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Think of relaxing inside an “igloo” when it snows outside! Are you scratching your head because there isn’t anywhere like this? In fact, there is! First Igloo in Kashmir is Gulmarg Igloo Cafe. Interested in the specifics? Scroll onward. Cafe

Now take pleasure in a supper with your friends and family at Gulmarg, Kashmir’s first igloo restaurant. The “Snowglu” in Gulmarg, the biggest Cafe in the world, has become a favourite among holidaymakers traveling to Kashmir. You have never seen an outdoor cafe or restaurant like this one. Take advantage of Gulmarg tour packages to discover the icy haven. Savour cosy lodging and gorgeous scenery.

The breathtaking sights can be enjoyed while eating a warm lunch inside an igloo that is whiter than the snow. What’s best? Inside the igloo, you won’t even feel the cold.

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A Brief Information About Igloo Cafe Gulmarg

How Did it Start?

Syed Waseem Shah, the proprietor of the cafe and the general manager of the Kolahoi Green Group of hotels and resorts, had the wonderful idea to open the first café, which is located in Gulmarg, Kashmir. Waseem decided to build his home despite Srinagar

receiving a lot of snow. He, therefore, began working on the snow cafe outside of his hotel, the Kolahoi Green Heights Hotel, after researching how to make one online.

He gave the cafe the name “Snowglu” and officially launched it on February 5th, 2022. And as he had predicted, both locals and visitors visiting the resort from Srinagar on a trip to Kashmir found it to be a huge hit.

The entire Gulmarg Igloo Cafe is constructed with snow, making it a true snow wonder. During the winter, travelers frequent the café. Visit this café, amaze, and have your first snow café experience. Built entirely out of frozen snow are the walls, desks, and tables. The café is open all year round and can accommodate about 40 people at once.

In addition, it took 25 people 64 days day and night to create the igloo. And 1,700 man-days were required to finish the snow Cafe Gulmarg project. The igloo is five feet thick, adding to the enjoyment of the event.

This cafe is Kashmir’s newest winter tourism attraction. 

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Inside the Igloo Café

The igloo cafe in Kashmir is surprisingly warm. Despite being composed of snow, the interior is not freezing.

The Gulmarg igloo featured four tables where 16 people could sit and have a meal at once the year prior, which was 2021. As a result, they constructed two steps with a staircase that could fit ten tables in 2022, allowing for the simultaneous dining of about 40 people.

Food Inside the Café

One of the most comfortable things ever is eating a great and warm supper while it is snowing outside. Is it not? A unique dining experience can be had at Snowglu, the largest snow cafe in the world. The Cafe Gulmarg menu offers a variety of delectable dishes, including Kashmiri food, at reasonable prices.

This Cafe Gulmarg offers a variety of mouthwatering foods at affordable prices, including mouthwatering coffee, hot chocolate, sizzlers, starters, and snacks. Keep in mind that Igoo Café Gulmarg charges INR 1000 for an hour of sitting, exclusive of any food you order.

Igloo Cafe Gulmarg only accepts walk-in reservations. They don’t allow advance reservations. Anyone, resident or visitor, is welcome to visit and eat inside the largest Igloo cage in the world.

Where is the World’s Largest Igloo Café?

In Gulmarg, the biggest snow café in the world has just opened. You should stop by this igloo café while you are in Kashmir. Take advantage of the exceptional treatment at this snow-built café. Although this is little in comparison to a typical cafe. However, when viewed as a snow cafe, this establishment is the biggest in the world. A snow cafe requires expensive and labor-intensive construction. But it offers the best experience in the globe.

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When Does the Café Open?

The middle of winter in Kashmir is when the Cafe in Gulmarg is open. In addition to February, the igloo café is open in January. However, how the temperature behaves will determine the precise opening date. The igloo needs a temperature of zero degrees to survive because it is built of hard snow.

Igloo Café Gulmarg is open from morning until night. Between 9 am and 6 pm, the location is open. In this igloo café, you can eat your breakfast, lunch, and nighttime snacks.

This igloo is a café where you can stay and eat, not a place to spend the night. After closing throughout the evening, the café reopens in the morning. In Kashmir, there is only one other snow café.

Arctic Café The cost of food and drink is low in Gulmarg. They offer both veg and non veg food as well as drinks like coffee and others. The price of the cuisine is just what you would expect to spend at any reputable café in Gulmarg.

Best Time to Visit Gulmarg and Ice Café

Kashmir has always had spectacular snowfall. Visit Gulmarg during the winter if you’re wanting to see snowfall. A charming tiny town called Gulmarg is located right in the middle of Kashmir. When it snows in Kashmir, the lovely meadows of Gulmarg, which are typically lush green in April and early May, are covered in a blanket of white snow. Just after the height of winter, January and February are the greatest time to visit Gulmarg for snowfall. Bring your friends or family to Gulmarg to explore this Winter Wonderland. At this time you can experience Igloo cafe near Gulmarg.

 Contrary to popular assumption, Gulmarg is a town that is lovely all year round. By the end of December, snowfall begins, and it lasts through March. This is the best time of year to travel to Gulmarg in the winter if you want to see live snowfall. When Gulmarg is covered in several feet of snow in February, if adventure is what you’re after, choose to ski down its magnificent slopes. In Gulmarg, there are many ski resorts where you may get your fill of snowy adrenaline.

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Things To Do Near Ice Café

You can experience Ice café along with some adventure activities as follows:

  • Gondola Ride
  • Playing Golf
  • Ski
  • Winter Sports in Gulmarg
  • Winter Festival’
  • ATV Ride
  • Pony Ride
  • Trekking

At Gulmarg, you can indulge in three main activities in addition to taking in the area’s natural beauty and finding some quiet time.The main draw of Gulmarg is the Gondola trip, thus that comes first. Trekking is the second. The shortest distance is from Gondola Phase 2 station to Alpather Lake.

You can walk all the way to the lake from Gulmarg itself if you’re up for more adventure and are physically fit. If you had the time, you could actually take a number of additional trek routes from Gulmarg.

Please check our article on Gondola Ride and How to prepare for Alpather Lake Trek for additional information about the Gulmarg Gondola and Alpather Lake.However, if you come during the winter, skiing, and dining at a cafe are what you should be doing in Gulmarg. Options are accessible here for both professionals and brand-new users.

What to See Near Igloo Café?

Gulmarg’s main draw is its tranquility and natural beauty. You should come here for the stunning, rich green meadows that surround you and the tranquility that is only occasionally disturbed by the whinnying of horses.

Some other tourist attractions are as follows.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Snowglu is the largest igloo cafe. Nothing else you have ever seen or enjoyed compares to it. Families may bring their kids to this adorable snow cafe for a special outing, and couples can dine there for a special date. As Kashmir is a popular tourist destination, one of the greatest things to do on your trip is to visit Gulmarg and this beautiful snow Cafe.

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