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July is one of the finest months to have a vacation in the “Land of High Passes”, Ladakh. With its boundless and lush vistas, older than time monasteries, magnificent lakes, snow-capped mountains, you get the best of it during this time of the year. Every outdoor activity is at hand and can be safely done. From trekking to river rafting, you get everything. Just name it!  Lakes have melted completely given the moderate temperature. Visit them with necessary permits and imbibe their beauty. Infrequent rainfall can be experienced with little snowfall in the high-altitude regions. Although main roads connecting different tourist attractions are declared open and a bike trip in July is an ultimate choice. 

Ladakh is globally renowned for tourism, attracting lakhs of people from all over the world. From riders to photography enthusiasts, everybody wishes to come here once in their life. 

From Ladakhis living a unique life, indifferent from ours to the rich culture and heritage of the place, you witness everything here. July is the month when different types of vibrant festivals are celebrated here. Cuisine of Ladakh, influenced from central Asia, Tibetan culture and the Indian subcontinent, is just melting and delicious. The people are somewhere a little shy but they are very friendly and warm once you meet them. 

Below, we have provided every information regarding a trip to Ladakh in July. The page contains the weather, places to visit, activities to do and everything amidst. 

Weather & Temperature of Ladakh in July

With the whole northern India experiencing heavy rainfall in July, Ladakh in July experiences infrequent showers. It doesn’t rain cats and dogs here due to the presence of high ranges like Pir Panjal , stopping the monsoon clouds from entering the valley. The climate is enjoyable with pleasant weather. Ladakh temperature in Ladakh falls between 20-30°C making the days warmer yet tolerable. The mercury level dips down to 10°C  during nights, hence they are comparatively colder.

The ladakh’s atmosphere in July is ideal for sightseeing and other activities. The ice has melted on roads and in lakes too. Weather in july in the main reason why july is the best and most preferred month for a trip to Ladakh, 

Popular Ladakh Tours

Top 12 Places To Visit In Ladakh In July

Leh Palace

Visiting Leh Palace in July gives you a mesmerizing view of Ladakh valleys from the carved windows. The building was built in the 17th century in a blend of Indian and Tibetan architecture. 

King Sengge Namgyal. Visiting this place really showcases you ladakh’s heritage and history.

Located at a hill called Tsemo, the 9 storied complex has a statue of buddha. The timing is from 8 am to 6 pm and it can be explored in 2 hours maximum. You see paintings here hanging on the walls that were painted 400 years ago. 

Thiksey Monastery

The main attraction of Thiksey Monastery is the huge statue of Maitreya Buddha which covers 2 out of the total 12-storeys. Situated at the tophill in Thiksey, it is just 19 kilometers from Leh city. The monastery is recognised as one of the oldest in Central Ladakh.

Popular festival called ‘Gustor’ is celebrated here in october-november when Cham dance is also performed by Lamas. A trade fair is also organized showcasing the barter system. Villagers and tourists attend it to know its significance. You can visit here from 7 am to 7pm everyday including Sundays and national holidays.

Dikshit Monastery

Counted as the prime destinations to visit in Ladakh, Dikshit Monastery is located in Nubra valley. The distance between Leh city and the monastery is about 115 kilometers. The highlight of it would be the Lachung temple , slightly above the complex, and a statue of Maitreya buddha, present below. When visiting Dikshit monastery, you can also take a look at Hunder Monastery, a nearby one.

There are paintings hung on the walls and 1-2 hours is the maximum time taken to explore it. ‘Dosmoche’ or ‘festival of Scapegoat’ is celebrated in February when Lamas perform the traditional Cham dance. Dikshit village from here is the perfect scenery with Shylock river flowing by side.  

Nubra Valley

Nubra valley or Orchards of Ladakh, as it is popularly called, is the northernmost part of Ladakh. 105 kms separate Nubra valley from Leh. Khardung La , the highest motorable pass of the world, falls in-between when crossing the valley. It has some monasteries that can be visited such asEnsa, Samsteling, Dikshit and Hunder.

July is one of the convenient months to visit Nubra valley and enjoy the recreational activities that it offers. Some of the highlights of the place are the sand dunes of cold deserts, and rides of double humped bactrian camels. It is very popular here.  

Turtuk Village

One of the most off-beat locations of Ladakh, Turtuk village is one of the gateways to Siachen Glacier. It is strategically significant and situated in the Karakoram range. 

It was not always part of India and came under it only after 1971. You can interact here with the Balti people who form the main inhabitation and get to know about life on the other side of the border. You can do sightseeing, watching waterfalls and some small treks here. It is the last outpost of India and is 205 kilometers from Leh city. 

Magnetic Hill

The hills that have been an unresolved mystery since ages are in Ladakh. Magnetic hills defy the universal phenomenon of gravity by attracting vehicles towards it. You can park your vehicle in neutral at a yellow spot present there and see it happening in front of your eyes. 

In earlier times, people believed it to be one of the doors to heaven and whoever would be deemed lucky gets pulled by it. It is at a distance of 30 kilometers from Leh city and you can visit here from July to September as it is generally the best period to be here. Some of the nearby tourist spots here are the Hall of Fame, Pthar Sahib, Alchi Monastery etc. 


Hall of Fame

A place to feel proud! Hall of Fame is a place dedicated to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Indo-Pak Wars.

Their images and names along with letters written by them, arms used, everything is placed there for the public. It is just 4 kms away from Leh city and you can stop here when you are on your way to Magnetic Hills. The place is open for the public to see from 9 am to 7 pm with a break of 1 hour from 1pm-2pm. There is a parade that takes place in the evening by 7pm that is something you can not miss. 

Shanti Stupa

The white dome was built in 1991 by Bhikshu, a Japanese Buddhist. It is situated on the zenith of a hill in Chanspa, Leh. Shanti Stupa has relics of Buddha and the golden Buddha is the supreme deity here.

It is located at a walking distance of 3-4 kms from Leh and remains open from 5 am to 9 pm. It was constructed to celebrate 2500 years of Lord Buddha and the main motive is peace and prosperity for everyone. 

Hemis monastery

Hemis festival is celebrated at Hemis Monastery by June and sometimes starts in July so if you are there at this time of the year, you can attend it and see the traditional Cham dance performed by Lamas. It is held in honor of Padmasambhava. The whole monastery is dedicated to buddhism. 45 kms away from Leh city, it is on the banks of Indus river, at the tophill in Hemis. The view of the nearby villages from the top is quite beautiful. The ruins still exist but it is said that it was built way before the 11th- century. 

It is one of the top attractions and best places to visit in Ladakh in July. It remains open from 8 am till 6 pm in the evening. There is a break from 1-2pm. You can make a visit here throughout the week. 


Zanskar Valley

The lush valley is located at an altitude of 12154 ft. in the lap of Northern Himalayas. It is the base camp for several treks with Chadar trek being the most popular one. Zanskar river freezes completely and it is a winter trek. Other summer treks to be done in July are found too in Zanskar Valley.

You can do many outdoor and adventurous activities here like river rafting, motorbiking, and paragliding. Some nearby monasteries to visit when you are in the valley are Sani Monastery, Phutkal Monastery and Stongdey Monastery. Picnics by edges of stunning lakes is another top-notch choice. It is a semi-arid region and falls somewhere 105 kilometers from Leh. 

Pangong Lake

Only 40 percent of Pangong Lake comes under the Indian subcontinent. It is 134 kms long and the breadth would be 8 kilometers. It was a very off-beat attraction earlier but got its deserving fame after the climax of super hit movie “3-idiots” was shot here. It is located in Eastern Ladakh and completely freezes in winter. You can visit it in July to get the best of it. Due to safety reasons, only groups with a certified guide are allowed here and you need to have Inner Line Permit (ILP). Boating is not permitted too. The timing would be from 8 am-5pm. 

It is breathtaking and sunrises and sunsets with snow-laden peaks in the background are just perfection. 


Tso Moriri Lake

The stunning high-altitude lake, residing completely in the Indian subcontinent is a must-visit attraction of Ladakh. It is 29 kilometers long and 8 kilometers wide, situated in the Changthang region of Rupshu Valley. Falling about 245 kilometers away from Leh city, it takes about 6-7 hours to reach here. Inner Line Permit (ILP) is mandatory to have to enter the locale of it.

The reason behind being the presence of it in the Line of Actual Control (LOC) region. It is located at high-altitudes hence proper acclimatization is suggested to avoid stomach aches and headaches and other symptoms related to high-altitude sickness. Lake is completely frozen in the winter. July is the optimal time to make a visit. 

Leh ladakh Bike Trip In July

ladakh bike trip

Bike trip to Ladakh is a bliss in itself for every rider. The experience is thrilling and amusing in july. From challenging Passes like Khardungla to Oh! So serene lakes like Pangong, the whole adventure is exciting and gets your body filled with the much-needed adrenaline. The bike trip offers your views of vast vistas, primitive monasteries and snowy mountains. Roads are clear and not slippery during this time of the year as snow has liquified completely. The two ways for the bike trip are Srinagar Leh Highway and Manali-Leh Highway. You can choose either of them. 

Above all this, you do need some prior preparations to have a safe one. You must choose a bike or vehicle made for long trips like Royal Enfield with a big engine. Small-engine bikes are good too if you are carrying enough spare fuel. You must know your bike in and out so that you would be able to repair minor punctures and other problems. 

Acclimatizing well for high-altitude riding and experience in off-roading is a must-thing. Other than that, ladakh bike trip is awesome in every way and you should do it once in a lifetime. 

Top 10 Things To Do In Ladakh In July

Go On Trekking

Ladakh is every trekker’s delight. It has some popular winter as well as summer treks to undertake. Treks to do in July would be Markha Valley Trek and Stok Kangri Trek and many more. These treks take you through panoramic villages and ancient monasteries. 

As these are high-altitude treks, you should acclimatize properly. Carry all the trekking gears. 

It is always advised to trek with a local travel company such as Cliffhangers India who have skilled and experienced trek guides. 

Engage In Photography

Photography is one of the memorable experiences in Ladakh. From clicking portraits of warm and friendly people to the clicks of antiquated monasteries, you get them postcard-perfect. 

The rich biodiversity of Ladakh gives you a chance for nature photography as well as taking pictures of animals in their natural habitat. 

At some places, you might have to pay minimal fees for pictures but they are worth every penny. Just bring your cameras along and click stunning shots. Sunset and sunrise is the best period in the whole day for snapshotting. 

Visit Monasteries

Dikshit Monastery, Hemis Monastery, Elsa monastery, Thiksey Monasteries, Spituk Monasteries, Lamayuru Monastery, are some of the monasteries that hold great religious significance and are architectural masterpieces.

You see the finest craftsmanship here with paintings on the wall that are 400+ years old. They are built in the blend of Indian and Tibetan style. July is a good month to come to Ladakh and visit these monasteries as different local festivities start during this time of the year. 

Try Local Cuisine

The local Ladakhi cuisine is just mouthwatering and flavourful. You get both veg and non-options in your meals.

The diversity of local cuisine is unparalleled. Thukpa, Momoa, Skyu, Chutgi, Khambir are some of the popular choices here. Butter tea is one of the delicacies here. Ladakh is known globally for its Apricots and you should buy apricot jam from here to take back home and relish it.

Enjoy Bike Trips

One of the most popular adventurous and every rider’s dream is a bike trip to ladakh. It is popular due to the vast landscapes it offers, the challenging and adrenaline-pumping routes and much more.

You can rent bikes in Ladakh too to go and see around places. Just keep in mind to check weather conditions, roads connectivity, and altitudes. Pack all the essentials like spare fuel, warm clothes, medicines etc. Your bike should be well-maintained and serviced and you must have some experience in off-roading. 

Experience River Rafting

The perfect spots for river rafting in Ladakh would be Zanskar and Indus rivers. They have river rafting options for beginners as well as experienced persons. The difficulty level varies. 

They are safe if you have registered with an operator who priorities your comfort and safety. 

These rivers freeze in winter hence summer, specially July month is an excellent time for river rafting in Ladakh. 

Take A Yak Safari

Yak safari is a ladakh-specific experience which you should do when you are there. They might seem big and scary but they are very friendly.

You can feed them bread after taking permission from the owner. The ride takes you through valleys, streams, peaks, glaciers etc. july is a convenient time to do this due to clear routes and their availability. 

Attend Hemis Festival

Celebrated in June every year in Hemis Monastery, Hemis festival is attended by locals of nearby villages and tourists. You see the traditional Cham dance which Lamas perform.

It is celebrated on the birthday of Padmasambhava who spent his whole life doing service for others. 

Shopping In Leh

Some of the main shopping centers in Ladakh are Moti Market, Tibetan Handicraft Emporium etc, where you can purchase handicrafts, handlooms etc. these markets have hundreds of shops. One place that is unmissable is Women’s Alliance of Ladakh Shopping Hubs, which is run completely by women.

Here you can buy traditional jewelry and clothes made of wool. Do get Apricot Jam from any of these markets as they are delicious and nutritious. 

Explore Wildlife

Biodiversity of Ladakh is very rich and many types of trees are found here. It is an abode for many species of animals like Himalayan wolf, snow leopard, himalayan brown bear etc.

There are many national parks and sanctuaries built here to preserve them. Hemis National Park is the largest national park of India located in Ladakh. 

How To Reach Leh Ladakh In July

By flight: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is the only airport in Ladakh from where major airlines have scheduled flights from major Indian cities. You can book them in advance to save some money and decrease the chances of cancellation. They are quick and efficient. 

By road: By road, there are two options. First one is Srinagar-Leh highway which is accessible in july and second one would be Manali-Leh Highway. It is open too. 

Ladakh from Srinagar: The journey to Ladakh from Srinagar depends on the mode of transportation you choose. With flight, it would take 1 hour. By road, Srinagar-Leh highway (NH1D) is the option available, talking 2 days with an overnight stop. Other than that, there are private and state-owned buses that operate between Ladakh and Srinagar. The journey is longer but less expensive. 

Ladakh from Gulmarg: First, reach Srinagar from Gulmarg. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to cover the distance of 51 kilometers. It does depend on road conditions and weather. After that you have the same options mentioned above to reach Ladakh. 

Ladakh from Pahalgam: The distance between Srinagar and Pahalgam is 90 kilometers and you can start your journey by reaching Srinagar first in 3 hours or more. From Srinagar, the options available are listed above to reach Ladakh.  

Ladakh from sonmarg: Begin your journey by reaching Srinagar from Sonmarg separated by 81 kilometers, taking almost 2 hours. From Srinagar, you can either travel via flight, or a road trip on NHD1 or choose a bus  to reach Ladakh. 

Tips to Visit Leh Ladakh in July Month

  1. Book your stay in advance : as July is the time when ladakh sees the most crowd in the whole year. It is highly suggested to book your stay option like hotels in advance. 
  2. Well-planned itinerary: you must follow an itinerary suitable to your plans so that you can visit every place there like monasteries, lakes, valleys etc. and enjoy out-doorsy activities. 
  3. Acclimatize properly: trip to ladakh involves going to High altitudes. You must take some time to relax here in Leh and do some shopping and then go for high passes. This way you will avoid High-altitude sickness and prevent yourself from being sick. 
  4. Respect local cultures: the culture of Ladakh is very different from ours so respect them and act according to the traditions there. 
  5. Pack wisely: be updated about the current weather and then pack according to it to be comfortable there. 

Concluding all this, we have provided everything related to a trip to Ladakh in July. Besides all this, travel with a local company like Cliffhangers India to have the best experience with many things.

Essential Information For Your Planning


Packing tips for Leh Ladakh tour in July

  1. Clothing: get proper clothes for warm days and colder nights. Carry some thermals, full sleeves bottoms, windproof jackets etc. some accessories to take with you are gloves, beanie, warm socks etc. 
  2. Footwear: comfortable yet sturdy footwear is a must-thing to wear for hiking and trekking on rugged plains. 
  3. Waterproof gears: try to keep everything in a waterproof and spacious backpack. Have a full-body rain-coat too.
  4. Other essentials: bring sunscreen, reusable water bottle, energy bars, moisturizer, power bank, portable charger etc.
  5. Documents: ID-proofs along with your driving license are crucial to carry.
  6. First-aid kit: always bring some basic medicines like for headaches, stomachaches and other personal ones if any. In the box, have pain-killers, bandages, antiseptic creams too. 

Challenges on Ladakh trip in July

  • High altitude: Ladakh is called “ Land of High Passes” for a reason. It does have high altitudes like Khardung La, the highest motorable pass of the world, Rohtang Pass. Many alpine lakes are here too. Some people with weak cardiovascular health might face some difficulties going to high-altitude regions. The best option would be acclimating well by keeping some extra days in your itinerary. 
  • Road conditions: Sometimes, due to occasional rainfall in July, roads get a bit slippery hence difficult to navigate. In some locations, they are rough and uneven. Practice caution on mountainous roads. 
  • Tourist crowds: July is the month when tourism in Ladakh reaches its zenith. Half of tourists visit during this time of the year. The places get very crowded and congested. You must book your hotels in advance to avoid last-time tassels.  
  • Permit requirements: There are permits that are mandatory to visit some famous attractions in Ladakh. You have to put some extra effort into it. Inner Line Permit (ILP) is required for Pangong Lake and Tso Moriri Lake. 

Payment options and connectivity in Leh Ladakh in July

In towns. You get the opportunity to pay online via your debit or credit cards. But the off-beat places you visit do not have these options. You must carry enough cash to get you around the trip and buy things. Sometimes, even ATMs are scarce there. 

Some mobile networks have good coverage in Ladakh and even 4G networks run smoothly. But it is not always the case. The networks are limited and even non-existent in high-altitude places, it is advised to carry GPS and satellite phone specially if you are going trekking. Share your itinerary with someone you trust.


Accommodation options in Leh Ladakh in July

In July, all the hotels are open and welcome you with open arms. In Leh city, you have hotels from one-star to five-star. They offer you the best service with delicious foods and cozy stay. You have the option of homestays too. With homestays, you get to see the authentic Ladakhi household as you get to live with a family there.

They serve you home-cooked meals of local cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients. Some government owned guest houses are available too. The one thing to keep in mind is booking there in advance as they are packed during the peak season of summer. 

best time to visit leh ladakh for snowfall

Transportation options to explore Ladakh in July

  1. Local taxis and private vehicles: After landing at the airport you can hire local taxis and reach Leh city and get to your hotels and after that move to various tourist spots. 

If you have come all the way from your home to Ladakh, you can move around in it. You should carry your driving license along with other documents required. 

  1. Motorbike: Rental motorbikes in Ladakh are a very convenient way when you want to explore places at a certain speed. You get plenty of types and models in them like scooty, bikes etc. It is suitable for a single person or a couple.
  2. Shared taxis and buses 

To save some bucks, you can share your taxi with other tourists. With this, your comfort might decrease at some level, but they are an available option. You must get into negotiating to avoid paying over-prices.  

Buses are the public transport running from one place to another in Ladakh. To reach long places they are the ultimate choice. They are comfortable and their fare is reasonable too. 


The main tourist attractions as such are Hemis Monastery, Hall of Fame, Magnetic Hills, Turtuk village, Dikshit Monastery, Pangong river and many more. They are open and accessible in july and can be safely visited.
Trekking, rock climbing, motorbiking, yak safari, river rafting, are some of the popular activities to do in Leh Ladakh in July. Some other recreational things to do there are photography, shopping ,attending festivities etc.
July is the best and most convenient time to visit Ladakh. Plan a trip without any second thoughts with a reliable travel company like Cliffhangers India. 
Snowfall has stopped by July but if you still want to have a feel of it then visit high passes of ladakh like Rohtang, Khardung La etc. It is a limited experience though here in july. 
Yes, Ladakh is crowded in July due to being the peak season for tourism there. Booking everything in advance like hotels, flights or trains etc.  is suggested to avoid unnecessary trouble. 
Rainy season starts from somewhere in July and lasts till the end of August. It doesn’t rain heavily though here unlike most of northern india. 
Pangong river is indeed open in july. You can visit the lake with necessary Inner Line Permit  (ILP) and the beauty of it will mesmerize you. 
It is so worth it to visit Ladakh in July due to amazing weather and availability of all the outdoor activities. 
Ladakh is not freezing in July. The days are tolerable but nights can get colder with temperature dropping to 10°C minimum. Pack your clothes accordingly. 
8-10 days are sufficient to have a fun and safe trip to Ladakh considering you will visit most of the famous tourist attractions there. 
The temperature in July fluctuates between 20-30°C keeping the climate pleasant. It dips down at nighttime. 
Weather is pleasurable in July with moderate temperature and occasional rainfall. 
Wear a pair of shoes that are light, comfortable and sturdy. You can pack a pair of flats too to wear in hotels or stays.
The Ladakh trip is not difficult if you have done your research well. Choose a trusted travel company who provides you with an experienced guide.
Yes, July is one of the most preferred months for a trip to Ladakh due to its climatic and mild temperature. 
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