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Bota pathri is an offbeat location hidden in the beautiful scenery of Gulmarg, India. Rocks festooning its cliffs make it every adventure enthusiast’s little piece of heaven. The trip takes you through green pockets, serpentine paths, and the hopes of meeting that uncertain beauty, in the majestic Himalayan peaks.

Bota pathri Gulmarg is situated in the Gulmarg area of Kashmir. Around 10km from the main Gulmarg market, this valley offers a quaint escape into nature. The valley is full of forest, river streams, and the local shepherd settlement.

The valley falls towards the border side and Pakistan is just a few kilometers away. This is why you will have to seek permission from the local police station to visit Botapathri. The permission is granted easily. Make sure you are careful about wandering to the border area. Just do not move beyond the army post towards the end of this valley.

In this travel guide, you will read the different details about Botapathri and you must read it fully before you decide to visit.

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Weather & Temperature in Bota Pathri

Summer in Botapathri

Summertime in Botapathri brings out the hues of nature in full bloom, creating a visual and emotional feast. The best time to visit Bota pathri Gulmarg is from July to September. This is the summertime when the entire valley is full of flower bloom and greenery. The river streams are full of water and the wind is pleasant. This is also the best time to go for the picnic and relax in this beautiful landscpe.

The summer temperature in Botapathri ranges from 15 to 28 degrees Celsius. This is the best time to go for hiking and see sights without having to deal with the bitter cold of winter.

Winter Season in Botapathri

If you want to see snow and do snow activities, then winter is the best time to visit Bota pathri. There is plenty of snowfall in this valley during winter months from December.

This is the ideal time to visit Gulmarg to witness snowfall if you want to take advantage of the chilly weather and snowfall. In the winter season, the temperatures range from -15⁰C to 10⁰C. These months can be quite hard as heavy snowfall may interrupt your trip. Making snowmen, playing with snowballs, skiing, and snowboarding are just a few of the enjoyable things one can do.

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Things To Do in Bota Pathri Gulmarg

Take a Stroll

Botapathri always welcomes you with serene meadows amid snow peaks, which offers you the best setting for a stroll. The meadow is filled with wildflowers in warm temperatures. You can view a carpet of colors that blend with the beauty of the surrounding mountains. The perfect location makes it suitable for hustle and bustle. You will walk through streams of clear water and diverse cultural things in Botapathri

Whenever you visit the vibrant meadows in spring, the lush greenery welcoming summer and sending farewell to winter, offers the best experiences in Botapathri. There is no special time you can go strolling in Botapathri every year offers something new.

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Visit the Forest

Dense forests with chinar trees are also captivating Attractions of Botapathri. As you enter into the heart of the forest, the chinar trees create a majestic room to enjoy your heart out. The thick branches form a natural sunlight filter and provide a sense of seclusion and tranquility. The air in the forests is filled with the aroma of the soil and fragrance from chinar leaves. 

As you walk through the forest you will see the way full of fallen leaves creating an immense pleasure in trials. They remove the loneliness surrounding you with the sound of leaves. During autumn the leaves turn into red shades with a touch of gold, creating a wonderful spectacle. As these forests are home to various flora and fauna, you may explore wildlife in between.

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Enjoy the Fast-flowing River

Standing on the banks of a flowing river is the best experience that attracts your senses and offers a dynamic energy in your trials. The heavy flow of water fights with rocks, creating a symphony that resounds with the surroundings. The cool mist from the running water refreshes the air and allows you to enjoy the pure atmosphere. The riverbanks filled with rocks and pebbles will become your companions on your trip. You can find several animals and birds surrounding the river during

hibernation season. The fast-flowing river is the living entity of the region. It lets you enjoy the dynamic beauty and most captivating wonders.

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Visit the Mosque and Dargah

Exploring the dargah and the mosque in your itinerary within Botapathri surroundings adds a spiritual feeling to your visit. Dargah is a sacred shrine offering a space of prayer amid Gulmarg’s beauty. The architectural and spiritual details of the dargah stand as a symbol of religious harmony.

The mosque’s architecture, with traditional motifs and designs, provides a peaceful day out for those seeking it. These dargah and shrines are also a part of your day trip here from Gulmarg. visitors find a sense of togetherness between these man-made holy locations. Where both culture and architecture provide you the untouched beauty. It connects you to both the divinity and serenity in your trip.

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Explore the Snow Mountains around Gujjar Shepherds

If you want to know more about the lifestyle of locals here, you must hike through the snow mountains and meet Gujjar shepherds. The pristine white snow covers the mountains surrounding the region. You will encounter locals, who follow nomadic lifestyles in the challenging terrains. The snow mountains offer you activities like snowshoeing, skiing or simply hiking through the snow.

 The mountain air will create a serene atmosphere. The Gujjar shepherds with their livestock accompany you throughout the hike. Their way of lifestyle offers a glimpse of how they blend with nature. You can enjoy the raw beauty of the Himalayas and learn about the formidable mountain nomads.

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Engage Photography

People who love photography can enjoy quality time in Botapathri. Capture the visual beauty of mesmerizing terrain. The meadows filled with wildflowers offer you the best vistas to make memories with a camera. The dense forests, fast-flowing rivers, and Dargah act as subjects in your photography.

As you move away Botapathri you can also capture Gulmarg’s beauty. Wildlife photography is also an option, as the area is rich in flora and fauna. Each wildflower tells a different story of relation with nature. In winter sunrise and sunset offer you a reflection of golden hours on snow. Whether you are a professional or a beginner Botapathri invites you to capture the moments. remember to carry your necessary equipment and be prepared to create poetic pictures.

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Taste Local Cuisine

Tasting local food in Botapathri is a journey into the heart of flavors. The place offers you a blend of Kashmiri dishes with the cultural richness of Gulmarg. Start your tasting experience with wazwan, Rogan Josh, Yakhni, and Dum Aloo. These dishes are high in aroma and allow you to explore the unique spices that are only available in Kashmir. Additionally never miss the chance to try Kashmiri naan with wazwan.

During winter enjoy the warm Harissa, you should pair it with kahwa for a more reflective taste. For those interested in sweets, you can taste Shuftq or Phirni, in your adventure. These deserts use dry fruits and saffron for aromatic elegance. Talk with local vendors who offer local snacks like Nadru Monje which is made from local stem, or the ubiquitous Golgappa. You can book Srinagar Food Tour to enjoy the local delicacies of Kashmir.

Best Time to Visit Bota Pathri

Aru Valley

It should come as no surprise that this small town is one of the few in our country where tourists visit all year long! All three seasons—winter, summer, and monsoon—are considered to be the most beautiful and alluring times of year to visit Bota pathri Gulmarg. While the former is great for snow-filled activities and the latter is best for enjoying nature, the period in between is ideal for fun family outings.

However, keeping all seasons into consideration, the best time to visit Botapahri is from July to September.

The finest vistas of snow, slate, and peace can be seen here during the winter when visitors can also enjoy exciting activities like skiing. There’s nothing quite like genuine snowfall for surrealism and sheer awesomeness. Picture snow-covered meadows, snow-covered summits, snow-covered treetops, and immaculately manicured lawns. This is truly astounding to witness personally.

Summertime brings lots of brightness, a dusting of snow, and an abundance of vegetation. The air is not confining, and the environment is soothing to the senses! Because of this, summer is the best time to visit Botapathri and take part in a variety of trips, tours, and activities in Gulmarg all at once.

Essential Information About Bota Pathri

Trekking In Gulmarg

How To Reach

By Air: The nearest airport to visit Botapathri is Srinagar’s Sheikh-ul-Alam International Airport. You can hire taxis or board a bus to reach Botapathri and its surroundings. People can reach Botapathri by shared cabs and taxis which can be a way of affordable transport.

By Train: The nearest railway system to Botapathri is Jammu Tawi. Jammu Tawi is well connected to all parts of the Indian subcontinent. You can take a bus to Srinagar after you reach Jammu. Then later you can continue a scenic road journey to Botapathri.

By Road: Road travel is always affordable and a common way to reach Botapathri. You can always hire a cab or taxi service in Srinagar or any other major town in Jammu and Kashmir. People can rent bikes and cars for a day trip. local buses to Botapathri are available from nearby towns like Srinagar and Gulmarg. They turn at specified intervals. In winter the road conditions may not be favorable check them before you plan your trip to Botapathri.

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Network & Connectivity

Major mobile networks provide their service in Gulmarg, but the signal strength varies in Botapathri. As it is a remote area there could be weaker or no signal depending on the situation. 

If you travelling to Botapathri get a local SIM card for better connectivity. Ensure your mobile phone is suitable for local is useful to download offline maps to navigate your trip without depending on the network. Make sure you have power backups with you as your trip here may experience power cuts. Especially in winter network connectivity is too low and there may be even no power supply.


Gulmarg In July

Stay Options in Bota Pathri

If you are looking for stay options in Botapathri, the answer is there are very few options for your stay. As it is a remote village near border tourism the facilities for accommodations are very less.

For a day trip you don’t need accommodation plan your stay at Gulmarg and visit Botapathri in a day. Gulmarg has a lot of facilities like hotels, homestays, resorts, and even igloos. If you want to stay in Gulmarg you must book in advance as the place is full of tourists every time. Many people plan their stay in Srinagar too, as they can experience serene houseboat stays. If you are lucky enough you can find homestays from nomadic shepherds in Botapathri.

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Why Visit Bota Pathri?

  • Botapathri is known for its natural beauty, which is always full of lush greenery and snow-capped mountains, providing you with a perfect photography spot.
  • The serene beauty of Botapathri offers you a hassle-free vacation from your daily life, you will feel a completely untouched experience here.
  • The region offers you opportunities for trekking and Hiking, allowing visitors to explore its terrain and feel adventure
  • During winter Botapathri witnesses heavy snowfall, and it transforms the same as Gulmarg. Attracts a lot of sports enthusiasts and provides a perfect setting for winter camps and pony rides.
  • The surrounding area here is rich in cultural heritage. People can interact with locals and learn about Kashmir culture. You can learn about local traditions and customs.
  • This scenic location will offer you great landscapes for photography.
  • It is nearer to the capital of Kashmir, Srinagar. Making it convenient for a day escape from Srinagar in your itineraries. It offers you a peaceful retreat near the city.
  • Its proximity to the border makes it the best place to know about border tourism in Kashmir.

Travel Tips for Bota Pathri

  • When traveling to this valley, especially in the winter, bring layers of clothing that are both waterproof and thermal. Pack as many variations of woolen clothing as you can.
  • Use thermal plus waterproof boots when going through areas blanketed with snow to be warm and comfortable. Make sure you use the boots at all times to protect your skin.
  • Always carry a water bottle, prepare for altitude sickness, and pack any essential medical supplies. Our flexible itineraries ensure that you are prepared for any weather-related issues when you arrange your itinerary with us.
  • Consult your physician to test yourself before participating in any trekking or adventurous activities.
  • Keep your mobile network close by. given that not every Sim operates in the area. Inquire about local networks and carry a phone power bank at all times. Postpaid sims work well in the Valley.
  • It is advisable to always have a portable charger and power bank with you due to unforeseen problems with the electricity supply. Make sure your gadgets are fully charged before starting the day.


Bota Pathri is located near the border of India. It is a small village situated 5km from Gulmarg and 57km from Srinagar. People travel here for day trips on their Kashmir tour. It is very near to Strawberry Valley, Gulmarg Golf Course, and Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve. One can reach them by shared cabs or Ponies.
Botapathri is a famous photographic spot near Gulmarg. People drive here to engage in Photography every year. Many people explore the rocky terrain of Bota pathri Gulmarg knowing the cultures of nomadic shepherds in the area. The places allow you to stroll around on Ponies and have fun. The place is famous for a day escape from Gulmarg.
Yes, it is worthwhile to visit Bot Pathri. Bota Pathri is a great destination for travelers all year round. It’s a spotless location. This area’s infrastructure is eco-friendly, eco-sensitive, and a recently discovered tourism attraction, which is unknown in Gulmarg. Many come here in preparation for a day’s journey to Gulmarg.
Not surprisingly, this little hamlet is one of the few in the nation where visitors can come here year-round! The winter, summer, and monsoon are regarded as the three most exquisite and seductive seasons to visit Botapathri Gulmarg. The time in between is perfect for enjoyable family vacations, even if the former is best for snow-related activities and the latter is greatest for taking in the scenery.
There are two requirements to go to Botapathri from Gulmarg: first, you must be with a qualified guide, and second, you must contact the J&K police to obtain the required permits. Since it’s close to the border and falls under Gulmarg’s border tourism, you need to get permission to go on a remote holiday.
From Srinagar or another major town in Jammu and Kashmir, you may always rent a taxi or cab. For a day trip, people can rent vehicles and bikes. There are local buses from neighboring towns like Gulmarg and Srinagar that go to Botapathri. At predetermined intervals, they rotate. It is advisable to examine the road conditions before planning a journey to Botapathri in the winter.
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