Gulmarg in July


Gulmarg would undoubtedly be included on a list of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation. One location where visitors can enjoy their journey without worrying about their safety. People come from all over the country to visit this little village because it is so stunning and more so to when you visit Gulmarg in July must consider Gulmarg tour packages

The name “Meadow of Flowers” is most commonly associated with Gulmarg, and it is appropriate. It is an amazing place to start. Gulmarg in July is more than just a stunning location that your Kashmir travel packages ought to include. Additionally, it captures the greatest parts of the local culture.

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The excursion to Gulmarg during July is the ideal combination of the dry air and warm days throughout the month. The beautiful Himalayas and tranquil surroundings offer a respite from the bustle of the big city. Travelers can enjoy the peaceful charm and relax in the area’s unspoiled beauty.

In addition, July in Gulmarg presents a special chance for adventure seekers. The lush surroundings of Gulmarg pave the way for exciting outdoor pursuits like hiking and camping, and the landscape draws nature enthusiasts and seasonal hikers. One of the tallest cable cars in the world, the well-known Gulmarg Gondola, offers you breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area.

July is a great month to visit Gulmarg if you are planning a summer holiday. This travel guide will help you make the most of this wonderful time of year as you explore this magnificent place. Pack your bags ready to witness the best-ever trip.

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Weather in Gulmarg in july

In July, Gulmarg experiences mild and pleasant weather. Gulmarg in July weather is not cold, it experiences hot breezes and is suitable for all activities. While the valley begins to bloom with vibrant flowers and an abundance of greenery, the mountain summits and higher altitude regions have clear skies that are ideal for hiking. As a result, you get the best of both the scenery and the activities. In July, the Gulmarg camping site is surrounded by plantation fields, with a water canal flowing in front of it, and stunning Himalayan mountains in the background.

In Gulmarg, July temperatures range from 20 degrees Celsius at the lowest to 30 to 31 degrees Celsius at the highest point. Even though it’s summer and the days are nice in Gulmarg, the nighttime temperatures might plummet, so you should always pack layers of clothing for warmth. In July, significant levels of humidity are normal, especially in the high-altitude areas of Khilanmarg and Apharwat Peak, which are well-known for their camping and trekking destinations. During the end of the month there may be a chance of rainfall so plan accordingly to face it.

Compared to other seasons, the summer in July is a relatively easy time to travel because there are fewer landslides and no snow on the roads than there is during the winter. Thus, data demonstrates that July is the ideal time of year to visit Kashmir. Kashmir in July is also the best time to visit the entire valley and to witness the scenic beauty of the destination.

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Places To Visit In Gulmarg in July

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is one of the best places to visit in Gulmarg in July for adventure seekers. It offers several opportunities to witness biodiversity in its raw form. This biosphere stretches about 180sqkm and is home to a variety of plants, and animals and some of them are extremely uncommon. It is around 48km from Srinagar and at an altitude of 2400m above sea level Additionally fully blossomed flowers are visible during this time of the year, scattering vibrant colors across the landscape. Animal species in this biosphere reserve include red fox, brown bear, serow, Hangul, and leopard. People can visit the biosphere reserve from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekdays. Those who want to enjoy a little more adventure can stay at the camp near to the park.


Perched at an altitude of 2730 meters above sea level, many people visit Khilanmarg for hiking trails. Khilanmarg offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and meadows. Because of its high altitude, it is marked as the top destination in Gulmarg for campsites and hikes in July. Many trekking paths in the area will provide you with unforgettable adventures. The Khilanmarg trek takes you through various streams and waterfalls. The trek is roughly 4 kilometers and you can complete it in 2 hours. People can try paragliding if they are adrenaline addicts, it gives you breathtaking views of the surrounding meadows. Another famous thing in Khilanmarg is Horse bike riding commonly known as pony rides. You can stroll around the terrain on horses at reasonable prices.

Strawberry Valley

In the breathtaking terrain of Gulmarg, Strawberry Valley is home to numerous hiking trails and camps. If you are looking for top places to visit in Gulmarg in July then Strawberry Valley should be on your list for escaping the rush of the city. Strawberry Valley is approximately 3km away from Gulmarg and roughly takes around 15-20 minutes. Trekking and pony rides are the options for visitors to reach Strawberry Valley. Numerous strawberry farms in the region are a sight to behold. Visitors can pick and experience the delicious, tasty fruit. The valley is filled with wooden cabins, people can relax as much as they can on their hikes. July is the harvesting season in Strawberry Valley, adding more exciting activities to witness during the end of the month

Gulmarg Golf Course

The Gulmarg Golf Course will provide you with an unforgettable golfing experience. It’s the second-highest golf course on Earth. With roughly eighteen courses spanning 7,500 yards, it provides golfers with the best golfing experience in India. Its layout sets it apart from other golf courses, as do the remarkable slopes and inclinations of the terrain.

The incredibly green golf course offers a unique experience for those who are new to the game. This friendly layout also includes a golf academy with three practice holes. Not only is it one of the great places to visit in Gulmarg in July, but This 18-hole professional course has played host to multiple competitions, which has increased its popular recognition significantly.

Apharwat Peak

Apharwat Peak in Gulmarg is Asia’s longest ski slope and a popular tourist destination. Reaching an elevation of 4390 meters, Apharwat is one of Gulmarg’s most striking summits. Apharwat and Kongdori Valley are connected by the second section of the Gulmarg Gondola, or cable car. By ropeway, it takes 12 minutes to reach this magnificent top, which offers adventure enthusiasts wonderful opportunities for trekking and hiking in addition to beautiful vistas. This is the famous Gulmarg spot from where the wonderful sight of Ningle Nallah originates.

Visit Apharwat during the winter months if you want to go skiing, snowboarding, or heli-skiing. Even though skiing isn’t possible in July, Apharwat Peak provides exhilarating climbs that are perfect for your agenda.

Ningle Nallah

Ningle Nallah is at 10km distance from Gulmarg town. Water from Apharwat Lake and Apharwat Peak is a key summertime source for Ningle Nallah in July. It meets Jhelum after passing over a variety of landscapes and hills. This location is the best for travelers looking to camp. Given the abundance of locations in the vicinity of Ningle Nallah, this location is ideal for kid-friendly picnics. There are patches of scattered wildflowers throughout the verdant surroundings. For even more fascinating views, visit Ningle Nallah in golden hours if photography is your passion. For extra exhilarating experiences, people might go trekking close to the lake. Travelers can enjoy fishing at the location as much as they can at camps.

Baba Reshi Shrine

One of Kashmir’s holiest sites is the Baba Reshi Temple, which is popular among expecting families. These women come and pray for infants who are thought to be connected to the sacred site since they were conceived there. This temple is located in the Baramulla area, close to the municipality of Rambo village, and is approximately 7000 feet tall. It is a historical three-story building with a Mughal/Persian architectural design.

The main shrine and the garden that surrounds Noor Khwan are precious to both believers and non-worshippers. The saint’s tomb, known as Noor Khwan, is located inside the temple. Every year, thousands of devotees travel here in hopes of receiving blessings, particularly on Baba Payam Reshi’s birthday.

But the Baba Reshi Shrine is a lot more than a place of worship. It is a representation of hope and faith that draws individuals from all facets of life to the serene setting as they tend to the blessings of their residences. If you visit this temple in July while in Gulmarg, you might experience something different and rich in culture

Maharani Temple

The Rani Temple, located in the heart of Gulmarg, is one of the few surviving examples of the Dogra Dynasty, which formerly ruled the princely territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Lord Shiva is the center of this temple, which Maharaja Hari Singh constructed. Because his wife, Maharani Mohini Bai Sisodia, liked to visit this shrine daily for prayer, it bears her name. The fact that you can view the Rani Temple from any point in Gulmarg is what makes it so intriguing!

From the top of the temple, you have a magnificent view of the entire valley. Add this temple, often known as the “seventy steps to a heavenly experience,” to your list of must-see sights when booking a Gulmarg tour.


Kongdori is a bowl-shaped region in the Apharwat mountain range that sits between Gulmarg and the peak. Skiers and snowboarders travel from all over the nation and the world to this place. Known as the highest and largest cable car project in Asia, Kongdori is a station or stop on the Gulmarg Gondola Cable Car journey. The second part of the journey ascends passengers to the 13,500-foot summit of Apharwat Mountain from the Kongdori station, which is situated at an elevation of 8,530 feet. Along the trip, one may take in expansive and breathtaking vistas of the Pir Panjal range and Nanda Devi Peak in July. It takes roughly ten minutes to go from Gulmarg to Kongdori and 12 minutes from Kongdori to Apharwat.

Ferozpur Nallah

Ferozepur Nallah, sometimes called Shinmahinyu, is a mountain creek that rises from Ferozepur Peak. It is a well-liked attraction to visit in Gulmarg in July for trout fishing and angling and is located roughly 5 miles from Gulmarg. The area is lovely for a sunny afternoon because it is encircled by a pine tree forest and stunning snow-capped mountains.

In addition to providing rural residents with water, the stream is said by many to have been endowed by the deities of the mountains. At Waters Meet, another well-liked tourist destination, it runs down toward the Bahan River. The 50-kilometer journey to Tosamaidan, which sits close to Ferozepur Nallah, takes three full days to complete

Alpather Lake

Alpather Lake, also called the Frozen Lake, is a well-kept secret in Kashmir. It freezes from November to mid-June, and it slowly melts in July giving you the best views of the lake. The journey to this breathtaking high-altitude lake begins at the well-known Gulmarg hill station, which is situated at the base of the twin Apharwat Peaks. Alpather Lake is a great place for an afternoon ride because of its unique viewpoints, and large range of visitors. Many states that its similarity to Canada’s popular Lake Louise made it one of the most attractive places to visit in Gulmarg in July.

Visits in the summer will reward you with breathtaking views of the entire valley, complete with snow-capped mountains and lush meadows. From Gulmarg, you can choose to go by car or on foot. However, the easiest way to access this lake is by Gondola. Pony rides are an additional option.

St. Mary’s Church

Built in Gulmarg over a century ago, St. Mary’s Church continues to stand as a testament to the grandeur and elegance of Victorian architecture. Compared to other large-city churches, it has a somewhat distinctive appearance. It resembles a quaint country chapel, which adds to its allure and draws in visitors. The old-fashioned design with its gray brick walls and wooden roofing adds to its appeal.

The renowned Gulmarg Golf Course encircles the church on three sides, while breathtaking peaks encircle it on the fourth making it the best place to visit in Gulmarg in July. Imagine the church’s serene surroundings. It will be easy for everyone to reminisce as you go around. It’s more than just a structure; it’s a location where sanctity and history are felt. You will adore St. Mary’s Church, which has stood for decades as a symbol of harmony and timeless beauty.

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Things to Do In Gulmarg in July

Take a Gondola Ride

The Gulmarg Gondola, the second-highest cable car installation in the world and the largest in Asia is the primary attraction in Gulmarg. Yes, a trip to Gulmarg without a ride on the famous cable car is considered insufficient. This has to be one of the top things to do in Gulmarg in July for adventurers hoping to climb the mountain for the best views, families on vacation, and romantic couples.

The views of the valley and hills that can be seen from the cable car are unparalleled and truly spectacular. Six persons at a time can be carried by the gondola in an hour. Nevertheless, cable car rides are available all year round. Without a doubt, this is among the top activities to do in Gulmarg in July.

Enjoy Golfing

For those who have never played golf before, the extraordinarily green course provides a distinctive experience. Three practice holes and a golf academy are key features of this welcoming layout. This 18-hole professional course is not just one of the best locations to visit in Gulmarg in July, but it has also hosted several contests, greatly raising its profile in the community. If you are a professional golfer, you can compete in golf tournaments. Even if you are a novice, you can learn. There are instructors and mentors available to assist you with your golfing. With the help of our Gulfmarg golf course packages, you will become proficient at golf.

Go on Trekking

Trekking is one of the top things to do in Gulmarg in July. You will be enthralled by the magical charm of this flawlessly frozen lake in Gulmarg. Trekking offers the opportunity to witness the stunning Alpather Lake. It is located at the foot of the twin Apharwat Peak at an approximate height of 4400 meters.

The vast treks around the lake provide an amazing sight, and afterward, you may enjoy shorter treks in the adjacent Gulmarg Valley area or go on organized trekking trips in Tangmarg. Trekking through the untamed Alpather Lake Trek offerss mountains and verdant meadows and to unleash the adrenaline you’ve been dying to feel. It is therefore unquestionably one of the best things to do in Gulmarg in July.

Take Pony Rides

Experience the allure through thrilling pony rides. Pony rides make the list of the best activities in Gulmarg in July incomplete without it. It provides a combination of fun and thrill. The best place to ride ponies is around the outer circular walk and golf course. Pony rides can be scheduled on the spot with no upfront fees. If you want to explore Gulmarg in Ponies in July, the cost per day is approximately Rs. 1000-1500. You can explore on your own with ponies, have fun, and take pleasure in your rides without the assistance of advisors. There are several alternatives for routes that pass through serene alpine forests. Engage in conversation with locals to discover hidden locations and sample regional cuisine.

Enjoy Bird Watching

Due to its unique and plentiful Himalayan flora and fauna, Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve is one of the best places to visit for bird-watching. Hike over its 180 square kilometer span of magnificent countryside to discover the natural treasures.

This park is home to many threatened bird species. If you go birdwatching at the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, you might be able to spot some of the rare and obscure species.

The European Hoopoes, Koklas, Snow Cock, Blue Rock Pigeon, Kashmir Roller, and Jungle Crow are a few of them. Griffon vultures are another. The snow leopard, spotted deer, black deer, brown bear, and Kashmiri stag are among the animals that may be found here. Make sure you heed the safety advice or consult a reliable source.

Visit Ancient Temples

As part of your day journey from Gulmarg to nearby places, you will also visit these temples, churches, dargahs, and shrines. Visitors discover a feeling of unity among these artificially created sacred sites. Where unspoiled beauty is offered by both culture and architecture in places like Botapathri. It links you to the tranquility and the divine during your journey. Maharaj Palace, also known as Maharani Temple, is a must-see site in Gulmarg that exhibits the area’s cultural heritage. One of Kashmir’s holiest sites is the Baba Reshi Temple, which is popular among expecting families. If you visit these temples in July while in Gulmarg, you might experience something different and rich in culture

Taste Local Kashmiri Cuisine

Tasting the regional cuisine of Gulmarg is one of the most interesting activities you can undertake in the town in March. Try Tate Rogan Josh and Dum Aloo for a real taste of Kashmir. The ideal time to eat Harisa, a meal cooked with meat and regional spices, in Gulmarg is in Summer. The greatest flavors are found when makki ki roti is served with another meal called Saag, which is intended especially for vegetarian visitors. Savor the sunset with a cup of Kahwa, a fragrant tea made with saffron, turmeric, cardamom, and cinnamon, after a strenuous day of activities.

Taste genuine Kashmiri bread by visiting the local bakeries. Have a cup of salty tea with Shermal. When dining, explore eateries and dhabas along the way. March is when spring seasonal fruits like apricots and cherries are in season, so they’re a nutritious treat for you. Look into the regular culinary festivals in Gulmarg, which provide a range of regional cuisines in one location.

Go on Nature Walks

Gulmarg constantly greets you with peaceful meadows surrounded by snow-capped mountains, providing the ideal environment for a stroll. Warm weather brings a profusion of wildflowers to the meadow. Particularly at Botapathri, you may see a carpet of hues that meld with the splendor of the surrounding mountains. It’s at a prime location for activity and bustle. In Gulmarg, you will stroll along pure water streams and a variety of cultural artifacts.

The greatest times to visit Botapathri are in July when the meadows are full of color and the lush foliage in summer bids a complete farewell to winter. There’s never a bad time to take a stroll in Gulmarg because every year brings something fresh.

Engage in Photography in Gulmarg

Are you trying to find the perfect location, where a stream cascades down the side of the most notable mountains in the region? When you visit Ningle Nallah, take one of your best-ever photos. With its verdant fields, snow-capped peaks, and vivid wildflowers, the scene is incredibly colorful. Apharwat Peak’s ice forms this alpine stream of water. The drainage from this stream flows into the Jhelum River.

Camping and picnicking on the banks of Ningle Nallah are great options. It is easy to reach by automobile as it is only 10 miles from Gulmarg. If all you want to do is take in the gorgeous scenery and clean air, you may also rent horses here. Hiring a guide is easy, and they’re always available.

Visit Nearby Places

You can see nature in its most unadulterated forms and have a joyride to some of the most picturesque panoramas from the neighboring Gulmarg tourist attractions. Gulmarg, which means the Valley of Flowers in exact translation, truly lives up to its name. You can explore the surrounding areas, which include Khilanmarg, Durung Waterfall, Ferozepur Nallah, Strawberry Valley, Alpather Lake, and Tangmarg. Each locale has a unique tale to tell.

 Camp by the bubbling waters of mountain streams like Ferozepur and Ningle Nallah, savor delectable Kashmiri cuisine at the Igloo café, find serenity at the Imambara Goom, Baba Reshi shrine, St. Mary’s Church, Maharani Temple, and Imambara Goom, or simply kick back on a picnic in Strawberry valley.

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Why Visit Gulmarg in July?

Kashmir In January

Are you still confused about the Gulmarg trip in July after reading this, then go ahead for the highlights to plan your trip to Gulmarg in July.

  • This hill station experiences a comfortable rise in temperature in July, during the summer. When the snow melts and reveals the breathtaking scenery of Gulmarg, the crowds get denser, the trek paths get busier, and your journey becomes even more memorable.
  • Prepare for a horse ride through Gulmarg’s breathtaking scenery and golden meadows.
  • Take a gondola ride—Asia’s highest cable car ride—to the heavens to experience Gulmarg’s magnificent splendor from above.
  • Another reason to visit Gulmarg in July is Khilanmarg Valley. this location offers a thrill and tranquil setting. Alpine meadows and pine forests are a sight to behold.
  • Apharwat Peak is one of the best locations in Gulmarg. It offers ideal weather for trekking and picnicking with families. Try golfing along with this for the best experience.
  • You can discover abundant flora and fauna in the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve in July. This place is the best to visit if you love outdoor vacation.
  • Immerse yourself in cultural exploration during the July trip. Vibrant markets are full of people who savor the delicious Kashmiri cuisines.
  • You can indulge in communities and learn about the rich heritage of Gulmarg
  • Explore several trekking routes including the best of Kashmir, Khilanmarg trek. camp near the trekking bases on your trip.

How to reach Gulmarg in July

By Air: The only option to visit Gulmarg by air is to reach Srinagar by Flight and then continue to Gulmarg by public transportation or local taxis. You can rent vehicles for flexible journeys from Srinagar to Gulmarg. Srinagar Airport is connected to all major cities and international countries.

 By Train: The nearest Railway station to Gulmarg is Jammu Tawi railway station, which is connected to all places in India. People travel from all over the country to Jammu by train and then proceed with their itinerary from there by buses and taxis. If you want you can reach Srinagar and later you can visit Gulmarg.

By Road: National Highway 1-A connects Gulmarg to major towns and the town has reasonable road connectivity. Tourists can frequently board both state-owned buses and upscale private buses. You can travel to Srinagar, and later on, there are frequent local bus services between Gulmarg and Srinagar. It is the least expensive mode of transportation, however a little challenging because you have to change in between.

Srinagar to Gulmarg: People travel from Srinagar to Gulmarg in taxis and Cabs to cover 51 km in between. You can also reach the destination by bus from Srinagar to Tangmarg and Tangmarg to Gulmarg. It will cost you around 500 per head from Srinagar to Gulmarg by public transportation. You can rent vehicles from Srinagar for a more flexible journey.

Sonamarg to Gulmarg: Sonamarg to Gulmarg is roughly 120 kilometers. Even though there are multiple routes to reach Gulmarg from Sonamarg which take 2-3 hours, traveling through Srinagar is more convenient and suitable for all itineraries.

Pahalgam to Gulmarg: Pahalgam to Gulmarg takes around 3 hours 40 minutes to cover 140km in between. You have taxis from Pahalgam to Sonamarg. For public transport travel to Anantnag, Srinagar, tangmarg, and later Gulmarg through Bus.

Essential Information

Kashmir In January

Tips to visit in Gulmarg in July

You’re in for a treat if you’re considering a vacation in March! For those who enjoy the outdoors and an exciting journey, this charming location in the Jammu and Kashmir area of India is a delight.

 To help you get the most out of your July vacation, consider these quick tips:

  • Make Early Reservations for Lodging: Since July is a popular month to visit, reserve your lodging in early to ensure the most selection.
  • Bring layers of clothing just in case, because July in Gulmarg can be chilly sometimes during the night. Remember to include a hat, gloves, and a warm jacket.
  • Verify the weather updates: Pay attention to the weather report. July still has the potential for climate change so be ready for a range of situations.
  • Enjoy treks in Gulmarg for a thrilling experience in July with secured gear for trekking.
  • Gondola Ride: For breathtaking scenery views, take the Gulmarg Gondola ride. It’s the second-highest cable car in the world! Tickets for this event must be purchased well in advance.
  • Local Cuisine: Visit the quaint cafes in the town to sample regional fare like Kashmiri pulao and rogan josh.
  • Honor regional culture: Finally, always remember to honor the customs and culture of the area. It’s crucial to respect regional traditions and dress modestly.
Kashmir In January

Road Conditions

In Gulmarg, major mobile networks operate, albeit signal strength varies in outlying locations. There are many isolated places, thus depending on the circumstances, the signal may be weaker or nonexistent.

Obtain a local SIM card before visiting Gulmarg to improve connectivity. Make sure the phone you have is compatible with local networks. Downloading offline maps might help you navigate your journey without relying on the network. Make sure you pack power backups for any power outages that may occur during your vacation to Gulmarg. Network connectivity is quite poor, and there could not even be a power supply, especially during heavy winds.

Kashmir In January

Rental Vehicles: You might have more freedom to explore the charming villages of Gulmarg if you rent a bike. Verify that the vehicle is suitable for the slow-moving terrain. We provide you with the best selection of car and bike rentals. Any of our vehicles are available for your vacation to Gulmarg in July.

Private Taxis and Cabs: The most practical and reasonably priced form of transportation is the taxi. There are shared taxis available all around the area. Try to haggle as much as you can in advance while using taxis. Joining groups will get you cheaper taxi rides. Kashmir taxi service make it simple to get to locations like Botapathri, Khilanmarg, and Tangmarg. With taxis, people can arrange flexible sightseeing.

Public Buses: There is hardly much public transport available in July for the Gulmarg excursion. Verify bus routes and schedules ahead of time. Nonetheless, in Gulmarg, you may still go between the major cities without using public transportation. Local buses travel all intermediate routes between Gulmarg and Tangmarg. Other places surrounding Gulmarg may have limited services as the terrains are difficult.

Auto Rikshaw: The auto-rickshaw is the most economical and practical mode of transportation. Rikshaws are accessible throughout the region. When using a rikshaw, try to haggle for as long as you can beforehand. Remote locations can be easily reached with rikshaws. In Gulmarg, auto rikshaws make it easy to go to neighboring places including the golf course, Strawberry Valley, and the gondola station.

Horse Riding for sightseeing: The most exquisite methods to experience Gulmarg are via pony rides. You can explore on your own with ponies, have fun, and take pleasure in your rides without the assistance of advisors. There are several alternatives for routes that pass through serene alpine forests. Engage in conversation with locals to discover hidden locations and sample regional cuisine.

Kashmir In June

Network & road conectivity in Gulmarg

In Gulmarg, major mobile networks operate, albeit signal strength varies in outlying locations. There are many isolated places, thus depending on the circumstances, the signal may be weaker or nonexistent.

Obtain a local SIM card before visiting Gulmarg to improve connectivity. Make sure the phone you have is compatible with local networks. Downloading offline maps might help you navigate your journey without relying on the network. Make sure you pack power backups for any power outages that may occur during your vacation to Gulmarg. Network connectivity is quite poor, and there could not even be a power supply, especially during heavy winds.


July is a worthwhile month to visit Gulmarg for a variety of reasons, depending on your priorities. Enjoy Gulmarg’s lush surroundings to the fullest. Certain photographs possess the ability to capture attention due to their striking visuals and excellent subjects for photography. Gulden in Gulmarg is going to leave you speechless. This is the peak season for treks and camps.
The best seasons to arrange a trip to Gulmarg are throughout the summer, from April to September. However, if you want to ski in snowfall, December to mid-March is the greatest time to go. If you want to view lush meadows and breathtaking landscapes, summer, especially July and August, is the best time to visit; if not, winter travel is a possibility.
  • Khilanmarg: One of the most beautiful places in Gulmarg is Khilanmarg, which offers vistas of enormous mountains that resemble melting snow. The about 600-meter-high slope begins at Khilanmarg and climbs to Gulmarg, the ski resort for winter activities. Some of the tallest peaks in the world, including the Nanga Parbat and the twin peaks Nun and Kun, may also be visible from this location.  
  • Apharwat Peak: The top is positioned strategically close to Pakistan’s neighbouring Line of Control and is typically blanketed in deep snow all year round. Furthermore, this is where most of Gulmarg’s winter sports are organized.   
  • Strawberry Valley: It is a great area for a family picnic and to harvest delicious, fresh strawberries. April through September offers the best views of this charming valley. Winter is a popular season for horseback riding and guided treks.   
  • Maharani Temple: The Rani Temple is another name for the Maharani Temple. The most fascinating aspect of the Shiva and Parvati temple in Gulmarg is the way it is built, making it visible from every angle.
  • Ride the Gondola: The entire journey consists of two sections: Gulmarg to Kongdoor and later Apharwat Peak. It’s among Asia’s longest and steepest cable car rides. View the stunning snow-covered mountains, valleys, and woods from a distance.
  • Horseback Riding: Riding a pony to Khilanmarg, which provides some of the most spectacular views of the Great Himalayas, is a thrilling experience in itself. This gorgeous valley is made even more delightful by the abundance of aromatic flowers that grow there. This is also an excellent location for skiers.   
  • Taste Local Food: The most popular cuisine in Gulmarg is Kashmiri food. The most popular foods in Gulmarg are Kahwa and Kashmiri Wazwan. The primary dish is rice, which is usually served with paneer (mutton, chicken, or fish).   
  • Trekking: Trekking is an exciting adventure that adventure seekers would appreciate. Situated on the other side of the Apharwat peak, the lake is one of the most thrilling places to visit in Gulmarg and is reachable via lovely, hilly trekking routes.

Gulmarg has moderate, pleasant weather in July. July weather in Gulmarg is pleasant for all types of activities, with hot winds and not-too-cold temperatures. Even though the valley is starting to bloom with bright flowers and lots of greenery, hiking is made possible by the clear skies seen in the higher altitude zones and on top of the mountains.

The temperature in Gulmarg in July varies from 20 to 23 degrees Celsius at night to 30 to 31 degrees Celsius during the day. It’s summertime and Gulmarg has pleasant days, but during the night the temperature might drop sharply, so travelers should bring layers of clothing for protection in high-altitude areas. 

Major towns are connected to Gulmarg by National Highway 1-A, and the town has adequate road access. Both luxurious private buses and state-owned buses are often available for tourists to board. After you arrive in Srinagar, there are regular local bus services that run between Gulmarg and Srinagar. The same is true for planes and trains. Before arriving in Srinagar, one must first reach Srinagar.

Book your lodging in advance of your trip to Gulmarg. July is a popular month to visit, so book your accommodations in advance to get the best deals. In the summer, a lot of people come here to hike. This is the busiest time of year. Arrange your lodging and make reservations in advance based on your financial constraints.

If you are traveling in July, bring lightweight cotton or polyester clothing that dries more quickly. Even a standard jacket won’t be necessary during the day. You’ll be shocked at how warm it gets in Gulmarg throughout the day. For high altitudes during treks pack proper gear for safety.

July is a very safe month to visit Gulmarg. The monsoon season, which features clear days and rustic weather, is in full flow during July and August. Every year at the end of July, Gulmarg experiences rain, sometimes lasting for several days. If it doesn’t rain, the weather will be scorching; if it does, it will be pleasant.

Depending on your priorities, July is the best month to visit Gulmarg for several reasons. Savor every moment of the verdant surroundings of Gulmarg. Some of the places are at their best sceneries during July like Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve and Khilanmarg Valley. You will be unable to speak after Golden Hour views in Gulmarg. The busiest time of year for camps and treks is during July.

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