Pahalgam Versus Sonamarg


The decision between Sonmarg and Pahalgam truly boils down to the type of traveller you are and the objectives of your vacation. Although both places have beautiful landscapes, each has a different charm. To assist you in selecting, which is the best option for you, here is a closer look at the two. There is a tone of things to do around here, from skiing and golfing to hiking and mountain biking, and the vistas are simply breathtaking.

In contrast, Sonmarg is frequently referred to as the “Gateway to Heaven.” Sonmarg, which is in the Kashmir Valley, is encircled by majestic mountains and glaciers. It’s the ideal place to get away from the bustle of city life because of the breathtaking scenery here. Sonmarg offers a variety of activities as well, such as hiking, horseback riding, and white-water rafting.

Pahalgam and Sonmarg are a hub of adventure and offer a variety of activities for visiting tourists among the numerous magnificent locations in Kashmir. Whether you’re traveling alone or with family and friends, the touching experience will undoubtedly leave you with lifelong memories of Cliffhangers India.

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How to Reach

Let me first discuss the various travel options for getting to Pahalgam. It would be necessary for you to travel to Srinagar first if you were traveling from a location like Delhi, Mumbai, or Hyderabad.

The location is very well connected to the rest of the nation and is accessible by car, rail, or airplane. Please check out How to Plan a Trip to Srinagar for more information.

The only means of transportation from Srinagar to Pahalgam is by road. A helicopter service is also offered, but it is primarily used during Amarnath Yatra. Regular tourists must either locate a private or shared taxi service in Kashmir, drive themselves, or by bus.

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Where to Stay at Pahalgam

Pahalgam is a well-known tourist attraction, hence there are plenty of hotels available. There are numerous hotels and guest houses available across the entire town.

The one thing you should be aware of is that these accommodations might be a little on the pricey side, particularly during the Amarnath Yatra in June, July, and August.

A nice hotel will typically cost between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 2500 per night. If the price of the accommodation was lower, the hotel would either be out of Pahalgam or in poor shape.

The decision to reserve in advance is solely yours. If you plan to travel during the Amarnath Yatra, I advise you to make reservations in advance. Hotels fill up entirely during certain months, and you might have trouble finding accommodations at all.

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Places to See in Pahalgam

Here is lift of some of the best places to visit in Pahalgam

Betaab Valley

Without question, Pahalgam’s Betaab Valley may be the most well-liked tourist destination. About 7 kilometers away from the main town, it is steep.

What is Betaab Valley , then? Prior to 1983, it was merely a meadow where the local shepherds would graze their animals. It was known as Hagan Valley or Hagoon at the time.

Then, Betaab, starring Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh, was filmed here in 1983. The valley and the movie were both huge successes. 


Next on the list is Chandanwari, which is situated 15 kilometers from Pahalgam and 8 kilometers from Betaab Valley.

The motorable road terminates here, and the walk to Amarnath Cave starts from here.

Aru Valley

The distance between Pahalgam and the tiny settlement of Aru valley is around 12 kilometers. It serves as the starting point for a number of treks and is frequently busy with trekkers beginning or ending their journey.

At one end of the village, there is a meadow that is a great place to relax and have fun.

Baisaran Valley

About 6 kilometers are needed to get to Pahalgam from this valley or meadow. Only on foot or by pony can one get to the location. After passing through a thick forest, the trip comes to a finish in the alpine settlement of Baisaran valley.

The same trip continues further up to reach additional settlements including Kani Marg and Tulian Valley (also home to Tulian Lake). The trip is perfect for anyone who isn’t into trekking but would like to add the experience to their holiday itinerary because of its Beginner to Intermediate difficulty level.

Pahalgam Golf course

Pahalgam also has a golf course, which is a well-liked tourist destination. Numerous golf competitions are hosted here, and even as a beginner, you may give the sport a try for a few hundred dollars per hour.

It is still a fantastic location to visit and explore even if you are not interested in golf.

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Lidder River

The Lidder River is the last but not the least. It is a glacial river that flows through the Pahalgam valleys and has its source in the Kolahoi glacier. It will be your traveling companion for the majority of the time that you are here.

Many various species of fish call their crystal-clear water home, and the area’s residents depend on it because it is also utilized for irrigation.

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Things to Do in Pahalgam

In addition to seeing all of the attractions listed above, Pahalgam also offers the activities listed below.

Weather in Pahalgam

The subtropical climate in Pahalgam results in severely chilly winters and agreeably mild summers. The roads can occasionally become obstructed because of the heavy snowfall that occurs here from late December to early March. In these months, the temperature falls well below zero.

Betaab Valley, Chandanwari, and Aru Valley, which are close to Pahalgam, continue to have snowfall far into early April. The weather is typically warm and dry from May to June.

By late June, the monsoon has arrived, and until early September, this region experiences heavy rainfall during July and August.

Late September marks the return of the cold, and by mid-October, Pahalgam is susceptible to snowfall at any time. It will continue to be extremely cold until March of the following year.

The fact that Pahalgam is not located at a particularly high altitude is crucial to keep in mind. The temperature between here and areas like Betaab and Aru Valley will differ significantly.

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Distance from Sonamarg to Pahalgam

The distance from Sonmarg to Pahalgam in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir can vary depending on the specific route you take, as there are multiple roads that connect the two towns. The Approximately driving distance is around 130 to 150 kilometers. The journey usually takes around 4 to 5 hours by car, depending on road conditions and traffic.

The road conditions in the region can be affected by weather, especially during the winter months when heavy snowfall can make some routes impassable. It is advisable to check the current road conditions and weather forecasts before planning your trip.

Sonamarg: Sonamarg is located on the Srinagar-Leh road, about 75 miles from Srinagar. From April to November, the route is open; it is closed from December to March. While two days is the suggested length of time to spend in Sonamarg sightseeing , if you’re short on time, a day trip is also a reasonable choice.

Using public transport is also straightforward. Between Srinagar and Sonamarg, there is a daily bus service in addition to the usual shared taxi service, one can book a taxi service in Srinagar to reach Sonamarg or Pahalgam.

There are several hotels to choose from for lodging, providing choices for both upscale and price-conscious tourists. Read on for more information.

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How to Reach Sonamarg?

Before you can go to Sonamarg, you must first go to Srinagar. It is also possible to enter from the direction of Leh and Kargil, but doing so will certainly take much longer.

Srinagar is one of the biggest cities in India and a well-liked vacation spot. So getting there should not be a problem. Travel by air or by road is also a possibility. Take a bus or a shared taxi from Srinagar to Sonamarg.

Where to Stay?

In light of your arrival in Sonamarg, let’s talk about your housing options. Both those on a tight budget and those with no constraints on their spending can find a hotel in Sonamarg.

Sonamarg actually starts with hotels along the roadway on either side. Hotels are scattered around the valley as you get closer to the town; pick the one that best suits your needs.

The town’s early hotels are a little affluent and opulent. The price in these hotels is probably between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 5000, if not more. A hotel at the town’s entrance should be found if money were not an issue.

What to See in Sonmarg?

What attractions can you find in Sonamarg? The spectacular natural surroundings of the location will surely be the first answer to that query. The town’s location and the beautiful sights it offers will win you over. Here are some of the most famous things to see in Sonmarg

Thajiwas Glacier

Sonamarg’s Thajiwas Glacier is by far the most well-liked tourist attraction. Contrary to what many people believe, you don’t really travel all the way to the glacier. As an alternative, you travel 3 kilometers from Sonamarg to a place called Snow Point. From there, you may sled downhill and take in a clear view of the glacier.

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Zoji La Pass

Why would you want to go to the pass? There are two elements at work. One is that the views from the summit are absolutely breathtaking. The second reason is that the journey itself is quite exciting and will make you feel your heart racing in several different places.

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The “zero-point” is really two km away from Zoji La Top. Driving from Sonamarg to the top of the pass and then another two miles in the direction of Dras will take you to a region with many Dhabas.

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The distance between Sarbal’s tiny settlement and Sonamarg market is about two kilometers. Just to enjoy the environment and get a sense of rural life in Kashmir, you should visit this cute tiny village in the forest.

From here, it takes two to three hours to trek to Sonamarg. The walk is a little tough and steep because you are essentially climbing up a mountain face.

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Things to Do in Sonamarg


This one ought to be clear. Sonamarg is a genuine haven for hikers. The short excursions Thajiwas and Table Top are among the walks that require you to walk for several days in the forest.

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Write about sledding. You essentially sit on a wooden sled on the snow and ride it down. Even in the summer, it is still open to the public. There are several spots close to the Thajiwas Glacier where there is seasonal snow that can be used for sledging.

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Naturally, this only happens for a short while after Sonamarg opens during the winter. There will still be a tonne of snow towards the end of March and the beginning of April, and you might enjoy skiing in the valley close to the Thajiwas Glacier excursion.

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Best Time to Go Sonamarg

Sonamarg is open from late March to late November; it is closed from December to late March. It will still be a few years before that happens, despite efforts to keep it open all year. Sonamarg is currently only reachable from the end of March through the end of October or the beginning of November.

You should choose the exact date you leave based on the type of trip you were looking forward to. If you want to see snow, go as soon as it opens, in March or early April.

If you’re going to visit family, we’d advise going in May, June, or September. Consider traveling in October if you want to vacation on a budget. The best months for photography will be August and September.

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Pahalgam v/s Sonamarg

Sonamarg can be your preferred destination if you like shorter journey times, breathtaking glaciers, and more trekking. On the other side, Pahalgam might be a better choice if you’re searching for tranquil settings, outdoor activities, and a more relaxed environment. If you have the time, you might even think about visiting both locations as they both have their own distinct beauty and attractions. Additionally, it’s crucial to be informed about travel advisories and make an informed decision before arranging your trip considering the political and security circumstances in the area.

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Pahalgam vs Sonmarg Which is Better in Winter?

During the winter, Sonamarg experiences significant snowfall, turning the region into a winter wonderland. A lovely scene is created by the snow-covered landscapes, frozen lakes, and alpine meadows. In the winter, Pahalgam is also blanketed in snow, which gives the area a tranquil and enchanted feel. The Lidder River and the pine woodlands coated with snow only enhance the splendour.

Sonamarg is a popular vacation spot for lovers of winter sports because it provides options for skiing and snowboarding. Wintertime in Pahalgam offers a more laid-back vibe. You can take in the scenery, go on walks, and engage in indoor pursuits like reading and dining on regional fare.


In conclusion, Sonamarg and Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir are both wonderfully stunning places with a variety of interesting things to do. Your tastes and the type of vacation experience you’re looking for will determine which option you choose. Before planning your trip consider Cliffhangers India for your tour packages.

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