Which things to Carry for Kashmir Trip?
things to carry for Kashmir Trip

In this blog, we will mention all the essential things to carry for Kashmir trip. This is a must list of essentials to check for your tour to Kashmir. Make sure you go through all these essentials before you kick start your journey. Here are some in the list which you will be needing to visit all the places across the country, however, some things are specific to Kashmir only.


  • At the airport, you must have your RTPCR negative report and if you have done two doses of vaccination, carry the printout of the doses.
  • You need to carry your original ID card, it can be your Aadhar Card, Passport, or Driver’s License. Carry the photocopy of any of these IDs as well.
  • Get the printout of your itinerary.
  • If you are coming by your own cab, you need to have all the essential documents of your vehicle including your driver’s license.

Mobile Connectivity

  • While you are in Kashmir, you must know that all the pre-paid sims activated outside Kashmir Valley will not be functional here. You need to carry post-paid sims preferably of BSNL. BSNL has the strongest signal and even in far-flung areas that include tourist places like Aru, Sonamarg, etc. In case you don’t have the post-paid sim, you can get the pre-paid sim once you land here in Kashmir.

Summer Essentials

If you are traveling to Kashmir in Summers, you need to know the temperature hovers around 30 degrees. And the sunshine in hill stations like Gulmarg and Pahalgam is harsher than in Srinagar. Here is the list of things to carry for Kashmir trip in summers.

  • Carry the essentials like sunscreen and a water bottle.
  • If your tour includes some hikes or walks around the tourist places, do carry a pair of dry-fit T-shirts preferably full sleeve.
  • In summers do carry extra pair of your clothing, you will be needing them as you travel around places like Pahalgam, Sonamarg, etc. The river streams here are very much alluring, and you will be splashing water here and there as you enjoy those shimmering waters.

Power Bank

  • Kashmir valley is full of tourist attractions, you will be stopping every now and then to capture the beauty either on your mobile or camera. You need to carry your power bank to keep your camera charged. It is more essential in case you are going for trekking or hikes.
  • In case you are staying at homestays in remote areas, do expect power cuts. In these situations, your power bank will be your best companion.

Carry the sufficient Cash

  • Kashmir is unlike big cities like Delhi or Mumbai where every nook and corner shop accepts cards or UPI payments. Make sure you get enough cash to pay for your daily expenses like snacks etc.

Carry Umbrella/Raincover

  • Kashmir receives rainfall in a few months, you need to carry one umbrella. You can also buy it at any of the markets here in Kashmir. It can shower anytime here in Kashmir.

Emergency Medicine

  • Don’t’ forget to Carry your essentail medicine with you. Although there is a good medical facility here in Kashmir, you need to carry your medicine all along mostly when you travel to places other than Srinagar. This should be among the top list of things to carry for Kashmir trip.

No Ola, Uber, Swiggy, and Zomato in Kashmir.

  • Your entire travel will depend here on the local transport. The best advice will be to book your transportation with the tour. Here are no Ola or Uber services here.
  • Also, better will be to book your hotels with meal plans. You will not see swiggy or zomato functional here in Kashmir.

Head Scarf

  • If you intend to visit the Muslim religious places here in Kashmir like Hazratbal, Jamia Masjid, etc, you should carry a headscarf and wear it as you enter these places. Although not a strict requirement to visit any of these religious places, it will be a token of respect that you will show to the local community.

Winter Essentials

In winters, Kashmir is cold and receives snowfall. Your travel experience will be quite sour if you are short in carrying some winter essentials. The winter starts in Kashmir in December. Here is the winter list of things to carry for Kashmir trip.

  • Good Shoes: You need to have proper winter shoes, normal walking sports shoes will not work here. In case you have opted for a winter trek or hike, you must carry the proper trekking shoes. Your shoes should be ankle-high preferably.
  • Fleece and Jacket: Do carry two inner fleece that you will need here, one sweater and one padded jacket.
  • Woolen Cap, gloves, socks, and goggles: Carry a pair of woolen socks, winter hand gloves, and a woolen cap to cover your head and ears. Also, don’t forget to carry your goggles, the snow reflection is quite killer for your eyes.
  • Moisturisers/cold creams: In winters as the winter chill makes your skin rough and harsh, you need to carry essentials like lip balm, moisturizers, etc.

Skiing Essentials

Skiing requires extra things to carry than a normal winter tour to Kashmir. Here are some of the essentials you need to carry if you are coming for skiing in Kashmir: Ski Jacket, Ski trousers (salopettes/ski pants), several pairs of Ski socks, Ski gloves, Ski cap, and Ski goggles, a proper ski shoes that can fit in ski equipment, warm jacket or a down jacket for the usage when not doing the skiing during morning and evening.

Trekking Essentials

Trekking has its own extra list of items that you need to carry along with you. Kashmir is considered the best trekking destination in India. Here are some of the things you need to carry while you come for trekking in Kashmir.

  • Backpack & rain cover, trekking shoes preferably high-ankle one, day pack to carry the trek essentials like a lunch box, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, protein bars, etc, headlamp/torch, trekking pole, personal medical kit.
  • Thermals, fleece jacket, feather jacket, waterproof pants, sun cap, woolen cap: toiletries like sunscreen, lip balm, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, toothbrush & toothpaste, hand towel, sanitary napkins, etc.

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