Kashmir In December

December is the start of the winter in Kashmir.

It is the start of snowfall as well. In the mountainous regions like Gulmarg, you will see the onset of winter.

Temperature is cold at night, however, during days it mostly is sunny.

December is mostly visited around Christmas and New Year.

Kashmir in December is the best month to spend your Christmas and New Year.

Places to visit in Kashmir in December

Dachigam National Park: Visit this park this month to get the feel of a blend of autumn and winter together. Get yourself fully geared for wildlife animals and plants. The jungle walk of this park is probably the best in India. It is the only park in India that provides a fascinating variety of jungle patches blended.

Mughal Gardens: This is the month when you see two seasons at the same time. These gardens give you the feel of both autumn and winter. Visit them not during the early morning as there will be cold during December in the morning and evenings.

Gulmarg: In all Kashmir, Gulmarg is heaven during December. It is fully booked for Christmas and New Year. People from across the world visit this place to spend their holidays. The entire hill station has the air of festivity.

Pahalgam: This is the month of fallen leaves and river streams. Sit beside the Lidder river and enjoy the breathtaking view of this valley. In pahalgam visit Betaab valley, Aru, Baisaran etc.

Things to do in December

Day Treks: This is the last month of the year to go for day treks. For the next three months, the day treks get closed because of heavy snow, unless you want to do a day trek in the snow. This month you can visit Dachigam National Park, Sheeshnag Lake, Tulian Lake, Marchoi.

Gondola: Enjoy the gondola ride in Gulmarg. Gulmarg is the only place in Kashmir that has a cable car. So if you are in Gulmarg don’t miss this activity. This activity is quite thrilling and charming for all including couples.

Trekking: This month is the start of winter trekking in Kashmir. The best among all winter treks here is Marchoi Trek. An easy to moderate trek that shows you the best highlight of mountain trails in Kashmir. The trek starts at Naranag and is around 18km long.

Autumn Photography: This is the best month to see the traces of both the autumn and winter season in Kashmir. December is the start of winter and the end of autumn.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, it is the start of snowfall in Kashmir.
    In December the nights are cold and days and at times sunny or at times it does snow here in December.
    Like all other months in Kashmir, December is frequently visited.
    Yes. All the places are open in December.
    Yes. In Srinagar, you can visit all the places.
    December is the best month to visit Gulmarg. Spend your Christmas and New year here.
    Yes. It snows in December in Gulmarg.