Ice Skating In Gulmarg


Ice Skating In Gulmarg is one of the best activity to do in winters. Ice skating aficionados can have a fantastic winter experience in Gulmarg, which is tucked away in one of Jammu & Kashmir’s most breathtaking settings. The frozen lakes and ice rinks of Gulmarg tour packages offer an incredible playground for this thrilling winter sport, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater. This guide will cover the ideal conditions for ice skating, necessary gear, safety advice, and the finest places to partake in this winter sport. Prepare to glide over the ice and enjoy Gulmarg’s magical ice skating experience with Cliffhangers India.

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Best Time for Ice Skating in Gulmarg

The latter part of December and January are frequently the best times to go ice skating in Gulmarg. During these months, there is a lot of snowfall in the area, and the snow is perfect for ice skating. Winter sports are best carried out in the sub-zero to around 10 degree Celsius low temperatures, which range from 14 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although you may go ice skating from December to March, Gulmarg Kashmir typically has the finest conditions in January. Typically, the snowy season starts in December and lasts until March, during which time rivers are frozen enough to be used for ice skating. 

However, since they can vary from year to year, You can plan your trip with Cliffhangers India following weather conditions.

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Equipment Needed

To have a safe and enjoyable time ice skating in Gulmarg, it is essential to have the right equipment. The list of equipment you’ll require is as follows:

  • Skates/ Boots: Invest money in a pair of skates that are comfortable to wear and provide a lot of ankle support. Look for boots with a BOA closing mechanism or proper lacing to provide a snug fit.
  • Bindings: The binding refers to the link between your skating boots and the skates. Make certain that the bindings you choose provide a responsive and secure connection and are appropriate for your skates.
  • Dress in layers to keep warm and comfortable in Gulmarg’s cool climate. It is recommended to wear a moisture-wicking base layer, insulating mid-layers, and then a waterproof, breathable outer shell jacket and trousers. 
  • Bring mittens or gloves, socks made for snow activities, and a balaclava or neck gaiter to keep your face covered. Wrist guards for further safety, a backpack to hold your essentials, hand, and foot warmers, and sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays—which can still be very strong even in the winter—are extra items you might require.
  • Avalanche Safety Equipment: You must have avalanche safety gear if you plan to go off-piste or into the backcountry. Typically, this consists of a probe, a shovel, and an avalanche beacon.

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Accommodation and Facilities

Numerous lodging choices are available in Gulmarg to accommodate various spending limits and tastes. In Gulmarg, these popular lodging options and facilities for Ice skaters are listed:

Hotels and Resorts: There are numerous hotels and resorts in Gulmarg that may accommodate various spending plans and tastes. These places frequently offer cozy lodgings, conveniences like heating, hot water, and Wi-Fi, as well as on-site food choices.

Guesthouses and Homestays: Consider staying in a guesthouse or a homestay if you want a more personal and authentic experience. 

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Things to do Other than Ice Skating in Kashmir


One of the most recent adventure sports to be added to the state of Jammu & Kashmir is paragliding. Among other natural factors, the climate in Kashmir and excellent wind conditions are appropriate for this form of flying activity.

Jammu, Sanasar, Kud, Batote, and Nathatop are the parts of Jammu that are most suited for this adventurous sport. Tourists can choose to soar over lowlands, lakes, or mountains.

Ice Hockey

The popularity of ice hockey, which has recently increased in India, has recently been added to Kashmir’s adventure tourism industry. Ice hockey is a game played while skating on a frozen lake or artificial ice rink. Once someone is skating, no one needs to be told what they ought to be doing or anticipating.

Water Skiing

Water skiing is a thrilling sport that enables participants to make a splash at the ocean’s bottom. This pastime is similar to water surfing in many ways. The riders must have a lot of energy and high sensory skills to do it.

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