How to Spend Two Days in Gulmarg – 1N/2D Gulmarg Itinerary
how to spend two days in gulmarg

The apple of the adventurous spirit’s eye, Gulmarg Kashmir is becoming a popular tourist destination in Kashmir. The area offers numerous adventure activities and features a number of natural marvels. The site offers one of the best snowfalls in Kashmir and is popular for snow activities as well.

Read this blog on how to spend two days in Gulmarg. If you have two days in your itinerary and are planning to visit Gulmarg, we at Cliffhangers India will take you through things to do in Gulmarg in two days, places to visit in Gulmarg in two days and will help you prepare your two-day itinerary for your Gulmarg trip.

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Things to do in Gulmarg in Two Days

The Gulmarg tour would require you at least two days to enjoy the various adventure activities in the area. Here are some things to do in Gulmarg in two days.

  1. Gondola ride

The most exciting adventure in Gulmarg Kashmir is the Gulmarg Gondola. Tourists prefer it to get a bird’s eye view of the whole Gulmarg Landscape. A Gondola ride will get you a view of the LOC, Pir Panjal ranges and many tourist destinations. If you are visiting in the winter months, you can witness snow in phase 1 as well.

  • Skiing

Going up from a Gondola and wheezing down the Apharwat peak on skis is a preferred activity of tourists. Gulmarg is the skiing hub of Kashmir where tourists come from all over the world and even skiing competitions are organised. You can hire the equipment from there only as many rental shops provide them.

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  • Trekking

Trekking to the frozen Alpather lake is an adventure of its own kind. The trek starts from the base of the twin Apharwat peak. You can also take a Gondola or a pony to reach the lake though tourists prefer to trek through the exciting landscape. Alpather lakes trek is one of the popular summer trek in Gulmarg.

  • Sightseeing

From numerous temples like Maharani temple and Baba Reshi temple to nature’s wonders like Drung Waterfall and Strawberry valley, Gulmarg sightseeing is full of picturesque sights you can visit on your two-day trip.

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Places to Visit in Gulmarg in Two Days

Various adventurous destinations and architectural marvels in Gulmarg constitute the places to visit in Gulmarg in two days. Add as many of them as you can to your two-day itinerary.

  1. Khilanmarg

At an altitude of 600 m from Gulmarg, Khilanmarg is the most sought-after place in Gulmarg. The region gets you a picturesque view of Nanga Parbat and other titanic mountains. The valley offers various adventure sports for tourists as well.

  • St. Mary’s church

Amidst carpeted snow, thick forests and capturing landscape, St. Mary’s Church is a Victorian-style building with grey walls and a green roof. The destination is famous for the surprising peace it offers and is a hub for photography enthusiasts.

  • Gulmarg Golf Course

The highest golf course in the world, Gulmarg golf course is a bowl-shaped attractive landscape surrounded by pine and deodar trees. Even if you are not a golfing enthusiast, try your hand at the sport in the region as the landscape inspires you to participate.

  • Igloo cafe

A newly added attraction, Igloo cafe is a cafe made of ice. The igloo structure with tables and chairs made of ice and yet offering a comforting warmth is becoming popular with tourists day by day and is a must-visit destination in Gulmarg.

  • Maharani Temple

Maharani temple is one of the oldest temples in Kashmir, built by the wife of Ruler Hari Singh of Kashmir. The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and his consort Parvati and is famous for its visibility from all angles of Gulmarg.

  • Baba Reshi shrine

Built as a tribute to scholar Baba Reshi, the shrine is a Persian architectural marvel. The shrine offers a peaceful and meditating environment where Baba Reshi spent his last days. His meditative vibes can still be felt in the region.

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Gulmarg Two Days Sightseeing Itinerary

  • Day 1

Start early and set out for a Gondola ride to the Apharwat peak. Hire skiing equipment at the top and try your hand at skiing. After coming down, do a little sightseeing at St. Mary’s Church, Maharani temple and Baba Reshi shrine. At the end of the day, taste some local delicacies and visit Gulmarg market for some shopping.

  • Day 2

Visit the base of the Apharwat peak first thing in the morning and trek to the gorgeous Alpather Lake. After coming down, visit the nearby Gulmarg Golf course and have food at the famous Igloo cafe. Later, visit the breathtaking valley of Khilanmarg and Strawberry valley if time permits.

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Which trekking routes in Kashmir are the most popular?

Here are the most popular trekking routes:

  1. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
  2. Tarsar Marsar Trek
  3. Warwan Valley Trek
  4. Tulian Lake Trek
  5. Nafran Valley Trek
  6. Bodpathri Lakes Trek

What are the snow months to visit in Gulmarg?

Below are the snow months to visit in Gulmarg

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