Autumn In Kashmir


Autumn, lasting from September to October, is the dreamiest season in Kashmir. Though short-lived, it is a perfect time to plan a vacation to the stunning valley. The transition from the sunny days of summer to the colours of Autumn is unimaginable. You have to be there to get the real feel.  In Autumn, the different attractions are still open and you can experience every outdoor activity like river rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, pony rides etc. The views are quite clear for sightseeing and city tours. Lakes have not melted yet, giving you ample opportunity for camping, picnics, and strolls near the shores. The enticing beauty is just heart-capturing. 

It is also not very crowded in Autumn as the peak season has ended, giving you the ideal timing for a peaceful trip right there in the lap of nature. You also get pretty good deals on hotels, transportation and others. 

A soulful honeymoon destination, Kashmir in Autumn months is the way to go. You can also visit with your family or friends to have the most memorable journey. Plan a trip to Kashmir in Autumn season with Cliffhangers India and you would not have anything to complain about in the end. We provide you the best of services.   

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Highlights of Kashmir in Autumn Season

Weather of Kashmir in Autumn

The weather of Kashmir is one of the reasons to come here during this time of the year. It does get unpredictable sometimes with sunny days and cold nights. It is neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature ranges from 25-30 degree celsius. There are no traces of rain in autumn and snowfall is not expected too. This is generally the climatic condition in the lower valley. However, as you ascend higher, the situation is a bit different in alpine regions.

You will feel chilly at night with chances of snowfall sometimes. It would not be heavy but a dust of snow here and there is still experienced. Pack accordingly to be safe and comfortable. 

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Popular Kashmir Tours

Places to visit in Kashmir in Autumn


Start your Kashmir trip in the magical season of Autumn from the capital city itself. From the serene lakes like Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake to magnificent Mughal Gardens, Srinagar is a major tourist attraction in Kashmir. On your day of arrival, enjoy Shikara ride in Dal Lake and the ferry takes you to some offbeat locations.

You can also visit the Mughal Gardens like  Nishat Garden, Shalimar and Chashme Shahi Garden. In these gardens, soak in the beauty of vibrant flowers along with giggling waterfalls. Some other places to explore in Srinagar are Pari Mahal, Pathar Masjid, Shankaracharya Temple etc. 

You can’t miss staying in a houseboat where views when you wake up in the morning is enchanting. 

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A well-famed town of Kashmir, Gulmarg is popular not only as a solo destination, but honeymooners also come here for a romantic getaway. The majestic vibrancy of this town is unparalleled. Even though Autumn is off-season for Gulmarg, you will still see plenty of travellers at different sites. The main highlight is the Gondola Ride, which is also Asia’s largest cable car ride, taking you to some ethereal locations like Kongdoori and Apharwat Peak.

More places to add in your itinerary are Gulmarg Golf Course, Strawberry Valley, Alpather Lake etc. Trekking in Gulmarg is one the most adventurous things to do. The trekking trails are shorter and can be done in a day or two. Here, enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and sledding on the best slopes.  

It is at a distance of about 60 kilometres from Srinagar city that can be covered in less than 2 hours via a taxi or cab. 

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Don’t miss covering the “ Valley of Shepherd” in your Kashmir trip. It is full of stunning small valleys like Aru, Betaab Valley, Chandanwari and Baisaran. Visit them either by trekking or via pony rides, which are Kashmir-specific.

The lush and heavenly meadows in these valleys are some of the best camping sites and best for acclimatisation. Trekking in Pahalgam is the most popular activity to do here. The famous Tarsar Marsar trek starts from the mesmerising Aru Valley and it is done in almost 7 days. Other treks include Kolahoi Glacier trek and more. Experience the thrills of white water rafting in the high-flowing waters of Aru river. 

Located at a distance of about 95 kilometres from Srinagar, there are cabs and taxis readily available to cover the journey in about 2 and a half hours. 

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The Golden Valley awaits you with its flourishing grasslands, bubbling streams and snow-capped mountains. The entire region is dotted with arrays of vibrant wildflowers, adding more and more to its elegance. Undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Kashmir in Autumn, it has some challenging trekking routes as well like the magnificent Kashmir Great Lakes trek.

The lakes found on this trek like Vishansar Lake and Gangabal Lake are a great location for fishing and angling and a great camping site as well. Shutkari Bridge is a favourite place in Sonamarg, and is well-known for its white-water rafting options. It is quite beginner-friendly. 

About 80 kilometres away from Srinagar, take the route via National Highway 1D. Take any bus, operate regularly or book a cab, taxi. A private vehicle is a covenant option too. 

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The splendour of Yusmarg is just stunning. It is located in the Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir. From pony rides to paragliding, there are a bunch of activities to do in what is also called the “ Valley of Jesus”.

The trek to Nilnag Lake is unmissable which is only 4 kilometers’ long, down the valley. One of the most beautiful offbeat locations of Kashmir, visiting Yusmarg is worth it. The grass is literally always greener on the other side with so many clear water streams giving chances of trout fishing and angling. 

There are some guest houses and wooden cottages for accommodation. One of the most popular options for spending the night is camping. It is located 50 kilometres away from Srinagar city and can be reached within 2 hours.

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One more remotely located region of Kashmir, Doodhpathri is as stunning as it gets. 

The atmosphere here is quite exotic with aesthetically beautiful panoramas, forming the perfect setting for literally everything. Like Yusmarg, it also lies in the Budgam District of Kashmir, at a distance of only 45 kilometres from the city of Srinagar. Cabs and taxis are easily accessible. 

From the routes taking you there to the entire area itself, everything has dreamy written all over it. Shalinga River is the major highlight of Doodhpathri with its gushing turquoise waters. Experience recreational activities like trekking, camping, sightseeing, photography etc. When in Doodhpathri, don’t miss the pony rides and ATV rides. Autumn is the perfect time to make a visit here. 

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Khilanmarg is a tourist attraction you can visit specifically when in Gulmarg. It is a 6 kilometre walk from the main town and solo as well as couples often come here. The place is not accessible through cabs or taxis and one has to either walk here or take  a pony ride which are very popular here.

It is a celebrated skiing destination and quite crowded in winters. As far as autumn is concerned, it is no-less adventurous and beautiful. Visit spots like Alpather Lake, St. Mary’s Church, Gulmarg Golf Course etc. Here, you have to stay in cottages and homestays. You can also choose to pitch tents and relax for the night.  

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Betaab valley

Reminisce your childhood bollywood dreams here as many hit bollywood movies and tracks are shot here. But, the most popular one is bollywood superhit “ Betaab” and the popularity resulted in renaming it from Hagen to Betaab Valley. People often visit those areas and get clicked in the same poses. 

It is at a distance of less than 15 kilometres from Pahalgam and located in the Anantnag district of Kashmir. Enjoy things like trekking, picnics, camping etc. Sightseeing tours to nearby places are a must-to-do things. Don’t miss visiting Bobby Hut where the movie “Bobby” was being shot. 

Pay a minimal fee of INR 100 to enter the valley. 

Gurez Valley

Gurez Valley of kashmir takes you back in time with its older than time mud-houses and traditional beliefs. The inhabitants here belong to the Shina tribe and are quite warm and friendly. It is a retired gem of the valley and authentic nature-lovers do make a visit here.

You might not get all the services but the tranquillity of this place is found nowhere. Experience activities like mountain biking, photography, sightseeing in this ancient valley. Enjoy fishing, angling, picnics, and strolls by the Kishanganga river which divides the valley between India and Pakistan. Gurez Valley is in close proximity to Line of Actual Control (LOC) and you will require mandatory permission to visit here.  

Why should You visit Kashmir in Autumn Season?

Affordability: If you are looking for a budget-friendly trip to kashmir, visiting in autumn season can do the work. It is off-season for Kashmir tourism and that can get you cheap hotels to stay in, transportation at reasonable prices to explore around and big deals on activities. 

Pleasant weather: Temperature hovering between 25-30 degree celsius makes the atmosphere tolerable and great for city tours in and around kashmir. You would not be sweating nor would you be loaded with heavy layers of warm clothes. It is an excellent time to get out of scorching heat and be in the refreshing air of the valley. 

Activities: Even though it is not the peak season and with winter in the corners, you still can enjoy a bunch of activities here in autumn as they are completely accessible and open for tourists. From Shikara ride to Gulmarg Gondola, experience the thrills and have the most memorable trip ever.  

Big discounts: Travel with Cliffhangers India in autumn season and get good deals and big discounts on different Kashmir trip packages. We don’t compromise on our services and you end up having the best time along with saving some money. 

Things to do in Kashmir in Autumn Season

Visit Mughal Gardens

The Mughal Gardens of Kashmir, especially those located in Srinagar must be in your itinerary. Some of the popular ones include ChashmeShahi Garden, Nishat Garden, Shalimar Garden etc. They are open and accessible in Autumn with various kinds of colourful flowers, blooming to the core. These flowers were grown from seeds imported from Spain. Towering Cinar trees encircle the entire area. The gorgeous fountains just add to the beauty here. 

They are located on different sides of Dal Lake and their shadow can be clearly seen in the waters of the lake at night. Pay a minimal fee from INR 25 to INR 100 to enter these Gardens.

Go for short treks

Kashmir has many significant treks that are completed in a week or more such as Kashmir Great Lakes trek, Tarsar Marsar trek, Warwan Valley trek etc. But if you are in the valley for only some days and want to experience the adventure of trekking, there are many short treks that you can undertake. Some of them are Ningle Nallah Trek, Kolahoi Glacier trek, Alpather Lake trek, Tulian Lake trek etc. 

They can be concluded in a day or maximum two. The routes in autumn are just as beautiful as the final destinations. In trekking, you can also enjoy camping at different scenic spots. Carry all the trekking and camping gears for a safe and comfortable voyage. 


Autumn is considered an excellent time for a photography tour in the valley of Kashmir. With different shades of hues casting the valleys, lakes and mountains, every picture is postcard perfect. Whether you are a nature photographer, or someone who is into wildlife photography, there are plenty of places to do that. Visit Dachigam National Park for a wildlife tour and capture many rare species of animals in their natural habitat. Keep a safe distance while doing so. 

You might have to pay a negligible fee for photography but it is so worth it. 

Avoid clicking photos where it is prohibited, probably in temples and shrines. 

Go for picnic

For a peaceful time in your Kashmir trip, going for picnics is the way to go. Whether you want it in a vast spread grassland or by the shores of a lake or river, the snow-laden mountains in the background form the ideal setting for it. On these picnic trips, you can also enjoy some trout fishing and angling if you have the gears. 

Some favourite picnic spots among nature lovers are NilNag Lake, Vishansar Lake, Ferozshah Nallah etc. These places are often visited for nature walks and strolls as they promise a good time. 

Carry a light, thin carpet and snacks and drinks in a basket and maybe a book and your afternoon is sorted. 

Enjoy camping

Camping is something that you can do as part of your accommodation option. 

What could be more perfect than lying under the star-studded, clear sky and watching the miracle of the cosmos? People often pitch tents in grasslands where civilization is not there as far as eyes could see. They lit a bonfire and often exchanged conversations with their family and friends. Great locations for camping are Aru Valley, Pahalgam, Yusmarg etc. 

There is not a better time for an adventure of camping than the golden time of autumn. The places are clear and smooth and there is no snow on the ground. 

Visit local markets & Old Srinagar

To get to know the real Kashmir, visit the Old Srinagar which has kept the heritage of the state in safe hands. You will see the real households and authentic Kashmiri people. Another great way to interact with the locals is by setting your foot in the markets right there.

There are so many things you can purchase here like Pashmina Shawls, Kashmiri handicrafts, dry fruits, spices to take back home and as a souvenir for friends and family. The Lal Chaowk of Srinagar and Maharaja Bazaar are the places to go. Always do some bargaining as the items are always overpriced especially for travellers. 

Enjoy delicious Kashmiri Cuisine

Kashmiri cuisine is something that you can relish every single day of your trip. From many veg-options to endless non-veg ones, you will be amazed to see the varieties this cuisine holds. Start your morning with a steaming cup of Kahwa to be rejuvenated all day. It is a staple drink of the valley that you can find in any corner of the markets.  Some must-try dishes here include Dum Aloo, Pulao, Yakhni, Rogan Josh, Kebab etc. 

The cuisine is heavily meat-based so it is a heaven for non-vegetarians.  Cliffhangers India also offers a food tour that can be done in 3-4 hours where we introduce you to the authentic taste of kashmir. 

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Shop for Kashmiri Handicrafts

The best thing about Kashmiri handicrafts is that they are made by the locals themselves. It is their source of earning. They make Kashmiri Carpets, Kashmiri Shawls, Phool Kari, Khatamband, Paper Macchie etc. Budgam and Ganderbal are some significant places where people make, craft and decorate these Kashmiri Handicrafts. The intrinsic designs on them are hard to believe that they are made by hand. The people are so skilled and experienced as it is their daily work. 

Most of the markets have them and you can buy them at a reasonable price. Avoid overpricing with some negotiation. 

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Essential Information Of Autumn In Kashmir

How To Reach

By air: Srinagar Airport is the closest airport of Jammu and Kashmir. Book your flights from your city to here to reach Srinagar city. Regular flights are scheduled from states like Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and others. After reaching the airport, it is only 15 kilometres from the main city and you can book a cab or hire a taxi. 

By train: If you want a more budget friendly choice, travel via train. There is no functional railway station as in Srinagar. Jammu Tawi Station is the only railhead and you can take a train from your city to here. The total distance between the station and srinagar is about 270 kilometres and it will take approximately 6-7 hrs to cover it. 

By road: The most affordable way to reach Kashmir is via a public transport like bus. The route chosen is National Highway 1 and 44 and take any JKSRTC bus operating between Jammu and surrounding cities like Srinagar. 

Road Conditions in Autumn In Kashmir

The road conditions in autumn months like September and October are pretty decent. With snowfall yet to start, the highways as well internal roads are clear and accessible. They are yet to be announced closed. No snow is seen on the routes. 

However, as we move towards the end of October, alpine regions of Kashmir start to experience snowfall. Not very heavily but a sprinkle here and there. BRO works consistently to make them motorable and easy to be ridden on. 

The most suggested thing is keeping updates about weather and road conditions to avoid traffic and any hindrance in your plans. Always share your itinerary with a trusted person. 

If you are driving by yourself, then make sure you have some experience in off-roading as mountainous roads are not very smooth. They are rough and uneven. Practice caution. 

Trasnportation Options In Autumn in Kashmir

Rental vehicles: When in Kashmir, rent a car of your choice if you are with your family and friends. You can either take a driver to be chauffeured around who acts as your guide too or you can drive yourself. We offer excellent rental service in Kashmir. We also have two-wheelers like bullet, bikes and scooty if you are travelling solo or you are with your partner. 

Public transport: Endless number of private and state-owned buses operate interstate which you can take to reach different tourist attractions. They have comfortable seating and the fare is also reasonable. They are suitable for covering long distances as it is quite affordable and budget-friendly. 

Private taxis: Options of Private taxi are also available where the entire vehicle is booked by your, offering great level of comfort and hygiene. Cabs and taxis are booked online as well as on-spot booking is also there. 

Network and Connectivity in Autumn in Kashmir

Networks in Kashmir work in the lower valley with different ones like Vodafone, Jio, Airtel are readily operating. It might not have very high speed but you can count on it for phone calls and messages. However, they are quite slow in the high-altitude regions and non-existent in the remote areas of the valley like Gurez Valley etc. 

Once you enter the valley, buy a postpaid sim as the one you have will not work there. Your mobile phone will be dead. Contact your network provider to know its range and speed. 

Many hotels and cafes offer great network connectivity where you can enjoy a workstation. Have a GPS and a satellite phone if you are going trekking in alpine regions. 

Tips to visit in Autumn In Kashmir

Packing:  Packing two-three days prior to the actual trip is highly advised. This way you don’t miss anything you may need there. Carry some cotton clothes like shirts and trousers and some woollen ones too like thermals and jackets to layer yourself at night. 

Pack sturdy and comfortable shoes and a few pairs of shocks. Accessorise with beanie, gloves etc. 

Permits: If you are visiting regions that are closely located to the Line of Actual Control (LOC), carry the mandatory permits along with other documents like ID proofs and driving licence etc. Carry fishing permits if you are interested in it. 

Advance booking: Book everything in advance as it avoids the last minute troubles and you also save some money. Book flights or train tickets, hotels, transport etc 1-2 months before reaching Kashmir. 

Acclimatisation: Make plans for visiting high-altitude areas of the valley only after acclimating well. Acclimatisation is very crucial if you want to avoid high-altitude sickness like vomiting, headaches and stomach aches etc. 


Autumn in Kashmir lasts from September till October. It is a balmy weather particularly in the initial days of September but as the month progresses and we enter October, it starts getting cold, even during daytime. Carry your clothes accordingly, depending on the month you’re travelling in.
Yes, October is a good time to plan a trip to Kashmir but try to do it at the start of the month. By the end, places start to close up and so do routes. The high-altitude regions begin to experience snowfall, resulting in traffic on the highways and internal roads. Other than that, you can have a comfortable visit in the valley.
Even though every month has its charm and uniqueness, the most amazing side of Kashmir is seen in the September month when leaves turn golden and the golden hours of sunset and sunrise show breathtaking beauty. The weather is too good to be real with no heat waves and nor too much cold.
Some of the unique experiences that you can have in Kashmir only in Autumn are the festivals celebrated here. Moreover, it is also harvesting season in the valley with a year of growing fruits and dry fruits growing from scratch. You can visit orchards of apples and walnuts to have a taste of them.
The rich heritage of Kashmir shows you some unique cultural experiences like traditional dance and music. Visit shrines and temples to witness them. You can dress in traditional Kashmiri attire and get clicked. Visit the markets to know about the weaving and crafts of Kashmiri Handicrafts.
It is completely safe to travel to kashmir during Autumn. The routes have not closed yet and there is no snow seen on them. Different tourist attractions still have people enjoying sightseeing tours and activities. The weather is not harsh and offers a pleasant climate with moderate temperature.    
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