early March for the maximum chance of seeing snow on the slopes.

However, the temperatures in Gulmarg might also change throughout the month. They would start cold in the month and continue hot for the rest. Night temperatures can reach minus two degrees Celsius, the daytime temperature goes about zero to fifteen degrees Celsius and this can either be cold or mild. As the days go by, the mean daily temperature becomes more bearable with cooler maximum temperatures

Known for its world-class ski resorts and breathtaking views, Gulmarg attracts many tourists during winter. However, Sonmarg enchants guests with clean snowed meadows, an iced lake, and a peaceful climate for a quiet retreat in wintertime. The two options bring together the magic of winter in Kashmir while satisfying different travel tastes. Choose your destination wisely.

The March excursion to Gulmarg will consist of three parts. The first thing to do is travel to Srinagar. From Tangmarg to Srinagar will be covered in the second section. From Tangmarg to Gulmarg will be the final part of the voyage. You can choose between taking public transportation, a cab, or your own vehicle.

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