Tso Moriri Lake Ladakh – A Travel Blog


Tso Moriri Lake Ladakh – A Travel Blog

This is Cliffhangers India’s detailed blog about Tso Moriri Lake. 

Situated on the crown of the Indian map, the newly created Union Territory of Ladakh is all about magnificence. If you want to see nature in its best form then, a trip to Ladakh is a must. Close your eyes and imagine a mountainous landscape; Ladakh has everything you could want and more. The snow-capped mountains, rivers meandering through the valleys, serene lakes, rugged terrain, etc., are the jewels of Ladakh that make it one of the most attractive tourist places in India. Be it solo, with friends, or with family members., every minute in Ladakh would provide you with the best experience.

Ladakh is replete with pristine lakes and one of these stunning lakes that this article is going to talk about is the Tso Moriri Lake. A rendezvous with this lake would quite fascinate you. A travel agency is a means through which you can upgrade your traveling experience. Cliffhangers India, a bona fide tour agency provides you with a range of travel products for Ladakh. It even plans out a detailed itinerary considering your needs.

About Tso Moriri

Officially known as the Tso Moriri Wetland Conservation, this lake is situated in the Changthang Region (Leh) of northern Ladakh. Located in the Rupshu Valley, Tso Moriri is a breathtakingly beautiful high-alpine lake. It is at an altitude of about 4500 meters above sea level and is almost 29 kilometers in length and 8 kilometers wide.  

Due to Tso Moriri Lake’s recognition as a Ramsar Site, the site has attracted a lot of tourists over the years. The highest Ramsar site in the world, the lake attracts migratory birds thus, a mix of natural elements uplifts the significance of this majestic place. Because of the extreme importance of this site, establishing tents or constructing anything on the banks of the river is not allowed.

How to Reach Leh for Tso Moriri?

By Air-Leh’s only airport is the KushokBakulRimpochee Airport. This airport is connected to some of the major cities of this country such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. The Leh Airport is almost 3 kilometers from the main region of Leh.

By Train- Since there is no railway station in Ladakh hence, the only option is the Jammu Tawi Railway Station. From here, you can undertake a taxi to reach Leh. The distance between this station and Leh is almost 680 kilometers.

By Road- You can move by road through two different routes- via Manali or Srinagar. Leh is approximately 500 kilometers away from Manali and approximately 435 kilometers from Srinagar.

Distance from Leh to Tso Moriri 

The road distance from Leh to Tso Moriri is almost 220 kilometers. In terms of hours, it takes almost 6 hours to reach Tso Moriri from Leh.

Why is Tso Moriri famous?

Tso Moriri got international recognition after it was named a Ramsar site in the year 2002. Moreover, this lake is a significant breeding ground for migratory birds hence, holds importance from an ecological perspective.

The Tso Moriri Lake in Leh is a true example of what an untouched landform looks like. The lake still keeps its naturality intact. The day as well as the night provides you with the best environmental experience.  

Things to do at Tso Moriri

  • Camping- Though you can’t camp exactly near the lake, a safe distance from the lake is ideal for camping. The brightness of sunrise and the calmness of sunset is quite attractive for tourists. Camping provides a surreal encounter with nature.
  • Photography- Photography enthusiasts love to capture the ethereal beauty of a destination through their camera lens. Click the best moments of your trip to Tso Moriri and post them on Instagram for your followers.
  • Bird Watching- If you are an avid bird watcher then, the Tso Moriri is a perfect site for you. This is because Tso Moriri is a hub of migratory birds such as Northern Pintail, Bar-headed geese, Greylag geese, Black-necked cranes, etc. The place is a haven for almost 300 varieties of migratory birds thus, you can enjoy such a naturally-laden spot.
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Distance from Tso Moriri Lake to Pangong Lake

Apart from Tso Moriri, the other famous lake of Ladakh that captivates your imagination is Pangong Lake. This is the world’s highest saltwater lake. One can get a glimpse of Pangong Lake in the movie ‘3 Idiots’.

The distance between Tso Moriri and Pangong Lake is around 330 kilometers. It takes almost 9 hours to reach Pangong Lake by car.

If you want to visit Tso Moriri during your next vacation, contact the team at Cliffhangers India for a structured and planned trip to the highest lake in the world.


Tso Moriri is a high-altitude lake in Ladakh. It is located about 250 kilometers from southeast Leh. This Lake is one of the freshwater lakes surrounded by the snow-covered highest mountain peaks. The lake sits at an altitude of 14,836 feet above sea level. The Lake is declared a Ramsar site where one cannot pitch a tent or construct anything near the Lake. One can spot many birds like brown-headed Gulls, Himalayan Hears, and the great-crested grebe, etc.
Pangong Lake and Tso Moriri Lake are two beautiful and pristine lakes in Ladakh. Pangong Lake is the most famous because it receives a huge crowd of tourists every year but some tourists prefer Tso Moriri Lake. Both lakes are popular tourist destinations to visit in Leh Ladakh.
There are many places you can visit during your trip to Tso Moriri Lake. Some of the popular places are Chumathang Hot Springs, Tso Kar, Hemis Monastery, and Nyoma are the nearby places to visit in Tso Moriri Lake.
Yes, it is worth visiting place. It offers travelers a breathtaking view of the Lake and its incredible surroundings. The Lake is one of the favorite spots for tourists in Leh Ladakh. You can visit here in the summer season, as the Lake offers stunning views and the weather at that time remains pleasant.
Tso Moriri Lake remains frozen during the winter season. From September to March, it completely gets frozen. The average temperature ranges between -10 to -25 degrees Celsius. The ideal time to visit Tso Moriri Lake is in the summer months because at that time the temperature remains pleasant and you can enjoy easily sightseeing in this place.
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