Gurez Valley offers a lifetime of offbeat scenic experiences in the Kashmir valley. Gurez is the ancient valley and the least explored valley in Kashmir. It offers the best serene travel experience. The gurez valley has the best landscape with shimmering river streams, snow-peaked mountains, and the lush landscape blended well with the ancient local population. The valley is vast with the population thinly scatted across its low-lying regions. The fascinating Kishanganga river flows across this valley.

People from across the globe have been visiting this valley for centuries. They enjoy the serenity and the landscape that is not offered anywhere across India.

What is very much alluring about Gurez is its people. They are very much welcoming and hospitable to the incoming tourists. They help in every aspect and go out of their way to make the stay delightful.

Gurez Valley Kashmir has remained the most loved offbeat place across India. This valley throws a tourist into a perfect peaceful trance by its sheer beauty.

Where is Gurez Valley?

Gurez Valley is located in the Bandipora district of the Kashmir region. This valley resides around 123km from Srinagar city. The drive to gurez valley is delightful as it goes via valleys, meadows, mountain passes, and the famous Wular Lake. To reach Gurez valley one has to cross over the famous Razdan Pass which is at an altitude of 3540m above sea level.

The Gurez valley gets connected to the Gilgit valley of Pakistan on the other side. It remains closed for the winter owing to the heavy snowfall which makes Razdan Pass shut. Razdan Pass is the only road that makes Gruez valley connected to the rest of the country.

How to reach Gurez valley from Srinagar?

You can reach Gurez valley from Srinagar by hiring a direct cab. Or you can take a shared cab, however, you will have to change the shared cabs as there is no direct shared cab to Gurez.

Best time to visit Gurez Valley

The best time to visit Gruez valley is in summer. This valley remained closed during winters and is not accessible at that time. The snow covers its passes and lower areas. This makes the roads closed and the temperature drops to sub-zero. However if one wants to visit Gurez in winter, it is only possible via a helicopter service.

In summer the best months to visit are July, August, and September. These months have pleasant weather and the valley looks stunning with lush landscape and snow-peaked mountains.

Famous Places to visit in Gurez Valley

Habba Khatoom Mountain

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This is probably the best attraction for Gurez. This fascinating peak is named after the great romantic poetess of Kashmir Habba Khatoon. Habba Khatoon mountain is a pyramid-shaped mountain. It has lush meadows spreading from its base and the shimmering river stream dancing in its foreground.

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Habba Khatoon peak faces towards the Dawar town of Gurez. The fantastic feature of this mountain is it becomes all golden and breathtaking at the time of sunset. People camp here to view the sunset and the soothing landscape of this place.

Chakwali Gurez

Chakwali is the old and traditonal place of Gurez. It was part of an ancient route that connected Kashmir to China. It is the last village on the Indian side. And is completely offbeat and untouched by modern impressions. You will get the feel of completely a different place with a calm landscape. People here live traditionally with mud and wood houses with centuries-old shapes and designs.

Chorwan Gurez

Chorwan Gurez is a quaint village that is a short distance from Dawar. The village is being developed as an initiative of border tourism. The village rests in the perfect landscape of divine peace and tranquility. One must visit this village from Dawar.

Tulial Valley

Tulian valley is a small beautiful valley within Gurez. This valley gets connected to the mountains of Gangabal via Vishansar and Zajbal Pass. The valley is an utterly beautiful and perfect place for trekkers and adventure lovers.

Things to do in Gurez Valley

Gurez Valley is essential for someone who is looking for a peaceful vacation without any hustle and bustle of tourists. It is for someone who is looking to spend a vacation in the middle of raw nature. All the activities that you will do in Gurez are nature-related. Here are some of the activities you will be able to do in Gurez.


Camping is the first attraction of Gurez. The entire valley is a camping location. The place has the best lush grass beside the clean running streams. You can stop anywhere and pitch your tents here in this valley.


Since camping is quite loved when clubbed with fishing, you can take your fishing rod and spend your time here. The Kishanganga river is full of varied fish. You will get a thrill of your life by fishing in the absolute clean water of the river here in Gurez.


Entire Gurez valley is surrounded and strewn with short, tall, and long mountains. There are some beautiful trekking trails that you can walk on. Some of the trails are just day hikes that you can enjoy while camping here in Gurez. You can take a longer trek that will connect you to mainland Kashmir like Gangabal and Vishansar valleys.


Gurez is heaven for off-road biking. You can visit its far-off places towards the border on your bikes. The roads are uneven and rough which will give you the real thrill of offroad biking.

Gurez Valley Weather

Gurez valley has the most pleasant weather during the summers. In summers the day temperature hovers around 25 degrees. And the night temperature is around 20 degrees. In winters it remains under the grip of sub-zero temperature.

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Gurez Festival

Gurez valley festival is an annual festival for tourism promotion that the government and military conducts. Gurez valley festival usually lasts for 3 days. It exhibits the local talent. It has the festival feeling of all the hustle-bustle of the local population. There are events organized like trekking, mountaineering, offroad biking, etc.

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