Manali in November – What to Expect


Manali in November brings the aroma of winter. As you pass the streets, you will get the fragrance of cinnamon emanating from the landscape. The biodiversity is preparing to go to sleep until summer comes again to wake it up. November graces Manali with a bright sun, chilly winds, and an inviting landscape. Late November is a time of snowfall in the high passes.

If you have chosen November as your month of travel to Manali, you will cherish your decision. Let’s find out the whys and hows of your November trip to Manali. 

Things to do in Manali in November

There are plenty of things to do in Manali in November. Let’s jump into them one by one. 

1. Skiing

With the beginning of winter, Manali organizes many skiing and snow sports competitions in the Solang valley and the Rohtang Pass area. If you visit Manali in November, not only can you witness such sports, you can take part in activities like skiing yourself. 

2. Paragliding

Paragliding is an all-weather activity in Manali. The glide lets you witness the landscape from the such closeness that you will see a large part of Manali and feel it inside your bones. It is a must-do activity in Manali whichever month you choose to visit. 

3. Helicopter ride

A helicopter ride in the Solang Valley takes you through the meadows of Solang and the dense canopies of Manali forests. The experience is a safe one, witnessing everything from behind a glass window. The thrill of riding a helicopter over such a beautiful landscape is enough to fill your heart. 

4. Horse and Yak ride

The Rohtang Pass area offers Yak and horse rides to its visitors. It is a popular activity as you must have seen tourists’ pictures sitting on Yaks in the area. You can traverse the whole area from a horse’s or a Yak’s back without letting tiredness take you over.

5. Snowboarding

November brings in snow activities in the region even though snowfall is not witnessed in the area. The snow grounds prepared for snow sports grant you a proper landscape for this activity as well. 

Places to see in Manali in November

All the places in Manali are accessible in November. Following is a recommendation list of the best places to see in Manali in November. 

1. Solang Valley

Winter falls and Solang valley starts buzzing with tourists. The valley is famous for its adventure activities and ski championships that begin in November. Solang is a must-visit area in Manali due to its too-much-to-offer nature and simple yet exquisite landscape. 

2. Hampta pass trek

The trek is a famous one in winter due to its breathtaking view in these months. The trek is a challenging one and hence luring for adventure seekers. If you are looking for places to visit in Manali in November, the Hampta pass would be at the top of the list. 

3. Manikaran

Famous for its temples and Manikaran lake, Manikaran is a famous pilgrimage for devotees. The temple is a beautiful structure housing various deities and a perennial river flowing below it. Tourists visit here to enjoy the peace and serenity of the area. 

4. Rohtang Pass

The high pass of Manali is a good opportunity for tourists looking for snow in Manali in mid-November. However, the pass might be closed for tourist visits in late November due to heavy snowfall. There are a lot of activities like skiing and yak riding that you can enjoy in this area. 

Is it a good time to visit Manali in November?

October and November are termed as the best months to visit Manali. The weather is chilly and yet snow is largely absent. All tourist areas are accessible. The winter is set beautifully in the valley. November would be the best pick depending on what you are expecting from your trip. 

Does it snow in Manali in November?

There are high chances of snow in Manali in November. The high passes of Manali definitely experience snowfall in November. However, you might not see any snowfall in Manali proper in November. 

How cold is Manali in November?

Manali in November is not extremely cold. The chill is just setting in and you can feel that Winter Is Coming. The weather is clear and the sun shines abundantly. Rainfall is rare and you can plan your day outside. 

The maximum temperature goes to around 25 degrees celsius in Manali in November and the minimum hovers at around 8 degrees Celsius. The average temperature throughout the month is around 17 degrees Celsius. 

What to wear in Manali in November?

Manali in November is cold. So here is the list of clothes to wear in Manali in November. It is better if you go prepared with your woolen and your jacket. You should carry your warmer, a sweater, a jacket and a thick pair of socks and shoes. 

The weather in Manali is getting colder day by day in November. It is better to not take it lightly and prepare yourself against the cold Manali winds. 

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